Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 71.4: Grand Finale (Part 1)

  By the time everyone had their fun, the cake was already cut, and they already had their fill.

  Now that the cutting of the cake was done, it was time to open the presents.

  Since her ex-husband had already been in the limelight, the other two were naturally unwilling to be outdone.

  On top of that, there was no doubt that the guests were most nosy about the gifts the three big shots prepared.

  “I want to see Brother Ye’s gift the most! I heard that Brother Ye was President Jiang’s lackey when they were in high school, so he should know her the best, right?”


  With Jiang Dai’s consent, the team of emcees led the guests to the present area to search for Qiao Jinye’s gift.

  Before long, they found a frighteningly massive box that was large enough to fit several people.

  “Is this really a present? What’s in it?”

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  “Tybybyby! Ebyv vbl blnj kp vbkp?!”

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  “Mblpl yal pbsl csmlp, aktbv?”

  “Tl’p tkhkdt bla ps xydu rykap sq pbslp? R osdela bso xydu rykap sq pbslp yal vblal kd vbl csm?”

  Under a surge of curiosity, Jiang Dai made her way over and opened one of the small boxes. To everyone’s surprise, there was indeed a pair of shoes in it.


  Qiao Jinye approached her and lowered his head to gaze at her. “This box is filled with 100 pairs of custom-made shoes, so you don’t have to worry about wearing the same thing as others. What’s most important is that……this sort of material can make your feet feel most comfortable. Back in high school, I could never bear to wear any of the sports shoes you’ve given me and have always kept them all this time. I hope you’ll give me more shoes so that I’ll be willing to wear them.”

  After a brief moment, he continued, “The reason I decided to prepare this for you is to tell you that the crucial thing about shoes is your comfort. Since you look great in both sports shoes and casual shoes, don’t wear high heels all the time just for the sake of looking good. I really can’t bear to watch you be so hard on yourself.”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai swallowed her saliva inaudibly.

  She had already done whatever she could to fight it, so her face should not have turned crimson under the watchful eyes of the guests…… However, she could distinctly feel the warmth of the flush creep up her ears.

  At that moment, she could not help but recall that particular weekend several months ago……

  Both Qiao Jinye and Huo Rongshen were half-knelt by her legs, helping her dress the wound on her heels.


  Since Jiang Dai could recall that moment, there was no doubt that Huo Rongshen and Qiao Jinye would never forget that moment.

  With that, one took on an even ghastlier expression than the other.

  Consecutively, people silently cursed that this rascal with the surname Qiao sure knows how to flirt, huh?

  “Oh my god, I’m so done for! I’m pretty much moments away from bawling my eyes out! Today is also a day to shed tears for Brother Ye’s moving love!”

  “Nawww, that’s awfully sweet of him, isn’t it? To think that a famous idol has just gifted her 100 pairs of custom-made shoes! I’m just going to die from all the jealousy! If any guy were to pursue me like this, I’d definitely have the Civil Affairs Bureau move here and register our marriage forcibly!”


  “I’m so envious! Oh man, I suddenly don’t find my man as great anymore.”

  It was this sort of situation that brought a smile to Qiao Jinye’s face.

  Even the corners of the other two’s lips were quirked up as well.

  In a split second, Huo Rongshen disrupted this moment. “Since there are so many presents, why don’t we open the next one? I wonder what will Mr. Liang give Jiang Dai?”

  From his speech, one could tell Ex-Husband Huo was already very chill about this. Since all the presents needed to be opened and Qiao Jinye had already performed more than enough, it would not hurt to let Liang Jingche have a go.

  Sure enough, his words triggered a change in the direction of the current gossip topic.

  “That’s right! I want to see the gift from Mr. Liang!”

  “Where is Daddy Liang’s gift?”

  “Is it going to be even bigger?!”

  Before long, the emcee went through the pile of gifts, only to find Mr. Liang’s present was a tiny box.

  “Isn’t that rather small? What can that be? Jewelry?”

  “Look at its size. I think it must be jewelry!”


  “Come on, President Jiang, open it! I’d like to see what dazzling, extravagant jewelry it is!”

  “Alright, let’s get to it! I’m ready to lose my eyesight today!”

  Taking a deep breath, Jiang Dai opened the small box, only to find a……key?

  Not only that, but the key also seemed to look rather peculiar.

  As for the others in the vicinity, they gaped at it with wide eyes for a moment. “What can that be? A car key?”

  “It doesn’t look like one, though? I can’t seem to tell which brand it belongs to either. Could it be that this is a house key?”

  “Now that President Jiang owns the top super-mansion in Yanjing, do you think she is short of another house?”

  “Hahahaha! It can’t be the key to Daddy Liang’s house, right? How flirtatious of him!”

  “Hahahahahahaha! Oh man, that’s so hardcore, isn’t it? Anyway, shouldn’t we be using digital locks these days? To think Chairman Liang still uses the traditional keys for his villa.”

  “Hey! Can you guys stop being so obtuse? There are words on that key, alright? Do you not know how to read?”

  “It does seem to have words on it……”

  Upon hearing that, someone leaned closer to take a better look.


  “There really are words on it! ‘Jiang Dai’s Hull’ is written on it!”

  “Jiang Dai’s Hull? Hull?! It turns out that it’s a key to a yacht!”

  “I’m just going to slip out of here! Gosh, a personal custom-made luxury yacht!”

  Liang Jingche smiled and looked at Jiang Dai. “You’ve always worked very hard, Daidai, but you should always have a proper work-life balance. Whenever you decide to take a break, why don’t we go on a vacation together? I know you prefer peace and quiet, so we should book out an entire island to have a relaxing holiday.”

  Just as his final words fell, Jiang Dai hazarded an indecipherable look in his direction.

  “Hahahahahaha! That’s so Daddy Liang!”

  “So, who will win the fight between Mr. Liang and Brother Ye?”

  “It’s difficult to gauge who will win since both are so considerate! One leans towards her everyday life, while the other revolves around the idea of going on a holiday to wind down. Hmmm, both have their own advantages.”

  “We’ve not seen Leading Billionaire Huo’s present for Jiang Dai yet. What about his gift?”

  Before long, Huo Rongshen’s gift was found amid the pile of presents. Although it was of a decent size that was neither too big nor too small, it was very weighty.

  Jiang Dai could not help swaying a little as it was indeed cumbersome. During the process, she seemed to have detected some paper sounds similar to a book.

  ‘Don’t tell me it’s really a book or some strange contract?’

  With that in mind, she recalled Huo Rongshen giving her a postnuptial agreement. In a fit of rage, she had Wen Yan purchase a book on new marriage laws for Huo Rongshen and reminded him to look up the words he did not know in the dictionary.

  Huo Rongshen could not have given her some bizarre book, right?

  At this juncture, countless people clamored that they wished to see what was in Huo Rongshen’s gift.

  After clearing his throat softly, he whispered, “It’s better if you open this gift when you’re alone. It is not meant to be seen by others.”

  After he said so, Jiang Dai was rendered speechless.

  What was most frightening was the fact that straight men were the most unpredictable creatures in this world.

  When a straight man admitted that the baffling item was not meant to be shown in public, it showed that this gift was likely to be exceptionally disorienting.

  Hence, she would not open it on the spot.

  As her eyes trained on Huo Rongshen’s unfathomable smile, Jiang Dai had a bad feeling about this.

  With that, she smiled at everyone cautiously. “Alright, already! It’s not fun to open gifts anymore, especially when there are so many of them. Since there’s no way I can open them all right now, why don’t you let me savor the happiness of opening the gifts when I’m alone? As for now, let us continue playing games, alright? Emcee, what games have we not played yet?”

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