Chapter 5.2: Stealing the Enemy’s Buff

  Mother Jiang knew her daughter well. She was never the beauty mentioned in those rumors. Not only did she have exceptionally good looks, but also had exceptionally high EQ, or else she would not have been able to marry into the leading billionaire family. Furthermore, Jiang Dai was not one who spoke rashly, without any hesitation. So, when she brought up Jiang Zhuyuan’s old scores, like a mishap in work, she was clearly trying to embarrass him deliberately.

  Jiang Dai also had no reason to conceal the truth. “I have indeed discovered that Cousin has secretly done something detrimental to the Jiang clan. Not only is this related to Bao Li, but it also involves the interests of everyone in the Jiang family. However, I do not have any evidence at the moment, so mum, just don’t take it too seriously. When the time is right, I will notify dad.”

  She had yet to decide how to deal with Jiang Zhuyuan.  

  Based on the sequence of the plot, after Bao Li had announced bankruptcy, corrupt practices began to appear frequently amongst the subsidiaries. Approximately after three years, just when dad was utterly exhausted, he had somehow contracted a terminal disease.

  By that time, Jiang Zhuyuan had already taken all power within the company. In order to force her dad to hand over the shareholder rights, he had allied with several rival groups and secretly used countless insidious tricks. After taking away the authority, the conceited Jiang Zhuyuan did not stay complacent for long. Soon after, he was cheated by other rivals and had to sell off his properties to pay up.

  In the comic plot, when the Jiang clan had arrived at a dead-end, she, as the daughter of the Jiang family, was unexpectedly unleashing the role of a villain ex-wife. So, she fretted wholeheartedly over how to destroy the relationship between the male and female leads, busying herself with different types of flashy operations.

  However, now that she had torn the script with her bare hands, it might be possible to change the fates of many characters.

  Provided that Jiang Zhuyuan was only fueled by the greed of power, as well as the eldest son who had been treated as the heir since young, she would have spared Cousin just for the family clan’s use. If he were so foolish to have sold out the family clan and be involved in insider trading just for immediate benefits, she would have this fool sent to jail as an economic crime offender.

  Mother Jiang’s brows drew tightly together and conceded. She understood that at the moment, they should not act rashly and alert the enemy.


  In the bathroom, Xie Meishi questioned over and over again, “Did Jiang Dai not have a good relationship with you before? What on earth is her problem? Why did she suddenly turn so hostile?”

  The moment Jiang Zhuyuan thought of Jiang Dai getting into the headquarters tomorrow, his head pounded with immense pain. With an irritated voice, he snapped, “How should I know?! Once the deal with the Zhang clan had been accomplished, I would then be able to earn two hundred million. If she messed up my chance in getting this two hundred million, I would f*cking……”

  Xie Meiqi could only appease him. “Husband, you should not think too seriously about it. I think that Jiang Dai is only acting on a whim. Didn’t we hear that she had recently quarreled with Huo Rongshen again? Perhaps that is why she would be acting too emotional these few days. Don’t you know your sister well enough? Other than going on a shopping spree and waiting upon men, what else does she know?”

  Jiang Zhuyuan narrowed his eyes. “It is reasonable to analyze it this way. You are her sister-in-law, and both of you are women, so why don’t you try probing for some information?” 

  Under her husband’s instigation, Xie Meiqi ran to sound Jiang Dai out, to see where her intentions lie.

  When she saw this woman with a scheming look on her face was running towards her, Jiang Dai beamed and greeted her. “Sister-in-law, both you and Brother have yet to leave? I can’t say for sure but there might be a heavy rainstorm later.”

  Xie Meiqi raised her head and looked at the sky filled with stars. “There is no rush, and the weather forecast did not mention a rainstorm. That’s right, Daidai. I heard that Huo Rongshen did not visit you when you were hospitalized after getting into a car accident?”

  Jiang Dai drew her lower lip between her teeth in contemplation. “If he did not visit, then he did not visit. I was not like I was seriously injured. Also, Sister-in-law did not come to visit me?”

  “……” All of a sudden, Xie Meiqi felt suffocated, and it took her half a minute to recover.

  “Daidai, Sister-in-law did not mean anything bad by it. I was just concerned about you. You have already been married for a year, yet Brother-in-law is so busy, but no one can change the fact that he is a leading billionaire. Even so, there is a simpler and coarser way of stabilizing the relationship between a married couple. You get what I mean?”

  Out of a sudden, Xie Meiqi gave her an ambiguous smile, and even caressed her lower abdomen, in a seemingly earnest manner.

  “Look, I have married your brother for so many years, and we remain so sweet. In the midst of it, the child played a part in it as well. So, you should have a baby as early as possible. Only then would it be good……”

  Initially, Jiang Dai was in the middle of promoting digestion from overeating earlier and was in the mood of misleading her.

  Who would have guessed that Xie Meiqi had raised a small issue to the level of a major one, such as nation and morals?

  “Sister-in-law, you worry too much. It is not like I am also not the daughter of an ordinary family who needs to rely on her womb to win over her husband’s heart. Having to give birth to three kids within five years, is that not too tiring?”

  Xie Meiqi’s face contorted with rage, then subsequently went pale.

  Being an ordinary folk, the reliance on the womb and giving birth to three children consecutively…… All these were Jiang Dai’s way of alluding to her! 

  She was born into an ordinary family, and her working-class parents used their entire savings to send her to study abroad, eventually managing to have Jiang Zhuyuan as their rich son-in-law.

  She bit her lower lip and snorted resentfully. Then she turned and walked towards the garage.

  Leaning on the swing chair in the courtyard, Jiang Dai laughed till her stomach started to hurt, as she watched the figures of her cousin and his wife leaving angrily.

  With loads on his mind, Wen Yan walked out of the house. “Young Madame, regarding the matter about you and President Huo…… Is there really no room to turn the situation around?”

  Jiang Dai turned her head to look at him, thinking it was probably time for them to have a talk.

  Wen Yan had followed and taken care of her for three years. Most of the time, she regarded him as a member of her family, since the number of times she saw him far exceeded that of Huo Rongshen.

  Jiang Dai stated firmly, “Wen Yan, you have helped me so much throughout these three years. You are thoughtful, considerate, professional, and dedicated. However, from today onwards, I will be moving out of the Mirror Lake Mansion and will be leading an independent life, as well as growing my enterprise. Since you are one of Huo Rongshen’s men, let’s treat this home-cooked food as a form of farewell. You can now……”

  “Young Madame!” Wen Yan, who was very dejected earlier, suddenly raised his voice, and his face grew serious. “As a matter of fact, I have already thought it through yesterday. If Young Madame and President Huo were to split up, I would continue to be with and serve Young Madame. I will no longer work for President Huo!”

  “……” Jiang Dai was somewhat surprised. “You…… have already made up your mind?”

  Wen Yan nodded his head incessantly like the pounding of garlic in a mortar.

  Jiang Dai did not hesitate for too long. “That’s good. I will probably be very busy during this period, so I will be very delighted to have you to help me.”

  Even though Wen Yan wanted to follow Jiang Dai wholeheartedly, he still could not but help feeling a little disappointed.

  The marriage that sustained his entire career ended too suddenly. Perhaps he subconsciously felt that his beautiful and valiant Young Madame……must have suffered from too much injustice to the point where she could no longer endure, so she kicked President Huo.

  However, Jiang Dai’s mind was not as sensitive as Wen Yan’s, so she continued watching her cousin and his wife walk to the garage. They boarded the car while they were arguing. The car lights came on, and the new Porsche, which Jiang Zhuyuan had purchased recently, began to be driven away.

  A flash of inspiration struck and triggered a want for testing within her, so Jiang Dai glanced at Wen Yan. “Assistant Wen, do you see that Porsche?”

  Wen Yan nodded his head. “I see it.”

  Under the moonlight, she smiled like a sly nine-tailed fox, looking sexy and intelligent. “The weather today is not good. Do you think that this car will break down halfway?”

  Wen Yan felt it was rather strange, as the two lines Young Madame had said were inconsistent. Even though it was a question, she seemed to have used an indicative tone to ask.

  In the next second, the brand new Porsche suddenly stalled. Jiang Zhuyuan, who was sitting in the driver seat, fiddled with the car for ten minutes, but somehow was not able to get it started. He then got out of the car and stomped his feet with rage. The married couple began to quarrel again.

  Right at this moment, a thunderous boom rumbled across the sky, and suddenly the rain started to pour.

  Wen Yan thought, ??? What have I just seen!!! The absolutely beautiful Young Madame had stolen the enemy’s almighty jinx buff???? 

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