Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 72.2: Grand Finale (Part 2)

  This “birthday gift” Huo Rongshen had given her did not contain anything too corny, but rather, it seemed like a calming tune that led her to take a trip down memory lane.

  On 19th September 201X, it was a stifling hot yet cloudy day. As I was about to leave the auditorium at Yanjing University, Little Darling stepped forth and stopped me in my tracks. Before long, she asked, “Your talk on the new economic outlook has struck a chord with me. Can I add you on WeChat so that I can ask you for advice?” 
  Initially, I was so astonished as there would be such a young student who dared to block my path.

  But Little Darling was simply far too beautiful. One look was all it took to render me stunned.

  Some students standing behind Little Darling began whispering amongst themselves. For some unknown reason, a twinge of anger rose within me?

  I then decided to give her my name card.

  An hour later, she did not contact me.

  The next day, she still has not contacted me.

  I asked my assistant whether students nowadays only used WeChat and were not used to talking on the phone, to which he replied that it might be possible.

  With my assistant’s help, I managed to enable the “searchable by phone number” in the settings for my WeChat account.

  By the following midday, I finally received Little Darling’s friend request.


  As soon as she reached this paragraph, Jiang Dai could not help chuckling to herself.

  It might have been due to how unpretentious Huo Rongshen’s confession had been. Yet, something without a shred of artistic flair was, in fact, very much in line with that bloody chauvinistic mentality of his.

  With that in mind, Jiang Dai was reminded of the bold move she pulled when she was 19. Back then, she was entirely indifferent to anyone’s criticism.


  Boy, was she ever so daring! To be honest, if this were to occur right now when she was 23 years old, she doubted she would have the courage to pull it off.

  As she continued to laugh, she became confused about whether she was actually laughing at herself or Huo Rongshen.

  Much to her surprise, her eyes were rimmed with red.

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  Jiang Dai, of course, did not believe in anything a straight guy like Huo Rongshen had uttered. After all, she conjectured that he should have some feelings for her.


  However, she found herself to be the only one many a time in the throes of passion.


  Only now did she know that there were so many things she had not known of this b*stard man. To think he had even changed the way he could be found on WeChat for her.

  Furthermore, she always remembered the whispers the students behind her had uttered. Who would have thought that Huo Rongshen remembered them as well?

  Although she might have been courageous back then, it was still nerve-wracking for her to have pulled such an exhilarating act.

  As soon as she rushed forward, her heart was palpitating wildly in her chest.

  From behind her, a deafening clamor rose from the countless students—some in shock while others hurled contempt in jealousy. 

  “Isn’t this the most beautiful student in our business school?”

  “That’s right! Her name’s Jiang Dai, and she’s known for being an aloof beauty! I heard that our seniors, who had confessed to her with roses and heart-shaped candles last semester, became so enthralled that they even skipped lessons……”

  “I’ve also heard numerous amazing seniors attempted to pursue her, yet she took no notice. That’s why some people even suspected that she likes girls.”

  “It seems that poor students like us don’t know any better. It is not that our beauty doesn’t like guys; instead, she aims for those at the top of the food chain. That’s why she doesn’t love ordinary folks.”

  “Hahahaha! Boy, is she realistic.”


  “Far too realistic, you mean? Hah! Advice? It’s obvious that it’s a hookup.”

  “How do you guys think Mr. Huo will reject her? Will he still do it politely?”

  “Based on Mr. Huo’s unrelenting seriousness, I think he wouldn’t reject her gently!”

  “F*ck! He really gave it to her!!”

  “What did he give her??”

  “Something gold! A gold-plated name card!!!! F*cking h*ll, Beauty Jiang sure is amazing.”

  The girls were taken aback for a couple of seconds before rushing forward rapidly.

  “Mr. Huo, I want a name card too!”

  “Mr. Huo, you’re so handsome! Aaaaaaah! Can we be friends?”

  “Mr. Huo, I’ve always adored you so much! Can you give me a name card too?”

  “Mr. Huo, can I take a picture with you?”

  The bodyguards appeared in a timely fashion and escorted the emotionless man off the school grounds.



  There were still so many entries to go as she flipped through the pages.

  At this juncture, Jiang Dai felt as though she was skimming through her very own love story, for which she found the experience hilarious and shameful.

  On 29th November 201X, it was a clear sunny day. Little Darling and I held hands for the first time at a theater in Dong City.

  Her hand was so soft and small, like that of a child.

  This was my first time touching a woman’s hand, but it turned out that a woman’s hand could be so soft to touch.
  On 13th January 201X, the snow began to fall. Little Darling kissed me for the first time in the car.
  On 6th July 201X, Little Darling tricked me into heading home to watch a horror film and slept with me……

  There were still many more……

  By the time Jiang Dai finished the entire book, her face had permeated with a layer of blush.

  Even though there was nothing explicit, the content he wrote was far too truthful.

  It described two individuals and their silly and clumsy experiences of being in love for the first time.

  To her surprise, there were still so many entries after looking through the timeline.

  Title: Everything about Little Darling (Additional Info)

  1. Little Darling’s menstrual cycle is 28 days long and is usually on time. On the one hand, it may delay when she feels anxious, but on the other, it may start at an earlier date when she is overly fatigued. She prefers sanitary pads from Country J’s AN brand and does not use tampons.
  2. Little Darling cannot live without meat. She absolutely adores eating ribs, braised pork bones1 大酱骨: Braised Pork Bones, fried chicken, roast duck2 烤鸭: Roast Duck, char siew3 叉烧: Char Siew, medium-cooked steak, braised beef brisket4 炖牛腩: Braised Beef Brisket, and Mongolian hot pot with thin mutton slices5 涮羊肉: Mongolian Hot Pot with Thin Mutton Slices.
  3. Little Darling also loves seafood, such as American lobsters, live shrimps, crawfish, and king crabs. However, she doesn’t like to eat Mantis shrimp.
  4. Little Darling likes Japanese cuisine, especially sashimi. She is very picky when it comes to sushi and only eats a few types. She will not touch anything with snails, fish roe, sea urchin, and octopus.
  5. Little Darling also loves to drink. Apart from Chinese Baijiu6 白酒: It is a Chinese colorless liquor typically coming in between 35% and 60% alcohol by volume. Chinese Baijiu she loves everything else. However, I can’t let her overdo it as she will act crazy when drunk.
  6. Little Darling’s favorite fruits are peaches and oranges. She also loves watermelon-flavored and strawberry-flavored drinks.
  7. Little Darling likes the following chocolate brands……


  99.  Little Darling’s favorite mystery writer is Keigo Higashino.
  100. I love Little Darling.


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