Chapter 6.2: President Huo is Jealous

  Assistant Chen Mu exclaimed in great surprise, “There must have been a big market maker involved. It has only been an hour since the stock market opened, and the share prices of Bao Li had increased so significantly and so crazily as well.” 

  From the beginning, Huo Rongshen’s face contorted into a dark scowl. Not allowing anyone to interrupt, he ordered coldly, “Go check who is trading shares.”

  Chen Mu went to carry out his order. More than ten minutes later, he returned with a complicated look on his face. “President Huo, I have discovered a few major players who had bought a large number of stocks at the same time. It is definitely a big market maker who is involved, but his identity is unknown.”

  Huo Rongshen’s pupil began twitching violently, and his face had darkened to the point where he looked like the King of Hell.

  “Even you cannot find out who that person is?!”

  Chen Mu’s heartbeat accelerated. “It is true that I cannot find the person, as he is too mysterious. I just need more time…… However, I think that it might have something to do with Young Madame.”

  Young Madame suddenly wanted to get a divorce, and the only reason that one could think of was the Jiang clan.

  The reason behind the steep fall in Bao Li’s share price was that a while back, there was someone who had been underselling the shares maliciously, causing the ordinary middle and small shareholders to take on panic selling.

  The moment the stock market opened today, President Huo intended to invest a large number of funds in Bao Li, to stabilize the panic selling situation first. 

  Who would have thought that once the stock market opened, and before he could make any movement, Bao Li’s numbers began to climb, jumping higher as it goes…… 

  The oppression in the office was overpowering. After a good while, Huo Rongshen then asked slowly, “Where did she get so much money?”

  Chen Mu was also puzzled. “That’s right. Where did Young Madame get so much money? Jiang family should not have this much circulating funds, or else they would have made a move earlier……”

  Huo Rongshen was frustrated that he felt pain in his liver.

  Based on what he knew, Jiang Dai was a pampered young lady, who was similar to all those female socialites, as they believed that expenses should not be kept in moderation and do not hold any value for money.

  Usually, when she buys something, she would swipe a card, so why would she have any circulating funds? Of course, it would be his money.

  Good, very good. On one side, Jiang Dai would throw out a divorce agreement and even curse him struck by lightning. Then, on the flip side, she would use his money to cover up her family’s hole.

  However, with this judgment, he would very quickly be slapped in the face by reality.

  Chen Mu called the private managers of a few banks and repeatedly confirmed all of President Huo’s accounts.

  Not only were there no strange large transactions in all the accounts, but Jiang Dai had also called the banks to cancel some of the joint accounts??

  Huo Rongshen’s handsome face was covered with a layer of haze, while his ghastly cold aura had practically caused Chen Mu to freeze to death.

  This large amount of circulating funds, yet it was not taken from President Huo’s accounts. Then, Young Madame must have borrowed the money from someone else. Without having a special ‘intimate’ relationship, who would lend someone a 9-figure sum at one go?

  Chen Mu faintly felt that his boss was wearing a green hat on his head.

  One that was both glossy and green!!!

  For a dignified leading billionaire, it was humiliating! It was downright humiliating!


  It was 11 in the morning. Jiang Dai had headed straight to the top floor of Bao Li Group and sat firmly in the CEO’s big executive office chair. She held a general meeting through video conferencing to announce her assumption of duty.

  When they had heard that the heiress had been airdropped into the Group so suddenly, everyone from the shareholders, management, to the ordinary employees, were all shocked and dissatisfied.

  Although the majority were unfamiliar with Jiang Dai, everyone knew she was the young mistress of the wealthiest Huo clan.

  A wealthy young mistress, who had only recently graduated from university and had no work experience, so what rights did she have to be airdropped to the CEO position?

  Hence, very quickly…… Their faces swelled with anger, as they conversed about Jiang Dai’s assumption of the role. 

  First of all, Jiang Dai had made it known to everyone about the surge in share prices, as shown on the stock exchange this morning was the result of her contributions!

  Even though she did not reveal clearly what exactly she had done, it definitely involved throwing money at it.

  The leading billionaire family…… No matter what the amount was, they could definitely afford to spend the money.

  She was the bloodline of the Jiang clan and had access to the wealth of the leading billionaire. Soon, the employees accepted the reality of the heiress airdropping to her position, even faintly began to worship her.

  They had long since heard that Jiang Dai was exceptionally beautiful, and was also a once-in-a-lifetime beauty, whom you would only be able to find once in a century. Furthermore, you would not be able to find another amongst the upper-class society in Yanjing, even those in the entertainment industry, who had undergone plastic surgery, could not even begin to compare. However, Jiang Dai kept a very low profile, as the only time her pictures were made public were only those taken during the wedding ceremony.

  During the wedding ceremony, Jiang Dai was, without a doubt, very beautiful. However, everyone thought that these pictures had been retouched. Who would have thought that when they saw the actual person in real life…… She was far more beautiful than the retouched images!

  As Jiang Dai spoke in the voice conference, she exhibited the true meaning of beauty that came from within and not reflected on the skin.

  The beauty gave off a sense of three-dimensional form and vividness. No matter how beautiful a picture was, it was, after all, just a piece of paper and could only capture one-tenth of the real person.

  Jiang Dai’s refined eloquence was demonstrated in her speech, not long after she began to conclude her speech. “In short, from today onwards, I will be responsible for all matters concerning Bao Li, especially boosting the sales of all product lines within a short period of time, as well as continue stabilizing the share prices. Now that it is almost lunchtime, that will be all for today. Also, can the Sales General Manager and Product Development Manager please come to my office?”

  Even though she had requested to see these two people, her office was filled with a group of uninvited guests.

  In the lead was the Second Brother of the Jiang family, who was also Jiang Zhuyuan’s father and Jiang Dai’s second uncle.

  Then, followed by Third Uncle, as well as other major shareholders.

  Naturally, they refused to accept Jiang Dai and had come over in an imposing manner, thinking of pressuring this little girl.

  Chairman Jiang had suddenly arranged for his daughter to take up the post of the CEO. They were not sure whether he had figured that all the shareholders would object, so he did not turn up, avoiding these disturbances in hopes for some peace.

  Jiang Dai left these shareholders hanging as she sat on the sofa and went straight into a meeting with those two executives.

  Speaking at a fast pace, she had every point that was worth gems presented concisely, while maintaining a courageous, firm, and ruthless standpoint. The executives were immediately aware that this was a boss who would carry out a task vigorously and speedily, as well as resolute and ruthless in decision making.

  After twenty minutes, they would simply want to throw themselves down at her feet in admiration——

  The Sales General Manager lamented, “I would never have thought for someone so young, like Little President Jiang, you would have such a thorough understanding of the Group’s current situation!”

  The Product Development Manager also nodded his head sincerely. “What you have said has made us understand that what matters is your determination and not your age.”

  Those elderly shareholders, who had been left hanging, were originally gnashing their teeth in rage. However, after listening in on the meeting for twenty minutes, they were so intimidated that all of them froze. Up until the moment when the two managers had left, they did not even dare to let out a deep breath.

  Nevertheless, Jiang Dai laughed. “Uncles, why aren’t you saying anything? Weren’t you all looking for me?”

  She had asked them in a gentle voice, together with a beaming face, but deep down, she gave off an overbearing presence.

  So much so that, these shareholders were rendered so frightened that they backed down.

  One of them took the lead to smooth things over. “Oh no, no, it is not anything urgent! Didn’t Little President Jiang just take up the position? Eventually, you would have to meet up with us old shareholders.”

  Since they had gotten off to a good start, the awkward atmosphere instantly broke off.

  “That’s right, that’s right. Little President Jiang is Chairman Jiang’s only daughter, and I have long since heard that you are beautiful and also a top student, definitely like father like daughter.”

  “What a stunning turnaround for today’s stock market!”

  “It is getting late, and Little President Jiang should have your lunch, so we will not disturb you any further.”

  After what had transpired, Second Uncle, who was initially bearing down on her menacingly, had long since softened his imposing aura.

  Noticing the aggrieved looks of wanting to say something on her Second Uncle, Third Uncle, and her cousin, Jiang Dai took the initiative to question, “Is there something both Second Uncle and Third Uncle want to say?”

  Third Uncle forced a smile and answered, “No, it’s nothing. Third Uncle was just a little surprised. We have watched you grow up, yet we would never have thought that you would be so talented in the business.”

  Knowing that Third Uncle did not swerve from his path of duty, so Jiang Dai’s attitude was more amiable. “It is kind of you to say so. I was also entrusted with it at such a critical and difficult moment. Since Bao Li is our ancestral business, would there be anyone in the Jiang family who does not wish to see the revival of Bao Li?”

  Second Uncle’s face darkened and could only reluctantly say, “Big brother is the Chairman. Since this is big brother’s intention, then I would also not object. However, Jiang Dai, since you do not have any experience, and to be assigned such a high position so suddenly, from now on, you would have to……” 

  What he had wanted to say was: From now on, you should listen to these uncles’ opinions.

  However, Jiang Dai interrupted him directly. With a smile that did not look like a smile on her gorgeous face, she questioned, “Second Uncle, look at what you have said. Sure, I may have airdropped to a high position. However, on my first day of taking up this position, the share price has increased from 2.5 dollars to a two-digit figure, preventing Bao Li from undergoing bankruptcy and liquidation. Not only that, but I had also, all the more, saved all of your jobs. If the share price were to continue falling like yesterday, Bao Li would have to declare bankruptcy, so how much do you think this CEO position would still be worth?”

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