Chapter 6.1: President Huo is Jealous

  The next afternoon, Jiang Dai’s best friend, Bai Zhi, sneaked into Jiang Dai’s boudoir.

  Last night, Jiang Dai made an excuse to spend the night at her parents’ home. She had recently been discharged from the hospital and became aware of the plot too suddenly. Although there were a considerable number of properties under her name, she was used to entrusting a specialist to manage them. For a moment, she was still unable to choose where she would stay from today onwards. To have been pampered since childhood, when it came to the living environment, Jiang Dai was unable to let herself suffer from great inconveniences.

  Bai Zhi blindly guessed that Jiang Dai would still be fast asleep. On the contrary, after she took a few steps into the house, she saw this woman sitting in front of the study table, sipping on coffee and eating scrambled eggs.

  Bai Zhi was surprised. “It is only 9 in the morning. How are you up so early? You have even done your makeup?”

  After getting married, Jiang Dai was used to waking up naturally. So, it had been a very long time since Bai Zhi had last seen Jiang Dai awake in the morning.

  Jiang Dai was more startled than she was. Before they went to bed last night, both of them were chatting on WeChat1 微信: a very popular Chinese messaging app developed by Tencent. . As soon as Bai Zhi heard that Jiang Dai wanted to divorce Huo Rongshen, she felt extremely shocked. Jiang Dai could only say that it was difficult to explain through WeChat, so they should meet up to talk when they are free. However, she just did not think that Bai Zhi would come over so early in the morning.

  “I will be going to the office in a while’s time, so I set an alarm.”

  Weighed down with worry, Bai Zhi had difficulty sleeping for half the night. Presently, she became even more nervous, “Going to the office? Which office?”

  “Of course, it is Bao Li. Here, take a seat first. Have you had breakfast? Do you want me to have the kitchen send some?”

  Bai Zhi sat down and observed Jiang Dai’s expression at a closer distance. She realized that this woman had put on a light yet elegant makeup. After putting makeup on, she looked rather different from usual. Even though she only had on a sleeping robe, it seemed like she had worn professional OL2 Office Lady makeup.

  Bai Zhi bit her tongue. “You really want to get a divorce? What on earth are you thinking? I am worried that you are taking things too hard and not sleeping well, yet here you are, smiling and glowing with health. Could it be that you have stumbled upon your second love???”

  “……” Reminded of Huo Rongshen’s suspicions, Jiang Dai’s heart felt like it stopped.

  She got up and walked to the Nespresso coffee machine and made a cup of coffee for Bai Zhi. “You should calm down first.”

  Bai Zhi was rendered speechless. Jiang Dai was clearly the one whose marriage was about to end, yet how did it seem like she was the one who was traumatized? 

  After Bai Zhi looked somewhat calmer, Jiang Dai then said, “Divorce is the decision that I had made after much careful consideration, and I was not acting rashly. My mood is pretty good, so you really do not have to worry.”

  She continued, “As to the reason why I want a divorce, you can think of it as I had become weary. In the past, I had painstakingly acted as the gentle and considerate wife of Huo Rongshen. It was because I did not know what was important to me. Now that it has finally become clear to me that in my life, I have many responsibilities that I should bear and dreams to realize. Hence, from now on, I want to live my own life.”

  Bai Zhi was rendered speechless for five whole minutes…… She had been trying her hardest to process all the information in this entire conversation.

  “I…… roughly understand a little. Can I ask you…… do you not love Huo Rongshen anymore?”

  The corners of her mouth turned up slightly. “Yes, I do not love him anymore.”

  “……” To have said she would not love and actually mean it, being beautiful sure allowed one to act so unrestrained. 

  Both of them then continued to chat for a while. At 9.29 a.m., Jiang Dai cut her short and walked quickly back to the study table. Using her fair-skinned finger, she tapped the keyboard lightly. “Zhizhi, let’s chat later. I have something important to do now, so please keep quiet.”

  At 9.30 in the morning, the stock market opened right on time.

  Five minutes later, the share prices of Bao Li Group began to show signs of a gradual increase. Twenty minutes later, it had risen back from yesterday’s closing price of 2.5 dollars to over 4 dollars and still continued to increase. 

  At around 10.30 a.m., Bao Li’s share prices had already grown to 10 dollars and continued to rise steadily.

  Jiang Dai held up a glass of water and took a sip, the corners of her mouth turned up slightly. Just as she was about to close her laptop and retire after achieving her accomplishments, Bai Zhi stretched her hand out from behind to stop Jiang Dai.

  “Wait, I am not done yet!”

  Jiang Dai froze for a moment. “You had been watching all along?”

  She was so focused on the stock market that she had nearly forgotten about Bai Zhi’s existence.

  Bai Zhi used great efforts to look through those complicated fluctuation charts and numbers. “Daidai, earlier you…… purchased a large number of shares to push up Bao Li’s share prices?”

  Watching her little friend, Bai Zhi, with so many question marks around her head, she could not help chuckling.

  She had grown up with Bai Zhi, so when it came to such close friends, there was no need to conceal anything.

  “Yes. The prices have fallen too sharply, so this is the fastest way to stabilize the share prices.”

  Bai Zhi did not major in finance, but she knew the fundamentals. So, she used her fingers to count for an awfully long time. “Rising from 2.5 dollars to 10 dollars. Wouldn’t that mean that one hour earlier, you have invested over ten billion dollars?!”

  Jiang Dai smiled. “I did not invest that much. The moment the stock market opened, I had begun buying a large number of shares. Many traders keep an eye on securities firms, so when they discovered that Bao Li had rebounded after bottoming out, they would also follow and buy shares. So after some time, middle and small shareholders will also realize that there is an upward trend. They would want to take advantage of the low prices and buy shares. I am just here to start the ball rolling.”

  Feeling that her fingers were not enough to calculate, Bai Zhi simply took out her phone and resumed her calculations. She had somehow come to an astonishing number. “You must have at least invested this amount! Oh my god, Daidai. Since when did you have so much money? The amount that you had just casually spent is a 9-figure sum?! Did you get this from Huo Rongshen’s pocket? Tell me honestly, has he been giving you a massive monthly allowance?!”

  Jiang Dai felt even happier and boasted, “Of course not, this is my savings.”

  However, although Huo Rongshen, this b*stard, had countless flaws, he was indeed generous when it comes to money. Speaking of the black card that had unlimited credit lines, he had given her many of them, and each one of them had unlimited swipes, allowing her to use it whenever and as many times as she wanted to.

  Both of them had never had cash deals with each other, and these circulating funds were from her personal account.

  It was such a shock for Bai Zhi to see this number, to the point where she was almost going crazy. Seizing Jiang Dai, she could not help but try to get to the bottom of it.

  Jiang Dai could only own up honestly about the origins of this money.

  Since young, she had always had the habit of managing her money. As the only daughter, she had a generous amount of allowance. Since she was unable to spend it all, she decided to save the money. Once she was of age, her dad gave her a large amount of coming of age funds, and her deceased grandfather had also given her a trust fund. If all this money was spent unwisely on just limited edition handbags and luxurious jewelry, it would still run out eventually.

  It was certain that Jiang Dai did not use the money sparingly. Ever since she was exposed to all sorts of financial products during her university days, she gradually learned how to make investments. She would invest in risky projects and purchase properties and land. It was then that she discovered she was innately sensitive to numbers. Thoroughly enjoying herself in this Midas touch game of money-making, she found it even more addictive than chicken dinners3 吃鸡: A PUBG reference. A game where you become the last one standing thus the winner of the battle royale play of PUBG. and Wang Zhe Nong Yao4 农药: the mobile version of League of Legends, which is a team-playing game. It is also a real-time strategy game. .

  Now that she had graduated, her savings naturally was not to be underestimated. The amount of money that she had spent today could be on par with the amount she had just recouped from a complex project last month.

  Bai Zhi was overwhelmed by what she had heard, while her eyes shone brightly with golden light. “Jiang Dai, you b*tch! Since you have such an awesome ability to earn money, why did you not teach me!”

  Jiang Dai threw her hands up innocently. “Did I not try to talk about financial management with you all these years? You were not listening to me and even ignored my words, so I did not mention it with you again.”

  Thinking about how she had lost an immense amount of wealth, Bai Zhi was on the verge of crying…… 

  Jiang Dai rubbed her best friend’s head. “Alright already, if worse comes to worst, from now on, you could always send me a portion of your savings regularly, and I will send you a dividend on a timely basis.”


  At the same time, Huo Rongshen’s face darkened as he watched the stock market graph.

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