Chapter 7.1: Goddess Suddenly Turns Hostile

  Even though Jiang Dai had only touched on the matter lightly, every single word truly stabbed them to the hearts.

  The tension in the office yet again began to worsen…… 

  One of the shareholders, who knew how to take a hint, promptly tried to smoothen things over. “Little President Jiang’s standpoint is not bad. When it comes to taking up the CEO position, the most important thing would be that the person must be competent and steadfast in his work. If Bao Li’s share price continues to fall, even if we were to continue hiring high-salaried expatriates, it would be totally useless.”

  Immediately, someone followed suit. “Little President Jiang is wise and farsighted.”

  “The young lady really inherited the legacy of Chairman Jiang.” 

  Second Uncle had lost his cool. In his impression of his niece, Jiang Dai was only a spoiled little girl. Who would have thought that after she had married for a year, she would have changed so completely, as if she had turned into someone else? Not only that, but she would also treat her uncle so impolitely.

  He pondered for a long time and still wanted to stir up trouble, but he was stopped by his expressionless son, Jiang Zhuyuan.

  After leaving the CEO office, Second Uncle pulled a long face and reprimanded, “Why on earth did you pull me? That impudent girl was just relying on that slick tongue of hers. To think that she even wants to walk all over me right on her first day? Even your uncle would give me some face, so who does she think she is?”

  After experiencing last night, Jiang Zhuyuan was mentally prepared, as he was adept in scheming and far more reserved than his father.

  “A new broom sweeps clean1 新官上任三把火: It is when someone new in a company/organization will be able to bring a fresh perspective and energy necessary to making beneficial changes and improvements. , so what’s the point of taking Jiang Dai down a peg in the presence of others? Uncle is the chairman and the biggest shareholder, so he has the right to appoint the next CEO.”

  Second Uncle’s face turned ugly. “Surely you do not mean to let this girl walk all over you? Ah Yuan, you are the eldest son of our Jiang family!”

  A sinister and ruthless light flashed across Jiang Zhuyuan’s pupils. “Father, don’t worry. I have my own plans.”

  In the past, he believed that since his cousin has gotten married, she would no longer be there to compete with him. Seemed like he had indeed miscalculated, no matter how many times he had calculated, he had not expected to have left Jiang Dai out of his calculations, letting her catch him off guard. 

  However, since she wanted to be in the limelight and flaunt her power, he would just let her be, then when the time called for it, he would strike her without her even knowing. When one was at their weakest, that would be the best time to kill them with one strike.


  Jiang Dai was pressed for time, so she was kept busy throughout lunchtime.

  Although today was her first day at the office, there was simply too much work that required her to handle personally.

  Even if she had been using an alternative identity to dabble in the stock market for many years, but when it came to assuming control over Bao Li——an employee based in the headquarters with a large-scale cosmetics group that consisted of four thousand people, there were too many matters that required her to learn by doing.

  Jiang Dai went over to the R&D Department personally. Amid her conversation with a few R&D specialists, she came to realize that the most severe problem Bao Li was currently facing was actually an issue with its operational policy.

  As a conglomerate that had been prospering since the Republican Era, Bao Li’s products were categorized into three different product lines. Whereas for one of the product lines, its price was no worse than that of an international company, but the cost of developing the product was indeed costly.   

  Following the recent rapid economic globalization, as well as the increase in the standard of household expenditure, the majority of the consumer group utilized foreign cosmetic products. They were able to purchase them through different channels, such as offline via direct sales, online via the official website, Taobao, international online shopping agents, and direct purchase through overseas website platforms.

  Gradually, Bao Li’s first product line withdrew from the competitive arena. Meanwhile, the second and third product lines, all the more, did not have any competitive edge.

  What had been sustaining capital within Bao Li was the daily consumer brand division, which produces daily consumer goods like shampoo, body soap, tissue, and sanitary pads.

  After examining the compositions and efficacy of the products carefully, together with the research she had done beforehand, Jiang Dai managed to find a way to improve the business operations within a short time.

  The quality of Bao Li’s products had always remained the same. Due to the fact that the shareholders generally were of an older generation, and the management not having sufficient understanding of the recent and unpredictable changes within the country’s market environment, it caused the once glorious top brand in the country to be reduced to its current state.

  Together with an employee from the Product Department, she had made her way to the warehouse. After carrying out a careful selection of complex products, she finally selected some of the most potential products and assigned the marketing department to carry out promotional campaigns on the social media platform.

  She was so swamped with work throughout the day and it was only until 5 p.m. that Jiang Dai stated with a parched mouth, “For these two days, I’ll have to trouble the Product Development Department and Product Department to work overtime to carry out a thorough evaluation. Please report to me as soon as possible.”

  Even though consumers had greater buying power now, they were not foolish at all. She would go for genuinely good products and eliminate those that were not good enough or unsuitable for their consumer group. To cater to consumer demands, products would then be publicized accordingly.

  In order to improve Bao Li significantly within a short time, strategies, such as advertising, hiring beauty bloggers, tapping into all new media channels, were necessary. 

  However, if Bao Li wanted to seize a place amongst the well-known international brands, then these conventional means were far from enough.

  Before she ended work for the day, she suddenly thought of an idea and took the initiative to contact an old classmate of hers.

  This old classmate sat behind her during high school, and their relationship was similar to that of brothers. After they went to university, they gradually lost contact with each other. Currently, he was one of the famous celebrities in the country and was doing very well.

  After giving him a call, she did not expect that for someone so busy, he was still able to agree to meet up with her at 8 p.m. so unhesitantly. After being so busy throughout the day, Jiang Dai was ready to head home to get a change and touch up her makeup.

  At six o’clock, both Jiang Dai and Wen Yan got off work together and took the lift down to the ground floor, only to be welcomed by a familiar face.

  Like before, Chen Mu requested respectfully, “Young Madame, could I trouble you to head towards the cafe? President Huo requests the pleasure of seeing you.”

  It was precisely the time when employees knocked off from work, so one after another, numerous junior staff took the lift down to the ground floor. The moment they saw the new wealthy socialite who had taken up the CEO position, one by one, they went up to greet her.

  Being required to respond to them in some way, Jiang Dai nodded her head in reply.

  This Chen Mu fellow had practically blocked her right at the lift entrance and it was far too conspicuous. Since she had recently taken up the position, she did not want to create any unnecessary rumors, which would affect her newly adopted ‘capable and well-experienced’ persona. 

  Jiang Dai remained emotionless, causing Chen Mu not to be able to pick up on her emotions, so his eyes darted towards Wen Yan for help.

  Both Chen Mu and Wen Yan had entered the Huo clan at the same time. In the beginning, both of them were President Huo’s secretaries in Country M’s branch office.

  Subsequently, Wen Yan was assigned to Jiang Dai. Throughout these three years, both of them often echoed each other, in front of Young Madame, to help President Huo smooth matters over. On the professional level, they would always keep in step with each other. On the other hand, on a personal level, their relationship was good as well.

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