Chapter 5.1: Stealing the Enemy’s Buff

  Shocked, Jiang Zhuyuan exclaimed, “What?!”

  As he tried his hardest to hide his presence, surprise overtook Wen Yan’s face and shifted his eyes to his Young Madame. Although he did feel that ever since she was discharged, there was something not right with Jiang Dai. However, at this moment, he was still rendered horrified.

  Mother Jiang, who happened to be leaving the kitchen, also felt very alarmed, followed by worry. “Daidai, why do you suddenly want to go to work? Are there any problems……going on between you and Rongshen?”

  “It has nothing to do with him. I have always been keeping an eye on the stock market. Now that Bao Li is in a crisis, it is also my chance to showcase my skills.” 

  Jiang Dai spoke in a half-joking manner, seemingly like a little girl acting cute with her parents.

  Jiang Zhuyuan barely managed to let out a sigh of relief, thinking that his beautiful cousin was definitely only playing around on the spur of the moment.

  Mother Jiang took a seat and sighed helplessly, “This child, how could you act so impulsively? Quickly now, don’t cause trouble for your father.”

  Jiang Dai lowered her chin slightly. “I am serious, dad. Do not tell me you also think that I do not have the capabilities?”

  Father Jiang grimaced. He had always spoilt his daughter, and since she was little, he would not go against her will. Not only that, but his daughter was also indeed rather intelligent, attaining top grades for every subject. She most definitely had the capabilities.

  “Daidai, it is not that dad does not want to support you, but if you are interested in business, dad is willing to take the time to show you the ropes. But, at this moment, it is really……”

  Jiang Zhuyuan pushed the boat along with the current1 顺水推舟: It referred to when someone went along with the crowd, to make use of the opportunity to gain his/her targets. . “That’s right! You should consider the actual situation. We are currently facing a crisis!”

  The servants served the freshly made fish congee on the table. A massive bowl of thick and freshly ground congee with slices of tender and fresh fish was placed on the table, accompanied by side dishes like crispy deep-fried dough sticks, century egg, pickled vegetables made with a secret recipe,… We were greeted with mouth-watering aromas of the food.

  It had whetted Jiang Dai’s appetite, as she quickly held up her chopsticks, but still remembered to entertain her guest. “Wen Yan, quickly give it a try. This is my mum’s best personal recipe.”

  She ate with such relish, demolishing half a bowl of rice at an astonishing rate. As for Jiang Zhuyuan and Xie Meiqi, the food was rather insipid, as they did not have the heart to savor tasty food.

  Jiang Dai’s eyes swept over them. “Brother and Sister-in-law, please eat some food. We can talk while we eat.”

  Jiang Zhuyuan could only reluctantly pretend to be calm. “Daidai, since you are willing to help out in the company, Brother is also very happy. However, it is so chaotic in Bao Li now, and there are not any suitable positions too. After this period, Brother will let the HR department select the most suitable position for you!”

  Jiang Dai’s whole face lit up brightly after drinking a big mouthful of congee. “How is it that there is no suitable position? Didn’t the CEO take on full responsibility and resigned at the beginning of the month? I can take over him.”

  Xia Meiqi nearly spurted out her mouthful of rice. “Pfft——What did you say? CEO?”

  The look on Jiang Dai’s face changed in a split second, as her expression hardened. “What? Does Sister-in-law think that I am unsuitable to take the CEO position of Bao Li Group? The biggest shareholder in Bao Li is my dad, and I am his only daughter, so to put it honestly, I am the heiress. Amongst all the four thousand employees in Bao Li, who dares to stand out and say that I am unsuitable?”

  Xie Meiqi’s face twisted with chagrin, as this situation occurred in front of Father Jiang and Mother Jiang. Immediately, Jiang Zhuyuan came to her rescue. “Daidai, Meiqi did not mean it this way, so everyone, please do not misunderstand. The problem does not lie with whether Jiang Dai is suitable or not. Over these few years, Bao Li has always employed well-paid foreign professional managers as the CEO……”

  Jiang Dai snorted coldly, “Didn’t the high-salaried expatriate still sit by and watch Bao Li’s share prices fall so sharply? Anyways, he has already taken full responsibility and resigned, so what’s the point in bringing him up?”

  After Jiang Dai decided to revive the Jiang clan, she had done her homework well.

  Corrupt practices in Bao Li had long since been established, mainly due to the cooperation between the management and board of directors.

  Indeed, the management team was made up of outstanding foreign talents. Two years ago, they went so far as to recruit a professional from Wall Street, but their way of thinking was unsuitable when it came to the country’s way of life, especially the sudden emergence of live streaming e-commerce in the last two years. These foreigners could not keep up at all.

  As for the board of directors, the majority of these major shareholders were middle-aged men, so they are not familiar with the consumption pattern for cosmetics during the Internet era. 

  Jiang Zhuyuan had never seen his cousin so domineering before, momentarily he became alarmed and at his wit’s end.

  Ever since he returned from completing his postgraduate abroad, he had always been working in Bao Li. After three long years, he was only able to climb to the Vice President position! Cousin’s appetite was really massive, eyeing the CEO position the moment she stepped into the company.

  After considering for an awfully long time, he spoke up again. “I have nothing to say when it comes to you getting the heiress title out of nowhere, since usually, the highest position one could get through this method was in the top management.”

  Xie Meiqi nodded repeatedly. “That’s right. In the beginning, your cousin started as an ordinary department head, then supervisor, manager, and then a director, moving up step by step. So, even if there is a vacancy for the CEO role, the promotion should be based on a sequence.”

  Jiang Dai seemed as if she had heard a stupid joke, and was not able to hold back her laughter. “Sister-in-law, you are not considerate at all. Currently, it is already so hard on Brother to be the Vice President. Previously, the directly operated store, which I remember the location was in Chengdong, sold expired products. Also, this fact was exposed to the media as well. Wasn’t this store within Brother’s span of control? Since Brother is so busy that he made a mistake, so you should not put him in a difficult position.”

  Having his embarrassing facts dredged up, Jiang Zhuyuan felt as if he was forced to eat poop. 

  Father Jiang and Mother Jiang exchanged looks in silence. They could tell that their daughter seemed to be exceptionally serious today as if she was competing with someone.

  After much consideration, Father Jiang declared, “Daidai, if you really do have any plans, then there is no harm in giving a try. Dad will give you this chance.”

  Managing to obtain what she desired, Jiang Dai supported her chin with her hands and gave a sweet smile. “Thanks, dad. Then I will report to the office tomorrow!”


  This meal had nearly led Jiang Zhuyuan and his wife to have their bones buried.

  Ironically, after dinner, they still had to keep up their facade and accompany Uncle to have tea and play chess.

  In her heart, Mother Jiang felt immensely worried, so she pulled Jiang Dai away to talk in private.

  “Daidai, why did you suddenly want to manage the business? Don’t hide it from me. It definitely has something to do with Rongshen. I heard that last night you attended the Chamber of Commerce Banquet……” 

  It was not hard for Jiang Dai to guess her mum’s train of thoughts, but this was not her mum’s fault. In the past, who told her to perceive that b*stard so significantly?

  “Mum, there is only one reason as to why I am interfering with the business, and the reason is that I cannot just sit by and watch our family become bankrupt. It is just that simple. Besides, I have graduated for half a year and have nothing to do. Don’t worry about it. I will achieve results as soon as possible and prove myself to everyone.”

  Mother Jiang pondered for a long time, before finally letting out a sigh. “That is also good. By keeping yourself busy, you will be able to keep yourself distracted, so as not to always be in an argument when Rongshen is too busy to accompany you.”

  Jiang Dai hesitated for a moment. She had never intended to keep the matter of her decision to get a divorce from her parents.

  However, she could not notify them abruptly, as it would traumatize them. After all, in the past, she had placed Huo Rongshen in the top place, so if she were to insist on getting a divorce suddenly, she had no clue how anxious her parents would be.

  She was aware of the plot, but her parents were not.

  Mother Jiang continued to ask, “Since your dad does not object you from going to the company, no one else would say otherwise. However, your cousin has already worked for over three years, and also garnered many trusted supporters. Considering that it will be your first day at work, it is best not to contradict him to his face and so openly as well. After all, we are still a family. Also, he had always doted on you when you were little.”

  Jiang Dai’s mouth twitched, but she made no comments.

  Mother Jiang could tell that something was wrong, and questioned, “While having dinner today, your attitude towards Zhuyuan was not quite right. Daidai, did you discover something?”

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