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Chapter 40.2: An Independent and Rational Woman

  Having heard that, Wen Yan was rendered somewhat startled. “Since you know of his weak points, wouldn’t things be set at a higher risk? After all, Chairman Jiang holds 31% of the shares, while the 2 other shareholders hold 10% each. In the event that Third Uncle does indeed switch sides, they might have a chance of exceeding the percentage of shares Chairman Jiang currently holds if they were to ally themselves with the other shareholders and purchase massive amounts of shares on the market. This……”

  Jiang Dai enunciated carefully as she spoke, “No worries, I am aware of it. If Third Uncle does indeed side with Second Uncle to be against my dad, we will just treat this as a chance to see his true colors. This way, my actions would not be limited by anything if I were to do anything in the future.”

  Whenever Wen Yan called to report, he would usually video call Jiang Dai. 

  On the screen, President Jiang was often seen without makeup as she wore her hair down. The corners of her mouth would turn up in an exceptional gentle smile, and her voice was also extraordinarily soft to the ears. Instead, her voice hit Wen Yan right in the heart. 

  Oh well, forget it then. It appeared as though he had been paranoid all this time.

  Since President Jiang was a conscientious strategist, there was probably no need for him to worry for her. Instead, he should be praying silently for Third Bro to not seek death since it was inevitable for Second Bro to meet his ultimate doom…… Even so, Wen Yan would still hope that Second Bro would not push it too far.

  Otherwise, Wen Yan reckoned Second Bro would be taken care of by his ruthless yet beautiful boss to the point where he could not even get himself to cry.


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  Second Uncle Jiang had always had a somewhat husky voice, which seemed to become significantly more evident as he grew older.

  “Big Brother! Big Brother! What on earth are you doing? Let me through this instant!”

  “What on earth has happened to Uncle? I heard that he has just undergone surgery? Since we are all a family, how could you keep this from us? Do you know how worried we have been for these past 10 days?” This time, the voice of Jiang Zhuyuan’s wife, Xie Meiqi, reverberated across the area.

  Even though the bodyguards prevented him from taking even a step forward, Jiang Zhuyuan was still able to see the back of that woman faintly.

  It appeared that that woman had swapped her past enchanting and awe-inspiring appearance for a simple and plain attire. In her hurried gait, Jiang Zhuyuan had even spotted a pair of exceptionally massive and dark sunglasses perched on her face as she walked around the corner briskly. Hence, it was highly likely that her eyes were swollen from weeping.

  Emboldened by how things had panned out, Jiang Zhuyuan grabbed Wen Yan by the collar and warned sternly, “You, with the surname Wen, are merely a dog raised by my cousin, and one that had a change of master as well! A slave who had served two masters! My Uncle’s illness is a matter of paramount importance that concerns everyone in my Jiang clan, so who are you to stop us from seeing him? If anything were to happen to Uncle, do you even have the capabilities of shouldering this responsibility?”

  As he finished speaking, Second Uncle Jiang echoed loudly, “That’s right! If anything were to happen to my Big Bro, could that little girl, Jiang Dai, even be able to bear the responsibility, let alone a young male worker like you? At the end of the day, she is merely a little girl! In the face of a major event, she has absolutely no sense of propriety. Regardless of whatever reason, it is inexcusable for her to withhold the news that the family head is seriously ill! Don’t you agree, Third Bro??”

  At this juncture, Third Uncle Jiang’s complexion did not appear quite right. Only after ages did a few words quietly emit from his throat. “What exactly happened to Big Brother? Is it alright for him to be on a plane after undergoing surgery so recently? What’s more, it’s a long-haul flight at that. Why have you returned in such a hurry? At this time, he should be recuperating in Switzerland for a while longer.”

  It was Third Uncle Jiang’s utterance that boosted Jiang Zhuyuan’s confidence.

  Regardless of whether he had indeed undergone surgery, the effectiveness of the treatment must not have been too good.

  After all, he was in the terminal stage of cancer. Even if it were common cancer, one would merely have 3 months left to live, let alone pancreatic cancer.

  As for them not staying in Switzerland that offered the best medical care, it eventually boiled down to the handling of some final matters.

  Since the Jiang family was considered as a large family clan, it would not be easy for one to bring things, ranging from the will and company share allocations to various peripheral issues, to an end.

  It had merely been 10 days since his surgery, yet they had already returned to Yanjing. For them to have returned so hastily, his illness……must have been more severe than what he had anticipated.

  What’s more, Wen Yan had brought along dozens of bodyguards with him to block their path. It was as though they were so terrified of allowing them to see Uncle.

  Pulling himself together, Jiang Zhuyuan took up the role as the head of the household and declared, “Forget it. We shall head back first. Even though she can intercept us once, I refuse to believe she has the ability to do it the next ten times. Since Jiang Dai does not know better, we should not lower ourselves to her level. Perhaps, it is due to her fear of Uncle mentioning any unfavorable remarks of hers to us, so she put a stop to us seeing him?” 

  Upon hearing that, the relatives, who came with them, looked at each other in dismay.

  “Surely, that doesn’t mean that Big Bro is indeed……in critical condition?”

  “It is really far too thoughtless of Jiang Dai! Shouldn’t her father’s health be more important at a time like this? I can’t believe she is still hung up on that miserable bit of power in Bao Li!?”

  “That’s right! After all, Big Bro is the head of our Jiang family. If he were to…… Sigh. Anyway, there are still certain things that have to be made clear to us, so how could she prevent us from seeing him?”

  Despite how things had panned out, Jiang Zhuyuan took everything in stride. “Elders, please calm down. Although I may not be Uncle’s son, I, as the eldest son in the Jiang clan, must assume the responsibilities during this critical moment. Hence, please be assured that I will definitely complete what Jiang Dai should have done and find a way for everyone to meet my Uncle in person.”

  As they played out their parts in this dramatic plight, Wen Yan took on a steadfast male lead role, where he would lead the bodyguards to hold their grounds, regardless of whatever they said or fussed.

  It was not until half an hour later, the mob had gradually dispersed.


  Standing before all his relatives, Jiang Zhuyuan had expressed that he would “try his best to complete what Jiang Dai should have done.”

  On the contrary, he reached out to various business news media. Ever since that day, various local business and economic news platforms in Yanjing had begun reporting the following pieces of news:

——Chairman of Bao Li Group Suspected of Being Critically Ill, and Had Once Travelled to Switzerland for Treatment!
——Rumors: Heiress of Bao Li Group, Jiang Dai, Takes Advantage of Her Father’s Critical Condition and Abuses Her Authority to Refrain Friends and Family From Visiting!
——The Fight of the Century: The Fourth Successor of the Jiang Clan’s Bao Li Cosmetics Group Established in the Republican Era Is in the Terminal Stage of Cancer! Monopolizing Her Power, the Daughter Has the Will Under Her Control!

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