Chapter 7.2: Goddess Suddenly Turns Hostile

  However, at this moment…… Wen Yan turned his head away, staying silent as he deliberately ignored the hints Chen Mu sent through his gaze.

  Chen Mu’s heart sank and thought: This brat, what kind of attitude is this!

  Fortunately, Jiang Dai finally stated, “Alright.” The cafe was just right around the corner on the ground floor, merely a few steps away. She had hoped Huo Rongshen had taken the initiative to search for her to sign the documents.

  As soon as she entered the cafe, at a glance, she could see the b*stard sitting on the sofa.

  Everywhere was empty…… He went so far as to clear the entire cafe out. This cafe was run by Bao Li, technically to give its employees a place where they could either meet with their clients or patronize themselves. At this time, this place should be packed with people, yet he actually cleared it out?

  As always, his domineering acts caused her brows to snap together. Additionally, she had also thought of that day when they were in a discussion as suspicion clouded his face.

  After taking a seat, the corner of Jiang Dai’s mouth quirked up, as she sneered, “How did President Huo’s search come along? Have you found my lover yet?”

  Huo Rongshen narrowed his eyes as his face darkened.

  Her smile grew bigger. “Seems like President Huo’s people are not working at their best. How about this? I do know of someone who has established a private investigation agency. It was said that their records are good, and they specialize in adultery investigations. So, why don’t I recommend him to President Huo? If you were to quote my name, you would be given discounts.”

  The man’s brows drew further together, while Jiang Dai’s appearance remained the same, still unknowingly a prideful and untethered kind of beauty, who was lazily charming.

  However, her tone of voice had changed. In the past, she would never use this sort of tone and attitude when she spoke to him, let alone argue with him.

  Besides speaking, even her charm, her aura…… All had changed. His gentle and considerate wife, who was hospitalized for half a month, seemed to have had her core changed.

  He could not help but start to suspect if she had really hurt her head from the car accident.

  Jiang Dai had taunted him for an awfully long time, yet he still remained silent. Feeling impatient, she could not help but urge, “President Huo, if you agree to sign the document, then hurry up. I have dinner to go to tonight. As for the agreement, if there is anything you are unsatisfied with, you can always bring it up and I will do my best to satisfy you.”

  “…………” It seemed as if he was in a plight of a wife, who was married in poor circumstances, had been kicked, yet continued to cling obstinately. This judgment made him feel extremely displeased.

  He was not sure how much effort he had used to control his temper, as he managed to speak rather calmly. “Jiang Dai, I can see that your change is related to Bao Li’s situation. Previously, I was wrong to have been neglectful in being concerned about your family. Now, I will be fully responsible for whatever amount of funds that I still owe.”

  Before he came searching for this woman, he had thought everything through. No matter how Jiang Dai managed to get her hands on this considerable large amount of funds, she would have only stabilized the share prices temporarily. However, this was only the most basic level of stability. 

  If one wished to sustain a local and obsolete cosmetics brand in its twilight years, he would require a steady flow of investments from then on. This was a non-profiting bottomless pit, but Jiang Dai was his woman. Since she cared about Bao Li, then he would use the money to keep her from leaving. This was not an issue for him.

  Jiang Dai used a sort of gaze, which she would for an idiot, to stare at him. “……Have you misunderstood something? Regarding Bao Li, I do not need you to lend a hand since this is a matter of the Jiang family.”

  Huo Rongshen pointed out persistently, “You should be more realistic. Come on. I am the only one who can help you with this investment. Also, you do not have to feel mentally burdened since you know that this money means nothing to me.”

  “……” Jiang Dai’s head began to throb with pain. Rubbing her temple, she gritted her teeth and exclaimed, “Huo Rongshen, after knowing you for three years, I have only come to realize that you could never understand what I have been saying. Do you think the matter that you have been telling me is the same f*cking thing? Do you not understand Chinese?”

  Jiang Dai suddenly let out an outburst and swore. Even though it was only an auxiliary word, there was not any actual significance behind it.

  Nevertheless, Huo Rongshen was still very shocked.

  This sort of words was something a perfect lady, like Jiang Dai, would never say!

  He was not able to contain his emotions any longer. “Jiang Dai, where on earth did you get so much money to buy a large number of Bao Li’s shares?”

  He had been pondering over this matter for the whole day. As endless possibilities running through his head, he eliminated those friends of hers whom he knew.

  There was not anyone who was able to draw out this massive amount of cash at one go. 

  The more he guessed, the more this matter became gloomy, causing his jealousy to become uncontrollable like a flame, burning brighter as it goes.

  Jiang Dai rolled her eyes. “What’s it got to do with you? If you are not going to sign the document, then I will be leaving.”

  Without any hesitation, she immediately got up.

  Huo Rongshen followed suit, then pushed her down by her shoulders and pinned her forcefully onto the sofa.

  “Jiang Dai, do you think you can just use and throw me away as you wish?”

  Just by looking at his expression, Jiang Dai knew he had misunderstood again. In the past, how did she not realize that this man’s mind was filled with nothing but lewdness and obscenity?

  Since his mind was in the gutter, she would fulfill him.

  A corner of her mouth lifted slightly. “Why should I not throw you away? Just because you are a leading billionaire? If you were to put that aside, you would only be such a mediocre man. Other than being rich, what other advantages do you have?”

  She continued, “Huo Rongshen, after being with you for three years, you and your chauvinistic thinking still do not know how to show consideration for others, causing me to feel uncomfortable when living with you. Sleeping with you for three years was simply boring, even making… love was inflexible, and you could not be bothered to change up the styles. I do not understand what rights do you have to be a narcissist?”

  Huo Rongshen’s face suddenly contorted with anger, then blanched. For Jiang Dai, the changes on his face looked impressive.

  His brows knitted tightly together and lowered his voice to ask, “Jiang Dai…… Do you mean that I, as your husband, have not fully satisfied you?” 

  Successfully fueling his hatred and disgust, Jiang Dai sneered in her heart.

  It was well known that when it came to this sort of matter, what men cared the most was their dignity. After his ex-wife flayed him for being a pewter spearhead that shines like silver1 银样镴枪头: it means to be an impressive-looking but useless person. , she reckoned he would be itching to bash his head on the ground.

  Striking while the iron was still hot, she added, “You should know very well whether you have satisfied me or not. Come on, you are already getting much older, but I am still young. That is why I would match well with 18-year-olds.”

  “……” Huo Rongshen’s handsome face twisted to the point where it looks almost hideous. “However, the reaction you have given me is the complete opposite.”

  Jiang Dai could not help but rolled her eyes into her head, but in a second, she had her chin resting on her hand and blinked affectionately. “Brother Rongshen, you are so amazing.”


  The woman’s voice was so soft and charming, giving off a sense of shame as well. Seeing her smile so brightly like a lotus, he froze as thousands of waves were washed over his heart, heat churning through the blood in his entire body and followed by a numbing sensation in his tailbone.

  It was as if she was practicing the art of face-changing, in the next second, her face resumed a cold look and mocked, “President Huo, are you referring to this?”

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Little Assistant Chen Mu: Shocked! (ΩДΩ) Because of Boss’ divorce, old love and friendship were destroyed! Not only that, but Boss also is unexpectedly not proficient in that area! I am shocked again!

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