Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 72.1: Grand Finale (Part 2)

  By the time the birthday party ended, it was already getting late at night.

  Jiang Dai was absolutely knackered after seeing off all her guests. Hence, she declared, “It’s already very late now, so why don’t you just leave these things here and take care of them tomorrow? Go, and have a good night, then.”

  With that, the servants acknowledged her words and left for their rooms to get some early rest.

  President Jiang had always cared for them by offering high-salaried yet effortless jobs. Even though the villa was incredibly massive, she had also implemented proper coordination and division of work and responsibilities. By the time the servants received their work, not much work was allocated to each of them.



  To alleviate her weariness, Jiang Dai lit incense and played some light music before having a relaxing soak sesh.

  After drying her hair, Jiang Dai put on her nightgown and left the bathroom. Perhaps, the jacuzzi was far too efficacious, for not a smidgen of sleepiness and weariness was left in her body.

  She took a seat at her dressing table and went straight to her skincare routine. As she applied, her mind began to wonder. 

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  The presents piled up high and wide, occupying an area of approximately 90 square meters. Despite the pile of innumerable gifts causing Jiang Dai to see double, she had an exceptional memory, so she could recall where she had last left the box. 


  Before long, she managed to retrieve it.

  With a box in one hand and a glass of milk in the other, she made her way back to her room.

  After unwrapping the box, she found a beautifully bound book lying in it.

  One might deem that this design would be right up her alley.

  There were no eye-catching words on the cover, but only her English name was printed on the top left-hand corner of the book.

  Oh, right. There was a “TO” word before her name as well.

  Flipping through the book, Jiang Dai found the paper texture ridiculously good. On top of its thickness and glossiness, the book’s edges were rounded, in order to mitigate the chances of getting a paper cut.

  Jiang Dai was always fond of reading books, specially printed books. Even with decades of reading experience under her belt, she could not figure out what type of paper was used. Hence, she concluded that this must be custom handmade paper.

  Back then, there was an occasion when she was lying on her stomach, reading a book. If she remembered correctly, she had complained to her ex-husband, who was typing away on his keyboard at the desk. “Books are truly the best things anyone could ever come to possess in this world. However, book publishers are far too unprofessional these days. They would use inferior-quality paper to make books which not only makes it easier for us to get paper cuts, but the book will also fall apart easily. All in all, it really does affect the reading experience.”

  At that moment, her ex-husband seemed to have inclined his head to look at her. As always, he remained silent.

  In actual fact, Jiang Dai did not think it was much of a big deal, but the man regarded her as “delicate.”

  However, it might be possible that this understanding of hers had merely stemmed from her imagination. After all, she reckoned that Huo Rongshen would tend to let most of her complaints and things she had confided in him go in one ear and out the other since he rarely made any comments.


  Now, it seemed otherwise…… Perhaps, he still remembered all that she had uttered?


  Laying on her stomach in bed, Jiang Dai flipped through the book while sipping on her water buffalo milk.

  Calmness initially swept through her, followed by a desire to strike her ex-husband’s bloody head with a hammer. After several minutes of reading, ripples gradually began to manifest in her emotions like a pebble dropped into water. 

  Her heart was pounding hard against her chest, and her innermost feelings were in disarray.

  She had always been rational, especially when she had discarded all the emotional aspects of being in love since the divorce. 

  Other than some accumulated unhappiness from her marriage, as well as the dissatisfaction and reassessment of her life choices, she rarely reminisced about the moments when Huo Rongshen and her were dating.

  For the most part, it would probably be due to her gaining knowledge of the storyline……

  She did not care whether Huo Rongshen could overcome his shortcomings, understood what marriage comprised, or even whether he truly loved her.

  Just the thought of him proceeding with the story and performing various R-rated acts with another woman made her feel as though her throat was pricked by thorns, causing her to hyperventilate. 

  Why did she ask for a divorce right after being discharged from the hospital?

  Well, that was because the more she thought about it, the more anger coursed through her veins.


  After all, her past dissatisfaction was merely some friction between couples. If it had been a man of a different position and family background, things might have been a tad bit easier.

  Even so, friction and tension garnered from marriage would always be present.

  Before gaining knowledge of the storyline, not once had Jiang Dai ever felt that it was unbearable. Perhaps, she might have suspected that the degree of their love was imbalanced, as her love for Huo Rongshen was far too extreme while this man did not love her as much. Yet, she had never thought of severing this marriage.

  Not even once.

  Ever since they entered a romantic relationship three years ago, Jiang Dai would either vent her anger on him or endure and utilize other methods to solve whatever it was.

  As compared to other willful young girls, she was a girlfriend who would never suggest for them to break up in a pique of rage.

  Perhaps, she might have cherished this relationship in her subconscious since Huo Rongshen was far more rational than she could ever be.

  If she were to threaten him in their fights, who knew whether he might just nod his head and comply with her threats?

  Would the divorce still occur if she was not involved in the car accident and had not gained the knowledge of the storyline?

  In any case, there was no telling whether it would still occur, but at the very least, they would not have divorced so out of the blue.

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