Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

Chapter 42.4: His Little Ancestor

  Even so, Jiang Dai’s answer had given him some comfort.

  Otherwise, the thought of her spending so much time with those two men at the hospital, yet he himself had no chance of participating, would have been more than sufficient to infuriate him for at least half a year. 

  Rubbing Jiang Dai’s face, he couldn’t help but be addicted to the softness. Without a second thought, he asked tentatively, “In that case, you should be aware that these two men harbour ill intentions for you. So, will you keep a distance and ignore them in the future?”

  As soon as she heard his question, Jiang Dai could not help but roll her eyes. All of a sudden, Qiao Jinye saw her nodding her head, so much so that he was not sure what was going through her head. “Sure, I’ll give you my words. However, you’ll have to promise me something as well!”

  Qiao Jinye questioned seriously, “What is it?”


  Jiang Dai threw her arms around his waist, attempting to haul him to his feet. “How about joining me at the disco?”

  “…………”For a moment, he was rendered both speechless and helpless. “It’s getting late, and you’ve had far too much to drink. So, I should be sending you home instead.” 

  It seemed that Jiang Dai had indeed gone insane, as she threw a drunken tantrum. Locking him in her embrace, she kept hitting him with her head.

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  Qiao Jinye, after all, was a public figure, so a pair of shades was definitely a must-have. Even so, he did not wear a mask today since he thought that it would appear strange and all the more eye-catching.

  Followed on, he grabbed Jiang Dai’s shades and placed them on her face before they made their way to the nearby bar to dance to their heart’s content.

  By the time they arrived, countless guests had already let loose and were having the time of their lives, so much so that no one had paid them any attention. In seeing this, Qiao Jinye deemed that the situation was very much in line with his needs. 

  In the space of an hour, Jiang Dai had begun to tire and seemingly sober up somewhat.

  With that, Qiao Jinye pulled her into his arms before making his way to the exit. “You’re all pooped out, aren’t you? Come on, it’s time to head home.”

  Refusing to give up, Jiang Dai stopped them halfway and exclaimed, “I want to dance to the end of this song! How can I not do so when I love this song so much?”

  Since she was pretty wasted tonight, her voice sounded exceptionally young with a slight hint of cuteness.

  Before her voice had faded entirely away, Qiao Jinye’s heart had pretty much melted into a puddle, and all the words he wanted to say were stuck in his throat. Hence, there was no doubt he would give into her time and time again. 

  After all, Jiang Dai was his little ancestor, so he was willing to do whatever his ancestor wanted.

  The moment the song had concluded, Jiang Dai discovered that she could hardly move.

  As she massaged her lower back, she laughed heartily, “Come on, let’s go! We’re heading home.”


  Since the dance floor was brimming with people, Qiao Jinye was so worried that she might be stepped on by others, let alone her stepping on someone else as she was walking with an unsteady gait. With that in mind, he wrapped his arms around her securely to keep her away from harm.

  Leaning into Jiang Dai, he brushed his lips against her ear and lost control of himself all of a sudden.

  “Why don’t we play a little game, Jiang Dai?”

  Curious, Jiang Dai questioned, “What sort of game do you have in mind?”

  “The truth game. How about each of us confess a secret?”

  As a fluttering trace of a smile grazed Jiang Dai’s lips, she lifted herself onto her toes suddenly and leaned into him, blowing air into his ears. “Sure, let me tell you a startling secret, but you’ll have to promise not to tell anyone. As a matter of fact, the world we are living in is actually in a comic. What’s more, it’s an R-rated comic about a president. As for me, I just happen to be the villainous supporting actress. A supporting actress, you know? Well, you’ve acted in films before, so I’m sure you should know what I’m talking about!”

  Not taking the words of an intoxicated person seriously, Qiao Jinye struggled to keep a straight face as he pinched her cheeks. “Yes, I do. So, if you have taken up the supporting actress role in the comic, what does that make me?”

  Just as his final words fell, Jiang Dai wrinkled her nose as she appeared to have stumbled over his question. It was only after mulling over it for quite a while did she answer his question. “As for you… Well, you are my buddy. Since you’re a pal of the malicious supporting actress, you should probably be a supporting actor as well, I guess? Anyway, it’s that sort that doesn’t have many scenes in the storyline.”

  Qiao Jinye laughed silently, “Your secret sure is adorable. Anyway, would you like me to tell you mine?”

  In response, Jiang Dai nodded her head firmly. “Of course, I do. Come on, tell me!”

  Having said that, both of them just happened to walk through the most lively section of the dance floor and had just arrived at a relatively quiet area.

  Nevertheless, not once had Qiao Jinye let his guard down as he continued to protect her from behind.


  As a mysterious smile grazed his lips, he teased, “This secret of mine is so incredible that it might just scare you half to death.”

  Having heard this, loads of question marks surrounded Jiang Dai’s head.

  Lowering his head, he leaned close to her ears as Jiang Dai pricked up her ears to listen attentively.

  “Actually, there’s someone whom I’ve liked for a while. However, I’ve merely kept it in my heart and did not tell anyone about it.”

  Even if Jiang Dai was hopelessly drunk, her senses were, all the more, keen when it came to gossip. “What?? How did you even manage to do that? So, who is it?”

  “She’s just…… an exceptional girl, whom I had fallen in love with at first sight. Over the years, I have been so enthralled that my love for her has grown extraordinarily so.”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai scoffed, “Pfft! How does not telling anyone about it be regarded as loving her so much?”

  With a dejected tone, Qiao Jinye reminisced, “I really love her very much and I’d always feel exceptionally glad whenever I think of her. Back then, my trainee period was very tough, especially when I had to participate in talent search programmes. Since I was new to this industry, I was also somewhat finicky. So, it had been an exceptionally tough time. Whenever I’m at my lowest point in life, I’d always think of her and how she is able to see a different side of me. So, that was how I managed to stick it out.”

  With that, Jiang Dai was somewhat convinced. “Alright, then. It does seem like you do love her very much. In that case, why don’t you confess to her?”

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