Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 56.4: The Love of His Life

  Under normal circumstances, the production crew would have already begun liaising and acquiring the work schedules of the superstars in private before the voting had even commenced.

  This time, too, Xiang Mang TV had long since given several preferred guests a heads up. 

  Yet, who would have thought that nearly all the viewers could not even take their eyes off Jiang Dai after the airing of the pilot episode?

  Needless to say, President Jiang would indeed not be performing on stage. Even so, it made perfect sense for her, as a guest mentor, to not only appear on camera and participate in the reality show, but also satisfy the curiosity and wishes of all viewers. 

  Anyways, it was often the case that guest mentors invited to this sort of program were not necessarily the most professional in this industry. Instead, they were selected predominantly to increase the program’s popularity.


  What’s more, Jiang Dai was both the Title Sponsor, as well as the investor, for this program. In that case, wouldn’t they be creating a new chapter in the reality TV industry if the investor herself were to take part in the program? Wasn’t it worth anticipating?

  The public clamor for Jiang Dai continued to rise before it eventually sparked controversy. Before long, the netizens, who were commenting on the official Weibo page’s trending hashtag, ended up in an argument——

Honestly speaking, an investor is merely an investor, and I don’t see a problem with her appearing in her brand’s commercial. However, how the h*ll is the investor qualified to become a mentor? That’s simply unheard of!
It seems that ever since the divorce, this investor sure loves to appear everywhere, from showcasing her luck through picking comments on Weibo to marketing goods on Kachu Live Stream. At the end of the day, she’s still a layman in this aspect, so I don’t think it’s appropriate for her to be a part of such a large-scale talent search variety show. Anyways, she better not get in so far over her head and mess things up by accident!
??? What sort of tomfoolery is this? Anyone, who has seen a talent search variety show, would know that a guest mentor is merely a guest. After all, the production crew would only deem one suitable based on their popularity and not their profession. Besides, Xiang Mang TV only has a limited selection of artistes whom they usually collaborate with, and I’m so tired of seeing their faces! At any rate, I just want to see President Jiang!
I second that, since it’s based on the netizens’ votes, anyway. If you don’t wish to see President Jiang, you can always vote for someone else. There’s nothing you can say that will stop us from wanting to see President Jiang.
A guest mentor is equivalent to a supporting guest, who is usually a layman in this aspect. I’d say that it’s more than enough to have professionals as the 3 main mentors.
I’d like to see the investor at work as well. I do not doubt that it’ll be so much fun! So, stop b*llsh*ting and using whatever you can think of to affect the program’s standard! I mean, everyone knows it’s the netizens who’ll be making the final decision as to whichever contestant will be taking the final spot in the girl group. So, what does this gotta do with the mentors?


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  On seeing this, she was not sure whether to laugh or cry.


  As she took the time to consider whether to become the guest mentor, her involvement in the program continued to grow significantly. Hence, Jiang Dai took a crash course in specialized knowledge required in talent search variety shows, in order to avoid oversights.

  So long as there was no need for her to master them herself, this sort of stuff was not difficult to learn. Hence, a clever and witty young girl, like Jiang Dai, was able to pick it up in no time.

  Before long, she sensed that she herself had become half an industry insider……

  During one of their training sessions, they were, once again, split into new groups. By a bizarre coincidence, Liang Zhenyu had been assigned to the same group as Shi Sheng Entertainment’s Miao Chun and Bei Yunyun. Since there were four other members with them, it was inappropriate for them to change groups.

  On account of everyone’s unfamiliarity with each other, the mentors suggested having everyone perform the dance meant for the center role, as well as sing along if they could sing. Immediately right after, they would cast their votes and decide who should take up the center role based on the performances.

  With that, everyone had completed their performances in a sequential order.

  Without a moment’s delay, Miao Chun was the first one to spring out and laud Bei Yunyun’s performance. “Yunyun is inherently a main dancer who incorporates explosive dance moves in her performances and has an innate halo that draws people’s attention. Hence, our group will be the most compelling as long as she stands in the center position. That’s why I vote for Yunyun!”

  As for the other four group members, their unexceptional capabilities were only at a relatively average level. Hence, they had no burning desire to vie for the center position.

  Be that as it might, they actually thought that Liang Zhenyu’s dance style was more in line with the theme of the group performance they had chosen.

  However, it was common knowledge that Bei Yunyun was a capable junior artiste whose popularity had been boosted doggedly by a massive company, like Shi Sheng Entertainment.

  That was probably why they were unwilling to offend popular contestants right at the filming of the first episode.

  At the same time, Jiang Dai had been watching this group’s training in the video surveillance room. Hence, she assumed that Liang Zhenyu would choose to remain silent.


  It never occurred to anyone that she would step forward courageously to put herself forward. “I think my dancing goes well with the style we have selected for this performance, so I am confident in bringing out the best in everyone if I’m selected to be the center position.”

  Upon hearing that, Bei Yunyun cast a glance in her direction, remaining silent for the time being. Even so, it was apparent that her face had contorted into a grotesque sneer.

  Miao Chun mocked sarcastically, “You were dancing so gently as though you were doing it merely for show. Since you have absolutely no presence on stage, I just don’t get it… Where on earth did you get the audacity to compete with Yunyun? From the new face you’ve acquired back in Country H?” 

  In a split second, the color drained out of Liang Zhenyu’s face as she bit her lower lip.

  Ever since they began splitting into smaller groups, waves of worry washed over her. Somehow, she always had the feeling that Miao Chun and Bei Yunyun would surely give her a hard time.

  However, she would constantly remind herself of Sister Dai’s words——She should not fear, for no one will be able to bully her on camera.

  Just when Liang Zhenyu was racking her brain for a strong comeback, she drew a blank and was at her wits’ end.

  All of a sudden, a sweet, euphonious voice carrying traces of domineering swag resounded across the room—— 

  “Contestant Miao Chun, it sounds like you’re very familiar with changing one’s face? Were you speaking from experiences? Why don’t you face the camera and recommend some hospitals of a relatively good standard or any doctors you’re familiar with? Will we be able to get a discount if we mention your name?”

  No one was sure when Jiang Dai had walked in from the main entrance of the training room.

  She donned a very casual outfit that was not any different from the training gear the trainees1 It seems like the author likes to use ‘trainees’ and ‘contestants’ interchangeably. were wearing, while she gave them a gorgeous smile.

  However, as soon as she made an appearance, an overbearing aura enveloped the entire room. 


  Seeing how things had panned out, Miao Chun’s and Bei Yunyun’s faces contorted into a rictus of shock and embarrassment.

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