Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 60: Betting That Brother Ye Will Win

  In order not to affect her mood at work, Jiang Dai had already decided not to look at it anymore after sending the attorney’s letter and uninstalling the Weibo app.

  Once new scandals involving other celebrities made their appearance after a while, she reckoned that not many people would still be hung up on this s*xual scandal of hers. 

  Only an hour after she uninstalled the app, Bai Zhi began poking her frantically on WeChat.

  Preoccupied with completing the work at hand, Jiang Dai intended to get back to her later.

  Little did she know that spamming memes frantically was not sufficient to satisfy Bai Zhi. Immediately right after, she gave Jiang Dai a call on WeChat.


  On seeing this, Jiang Dai had no other choice but to answer the phone call helplessly. “What has gotten into you, young lady? Don’t you know that I’m working right now?”

  Bai Zhi was so excited that it seemed as though she would jump out of the phone at any minute. “How can you even talk to me so calmly at a time like this? Have you gone mad? No, you must be scared stiff, right?! I’m telling you, Daidai, don’t panic and stay calm because you’re someone who aspires to become the leading billionaire across the entire country! This situation may not mean much, but…… Neither have I experienced nor could I begin to fathom such a grand spectacle. Even so…… you still have to hang in there and keep calm! Not only that, but you also have to figure out which one you want to have!”

  Upon hearing that, question marks appeared around Jiang Dai’s head. 

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  Fvyakdt yv bla rbsdl, Kkydt Pyk oyp pkxrzu yv y zspp qsa osaep.

  The exaggeration this darn girl, Bai Zhi, spewed had piqued Jiang Dai’s curiosity, but she was still swamped with work.


  ‌Due to her recent participation in the filming of ‘Youth Camp,’ she seemed to have piled up enormous amounts of documents and work that required her to look through personally.

  As such, she could not help but deem this program to be very troublesome. Apart from the competition aspect, she was also required to film numerous daily life elements of a reality show and even participate in various secondary things, such as commercials, intriguing games, and small variety shows.

  In the past, Jiang Dai had never come into contact with the entertainment industry, but now that she had, the first thing her instinct was telling her was……how f*cking tiring it was to earn money through the entertainment industry. After all, nothing beats being able to make money quickly, all from the comfort of her desk.

  It made sense now that the old Qiao Jinye of the past, who was awkward, could not be bothered to utter a single word, and had an eighth-grader syndrome, had grown into such a wondrous talker and became more mature since his debut.

  Making money was indeed not an easy feat.

  Jiang Dai originally intended to install the Weibo app again, but on second thought, she reckoned that even if it were not enough to anger her, this situation would still be a waste of time, presuming that she was to undergo another bout of scandals and vilifying remarks from perplexing people.

  After a brief moment of hesitation, she, once again, unlocked her phone and loaded the Weibo website on her computer. She had merely planned to look through the most searched hashtags for ten minutes before returning to her work!

  Yet, ten seconds later……

  Subconsciously, her lips parted in silent surprise, to the extent where she looked as if she had swallowed a pigeon egg.

  How hallucinatory this was!

  At this juncture, she simply could not make heads or tails of this situation. Weren’t the actions of these three perplexing lunatics far too stifling?

  As the most searched hashtags were refreshed once every minute, she noticed the entire list was teeming with content relating to her, especially some blush-inducing hashtags. For a moment, she had a sudden urge to spend a fortune to hire a team of hackers to cause this Weibo thing to be down for at least three days.


  With that in mind, she hoped that all netizens would have their memories erased automatically in three days, so that they would no longer remember whatever they had seen today……


  Qiao Jinye’s Weibo page was abuzz with comments.

  When Qiao Jinye was clarifying things at the start, his fans followed his instructions obediently, sticking up for President Jiang and supporting him. After all, Brother Ye’s good friend is everyone’s good friend, so they will join hands in caring for President Jiang.

  Upon seeing the other tyrannical presidents’ trending hashtags, the comment section on Qiao Jinye’s Weibo page became strange.

Wait a minute! I have a strange feeling, but I’m not sure whether I ought to say something about this……
I do, too! However, I’m just afraid of saying or asking anything. Will you tell me, Brother Ye, whether things are how I reckon them to be?
Me too…… What’s more, this feeling is getting stronger by the minute! I mean, there were speculations in the past, but I fear those trolls far too much to even speak of it!
All right already, stop being such a scaredy-cat! Isn’t it just a question? So, do you like President Jiang, Brother Ye?
To tell you the truth, I was pretty upset when someone took pictures of Brother Ye and President Jiang half a year ago. Everything happened all too suddenly, and I don’t wish for him to start dating so early…… However, I gradually grew fond of President Jiang after recently watching ‘Youth Camp’! If she were to become his girlfriend, he would definitely be exceptionally blessed!
Come on, Brother Ye, tell us the truth…… Do you like President Jiang?
Speaking of which, not only are Brother Ye and Sister Dai childhood friends, but they are also such a shippable couple! If he is really pursuing Sister Dai, I will never permit those two old men to win!
Ditto!!! I will never allow Brother Ye to lose to anyone! He is the best man in the whole wide world, and President Jiang is worthy of him! Come on, Brother Ye, you must win her heart and never lose to those two!!!!

  On the other hand, Li Kai and Qiao Jinye had been staring at the screen the entire time, from the initial indescribable dread that washed over them at the sight of the trending hashtags to the fans’ reaction that they had just witnessed……

  Seeing how things had panned out, Li Kai’s face contorted into a rictus of shock and joyance. “F*cking hell! I didn’t expect this group of fan girlfriends to turn their coats so rapidly. Wow, President Jiang’s charisma sure is irresistible! I’ve seriously got to respect the h*ll out of her!”

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