Wholeheartedly Willing

Chapter 10-11

Chapter 10: Seduction

It had been over a month, and finally, he was here.

Lin Xi felt relieved, and her facial muscles loosened, her lips curving at the ends. The manager, Mr. Liu, looked at her and smiled. He wasn’t annoyed, but bashful. 

He could only look at Lin Xi, whispering inside his heart, “What a  f*cking witch.” 

She didn’t wear white today, and when she came out to meet the customer, she chose a long, lake-blue lake skirt that came right up to her ankles, wrapping her body from head to foot. Even her  wrists were covered, but there was a small opening at the back. 

The opening of the back was really small, but it wasn’t fastened with a hidden  clasp, so the small opening swayed  as she moved in accordance to her pace. It gave an occasional glimpse of her slender, arched back. 


Just a glance was stunning enough. 

She walked slowly to the familiar door and pushed it in as the piano music built to a crescendo. It was Debussy’s Arabesque No.1.

It must be said that Yu Xiucheng’s aesthetic for classical music did coincide with Lindsay’s in many cases. When she entered the room, Yu Xiucheng was standing in front of the grand piano , looking out of the window with a goblet in his hand.

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The sound of water fell to the ground as the warm water fell from the sky, brushing against her skin, spreading the delicate foam all over her and causing a strange tingle wherever her palms went.


The bubbles seemed to take on life and warmth, like tiny ants nibbling and crawling over her body.When her hand finally slipped between her legs, it was already very wet.

It had been a month since she had been f*cked by him, and Lin Xi was going crazy with longing, but she was enjoying the wait before the storm came, and it seemed that patience had become a kind of pleasure, making one look forward to the violence of the storm.

Lin Xi laughed at her own lustfulness, but her hands on her breasts moved uncontrollably, her palms pushing and rubbing the flesh, her fingers rubbing the tips, and vapor permeated the bathroom.

Outside the door, the sound of the piano rose again, and Yu Xiucheng put down his glass of wine, his eyes locked on the frosted door.

It was like a silent film, he couldn’t hear any sound or even see any colors, but the whole picture was incredibly seductive.

The bathroom was hot and humid with the scent of er*ticism, and the woman inside was making a silent but strong invitation to him.

Come and f*ck me.

It was as if he could hear her voice.

Chapter 11: F*cked 

But the hunters tended to be composed as they were more interested with the chase than the prey. Yu Xiucheng stood still by the piano, his glass of vintage red wine had lost its appeal, and he set it aside without a care. 

When she  came out, only a bathrobe prepared by the club draped on her body, and a tie was tied on her waistline to make her slender waist even thinner, highlighting it.   

Walking over to Yu Xiucheng, she took a sip from his goblet, her hair dripping with water, trailing to her shoulders, giving her skin the shine of silk and satin.


“The wine’s good,” she said with a satisfied smile, her eyes curve, “Don’t you like it? You didn’t drink at all.” 

As  she mentioned this, she took another sip, tilted her head up to taste the grapes the moment the slight acidity bloomed on her tongue. Yu Xiucheng acted quickly, he shackled one arm around her waist, stopping any forms of retreat. Then, a flurry of lips and teeth follow, attacking hers. 

The lace around her waist couldn’t stop Yu Xiucheng’s onslaught. In a few seconds, it loosened up. The robe instantly lost its shape with the loss of the tie, and exposed her full bre*asts. 

He stopped being polite, and grabbed hold of Lin Xi’s bre*sts, his hands tightening around it. Lin Xi gasp, “Ohhh…. Gently…” 

Her nippl*s were as hard as warm jade stones as he pressed his palms against them. Yu Xiucheng gripped them, and pressed their upper bodies on the piano. With his other hand, he grabbed Lin Xi’s legs and pushed them up. 

This ws Yu Xiuchen’s taste: simple movements and brutal pleasure. Lin Xi was already thoroughly wet, but she still felt soreness from the friction. She narrowed her eyes. “Yes, hmmm… so deep…” 

Yu Xiuchen’s movements was very fierce as he pulled, and  before Lin Xi could finish speaking, his c*ckhead had already slammed into her depths several times, making her legs go weak and she had to reach out in an awkward hug to hold onto his neck. 

“Hmmm… mmm… mmm…”

After a month of drought, when it rains, it pours with thunder and lightning.

Her hot breath rushed out of her mouth, brushing against Yu Xiucheng’s skin. It was like a hot, wet net. His eyes darkened and  his back muscles tensed. 

Lin Xi’s arms were so weak from being thoroughly f*cked, it was as if she was a boneless vine clinging to Yu Xiucheng’s arms, her voice so gentle and weak, “Were you so busy lately? Why did it take you so long to come and see me… hmmm” 

She lost her voice as Yu Xiucheng picked her up, raising her legs. He took her, and in a flash, most of his flesh slid out of her cave, leaving only the head covered by the slippery mouth of her cave. 


It was killing her, feeling like she was about to fall. Her body’s numb. Her arms tightened, and she sought his Adam’s apple in the man’s throat, and said, “I… missed you.” 

Lin Xi’s back pressed against the piano behind her by the man’s cr*tch, her tailbone ached. The neckline of her bathrobe was wide open, sliding halfway down her shoulders. 

Her br*asts were round and perky, the tips of her n*pples playfully adorned the cold, white flesh of her br*asts, presenting all of them in front of him without obstruction. 

Yu Xiucheng gazed at her, not knowing if he could believe Lin Xi’s words of pampering, so he just pushed his blade into her depths, held her tightly and f*cked her. 

She tightened her arms again and used her lips to find the knot in the man’s throat, “I’ve …… missed you.”

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