Wholeheartedly Willing

Chapter 1: Craving

Chapter 1: Craving

Yetan club was open from 8 pm to 7 am, but the ladies were required to arrive an hour early at 7pm to do their makeup. 

Lin Xi arrived a little late and by the time she pushed the door open, the rest of the girls were there. Each one was concentrating on their eyebrows and eyes, the lights on the dressing table turned on brightly, illuminating the beautiful blooming faces reflected by the mirror.

“It’s really different when you’re holding onto someone’s thigh. We have to arrive early, and wait outside, but others treat this place like their home. She can come anytime she wants.” 

The girl who spoke was Jiujiu, and the highest earner every month. Lin Xi was immune to such sarcastic remarks, so she walked in the  room without any expression on her face. Then, she sat down on her own makeup table, opened the drawer and started to apply her makeup. 


“That’s true, but ….” the girl whose name was Bebe curled her lips mockingly.

The dressing room was small, about twenty square feet at best, and a dozen or twenty ladies had to squeeze in here to do their makeup, and the usual jostling over the dressing table could have gone on for a while, but now it was as quiet as if it was empty.

“I want to hold a leg like that, so I can come whenever I want.”

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Her voice was low, with a mellowness not often seen in girls of her age.


Manager Liu stood at the door, inexplicably shaken by the red on her lips, and did not even look away for two seconds until she pulled the curtain of the changing room.

Lin Xi changed into the white dress she always wore, for no other reason than that Yu Xiucheng liked it.

All the visible areas of the club were covered with expensive moose fur carpets, which hid the sound of her heels hitting the marble floor. She walked up to the familiar door, which the bellboy opened for her, and the orchestral sound that lingered around the room hit Lin Xi’s eardrums with the precision of waves lapping against the rocks.

It was Beethoven’s Symphony No. 2 in D major.

Yu Xiucheng should have just arrived as the whole piece was still in the introductory part before the first movement. Lin Xi entered the room slowly and looked at the man on the sofa who was relaxing with his eyes closed and called out softly, “Mr. Yu.”

The man was fully dressed in a suit, the most solemn colour of black, wrapped around a magnificent body. The slightest hint of the undulation of the lines was the deadliest seduction.


When he met Yu Xiucheng’s sharp eagle eyes, a sense of pressure came over her at the same time. Lin Xi’s lips curled and she sat down beside him. The white dress was just right, her waist as slim as the stem of a white rose.

“Been waiting long?”

Lin Xi tilted her head and smiled, her hand like the petals of a flower that had just been carried by the wind off the pistil, landing softly and silently on Yu Xiucheng’s leg.

Her skin was white, like porcelain, and Yu Xiucheng took her hand and held it in his palm, playing with it as if it were a small porcelain object.

Lin Xi kicked off her high heels and curled up on the sofa beside the man, then slipped her fingers between his fingers when he opened his palm.


Yu Xiucheng didn’t mind her little indiscretion, but gave her a sidelong glance. “Ready to eat?”

The person in his arms twisted her waist and her other hand was already on the bulge in his crotch, smiling with red lips and white teeth, her eyes like glittering silk.

“Yes, I’m craving.”

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