Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 72.3: Grand Finale (Part 2)

  When she closed the book, Jiang Dai’s mind was in a whirl.

  A certain throbbing of the heart had once again made its appearance.

  Laying on the bed, she initially assumed she might face a bout of insomnia that night.

  On the contrary, she fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow, falling into a deep slumber.

  In her dream, Huo Rongshen and her were bickering over pet names.


  Jiang Dai stated, “You’re not allowed to call me ‘Little Darling.’ Only my dad calls me that.’

  Huo Rongshen asked, “Don’t you always love it when I called you that in the past?”

  Jiang Dai replied, “That was all in the past, and now I’m a mature adult.”

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  This year marked a new era for Jiang Clan Group as it attained the top share price across the entire domestic stock market. On top of that, Jiang Dai shook the world by becoming the new leading billionaire of Country A.



  Today, Jiang Dai arrived at the recording studio of a certain magazine group.

  With that, the staff started on her hair and makeup in advance.

  As for Wen Yan, he had been fluttering around, handing Jiang Dai coffee and fruit juice every now and then.

  Ever since she became the new leading billionaire on Forbes’ list for the year, countless media scrambled to have a chance to interview Jiang Dai. Of course, there was no way for her to decline the important ones.

  Jiang Dai would first be in a photoshoot for the cover of “Top 10 Most Influential People of the Year” magazine before recording an interview.

  Top 10 Most Influential People of the Year was a list where Country A would rank notable, influential figures through voting yearly.

  Even though the ranking comprised public figures across various industries, there was no doubt that you would find more people from the business industry.

  Not only was Jiang Dai ranked first, but it was also her first time appearing on the ranking. Hence, she was naturally in the limelight.

  What’s more, this year’s ranking induced a buzz-worthy topic.

  The three rumored pursuers of Jiang Dai were also included in this ranking as well. 

  In second place was the famous idol, Qiao Jinye. On top of his investments and films, a certain medical movie he starred in triggered a sensation, causing the entire country to be concerned about some common medical-related issues. Not only was the movie awarded three domestic film awards, but Qiao Jinye also quickly rose to a film emperor who was also a three-time golden award2 三金奖项: It refers to the Golden Horse Award (金马奖), Hong Kong Film Award (金像奖), and Golden Rooster Awards (金鸡奖). winner. Now that the movie was also shortlisted for a Cannes Film Festival award, it caused a stir on an international scale and gained recognition from filmmakers across the globe.


  In fifth place was the former leading billionaire, Huo Rongshen. It was only because of his significant achievements in fostering new technology industries that he acquired his ranking.

  In sixth place was the banker, Liang Jingche. It was only due to his proposal of a particular economic strategy that could assist in preventing the financial crisis to a certain extent that helped him acquire his ranking.

  Once everyone’s makeup was done, the photo shoot for the front cover commenced.

  A total of 10 figures, who stood at the top of the food chain, possessed excellent appearance and temperament. It went without saying that the photo shoot went smoothly and concluded in less than an hour.

  For some unknown reason, Jiang Dai was asked to remain behind to take some personal portraits.

  By the time her personal portraits were taken, three men had…… somehow returned to the vicinity.

  With an earnest smile, the magazine editor-in-chief explained, “Here’s the thing, President Jiang. Our magazine will be including a certain article that requires you to take a few more pictures. So, you can always get some rest if you are tired.”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai’s gaze swept across the three men with varying countenances.

  “……Take pictures with them?”

  Without a hint of guilt, the magazine editor-in-chief exclaimed, “Yes, that’s right!”

  Jiang Dai could not help but question, “Are you the one who requested for this topic to be included?”

  The editor-in-chief shook his head. “No, it’s my boss. Anyway, we will let everyone have a look at the final draft before it is published, so you can rest assured. We will never publish any content that you do not approve of.”


  “…………” At this moment, Jiang Dai felt something was wrong but could not decipher what it was.

  Even though it merely took the 10 of them 40 to 50 minutes to take the front cover picture, the photo-taking session for 4 of them dragged on for 2 f*cking hours.

  As she took a seat on a high stool, one could see that Jiang Dai had swapped out her previous outfit for a super slim-fit white suit with a blazer draped over her shoulder. Her original curly hairdo was replaced with a wavy hairstyle, and a bright red lipstick was applied, enhancing her domineering aura simultaneously. 

  Watching the exchange between the stylist and photographer, tidal waves of confusion washed even more wildly over her.

  With an exceptionally domineering mien, she sat atop a high stool with three men by her side. ‘Were they f*cking having their photos taken for the “Top 10 Most Influential People of the Year” or filming some bizarre film revolving around a love square?’ 

  In any case, the photo shoot had finally come to an end.

  With that, she decided to give the boss of this magazine group a call, in order to figure out what was going on.

  When the photoshoot ended at 4 in the afternoon, the three men wanted to invite her to have dinner together.

  Qiao Jinye stated, “I’ve made a reservation at your favorite Japanese restaurant.”

  Liang Jinye asked, “Today just happens to be Zhenyu’s day off, so she’s at home right now and also mentions that she misses you. Why don’t you have dinner at my place tonight?”

  Noticing how things panned out, Jiang Dai’s gaze grew increasingly cold. When she shot Huo Rongshen a look, all the words he wanted to say were now stuck in his throat.

  Instead, Huo Rongshen declared in an aggrieved tone, “I don’t mind if you don’t wish to have dinner with me. However, you can’t have dinner with either of them.”


  Without acknowledging his words, Jiang Dai rolled her eyes and put on her sunglasses before leaving the vicinity.


  After the phone call, she was notified that it was an article on young entrepreneurs. As for the other 6 public figures, they were of an age that was not considered youthful.

  That was why Jiang Dai had no issues with it.

  It was just that this thing actually topped the trending hashtags on Weibo as soon as the magazine was published.

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