Chapter 27.2: Beautiful and Ruthless

  Right at this time, Bao Li just happened to encounter its first plunge in its share price and was suppressed by the newly listed Ya Li Group. 

  Competitiveness inherently existed amongst the shares of similar businesses. Even so, Bao Li’s shareholders refused to accept defeat, hoping for the emergence of a new product to drive up the share price.

  At that moment, the highest person in charge of this project was Jiang Dai’s Second Uncle. Concurrently, he was also Bao Li’s second-largest shareholder. Hence, he was arguably the person with the most influential voice in the company. 

  On a private occasion, Second Uncle Jiang invited Mr. Huang to dinner to offer him option dividend in Bao Li. However, the condition was for him to announce publicly before various media that Bao Li’s new product was about to be a success.

  Seated at the dining table, Mr. Huang stated unequivocally, “I disagree. It is tantamount to using fake news to drive the share price. Not only is it an offense, but it also breaks the law, as well as professional ethics.”

  Second Uncle Jiang refuted, “Our new product is originally different from any international high-end brands. Besides, the research behind it is aimed at our citizens’ skin conditions. Once the research is successful, our share price will definitely surge! At the moment, we are merely announcing several months in advance.”

  Even so, Mr. Huang’s attitude remained very firm. Whether it was a few months or a few days in advance, fake news was still fake news. When the time came, there was no way for the new product to go on sale, and the shareholders were not stupid. Eventually, the entire thing would backfire.

  Seeing that Mr. Huang did not waver, Second Uncle Jiang proposed an even bolder plan. “Why don’t we launch the new product immediately next month?”

  Upon hearing that, waves of rage surged within Mr. Huang. “Our research is only ⅓ completed and we are currently facing a bottleneck at this moment. Frankly speaking, there is no telling how things will pan out when it comes to our research. It might just be completed within three months to five years. You are simply creating fake news and even going as far as to sell fake products to deceive consumers.”

  In the end, Mr. Huang was done with it and withdrew from the project. Due to that, the project was put on hold for half a year.

  As soon as Jiang Dai’s father was aware of this, he immediately went out of his way to apologize to Mr. Huang in person. Unfortunately, he firmly believed that Second Uncle Jiang would only propose such a plan after receiving the green light from Chairman Jiang.

  Five years later, they had finally developed the product successfully. However, they had only applied for the patent three months ago, as Ya Li had gotten hold of their list of ingredients more than a year ago. However, there was no way for Bao Li to prove this fact.

  However, Jiang Dai knew that anyone in the medical research field would definitely keep all their work records. As long as Mr. Huang stepped forward and offered the evidence, Ya Li’s evidence would certainly become groundless.

  However, this Mr. Huang person was inherently eccentric and had a feud against Bao Li. Most of the time, he would make negative remarks towards Bao Li, so there was practically little to no chance of her inviting him to step out to justify. 

  Usually, Jiang Dai did not like to start fights she could not win.

  But this time, she knew that Mr. Huang’s grudge against Bao Li was also a knot in her father’s heart.

  Apart from seeking justice for her R&D team, Jiang Dai, all the more, wanted her father to travel to Switzerland with a relaxed and relieved mood.


  As part of her plan, Jiang Dai selected the racecourse, where Mr. Huang would go to thrice a week, as the venue.

  However, she did not bring Wen Yan along this time, but instead, she brought Bai Zhi.

  Two young girls donned in equestrian outfits, valiant and formidable-looking. With her curly hair tied up into a ponytail, Jiang Dai had attracted everyone’s attractions immediately as soon as she entered the racetrack. 

  Whereas, Bai Zhi’s slightly chubby face was both fair and clear. When she was dressed in an equestrian outfit, she appeared to be playful and adorable.

  It was only that she was rather terrified and uneasy, so she clung to Jiang Dai’s side and grumbled, “President Jiang, Goddess Dai, are you sure I am able to be of help? I am afraid that not only would I not be of help, but I would also hinder you.”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai laughed and pinched Bai Zhi’s cheeks. “Let’s just say you are here for horseback riding and speak to Mr. Huang for a bit later.”

  Bai Zhi’s family ran a pharmaceutical group. In recent years, they have been working alongside Mr. Huang to research and develop targeted medicine. Although Bao Li had offended Mr. Huang, the Bai family did not. No matter what, she was the daughter of his employer, so he should give her some face.

  With Bai Zhi’s identity, Jiang Dai, sure enough, managed to approach Mr. Huang successfully.

  He was currently chatting with his favorite horse as several youths followed him by his side. It seemed that he had brought his postgraduate students along.

  A business smile contorted Jiang Dai’s face as she questioned, “I have been told that Mr. Huang is strong-bodied and is especially fond of horseback riding. I wonder if I have the chance to watch Mr. Huang ride around today?”

  Dressed in her equestrian outfit, Jiang Dai was simply far too striking and brimming with heroic spirit. With her sweet-talking, Mr. Huang and her were really hitting it off.

  “Sigh, I am already old enough to be a grandfather. Since the racecourse is situated right behind the Traditional Chinese Medicine University, I will always come here to exercise and keep my old and weary bones active whenever I have nothing to do.”

  Apart from Jiang Dai, Bai Zhi also knew how to sweet talk. “What do you mean? Uncle Huang, you look even younger than my father.”

  As they continued to converse, Mr. Huang began to be aware that something was not right. Immediately, his gaze surveyed Jiang Dai’s face warily several times before staring at Bai Zhi again. “What did you say your friend’s surname was?”

  At this juncture, Jiang Dai felt it was nearly time to cut to the chase, so she smiled and introduced herself. “My surname is Jiang, Jiang Dai. I am Bai Zhi’s childhood friend.”

  After all, Mr. Huang was of a certain age. As such, it took him quite a while to recall this name.

  Since he had never seen Jiang Dai five years ago, he could only recall vaguely that the head of the Jiang family had an only daughter, who studied well and had an outstanding appearance. Judging from the young lady’s age, he had no doubts that she was the one.

  With that thought in mind, Mr. Huang immediately pulled a long face and led the horse away.

  Even if things panned out this way, Jiang Dai was not in a hurry, so she caught up with him calmly and continued, “Mr. Huang, please wait a moment. I wish to talk to you about something regarding Bao Li. It would not take up too much of your time.”

  Quickening his steps, Mr. Huang insisted, “I have nothing to talk about with anyone from the Jiang family. There are little common grounds for understanding between persons of differing principles.”

  Even so, Jiang Dai did not give up easily. “I know that your collaboration with Bao Li did not end happily, but you should know that Bao Li eventually did not release any fake news to drive up the share prices. Also, my father had never agreed to utilize such methods. After your withdrawal from the project, it had been put on hold for half a year. Subsequently, it continued for over three years. Up until now, we have undergone thousands of tests before releasing the most perfect product on the market. However, the Zhang Clan Ya Li Group stole our research results and even started a rumor to counterattack. I am sure you must have heard about it.”

  Clicking his tongue, Mr. Huang sneered, “You are no different from the Zhang clan siblings. You are all profiteers and birds of the same feather.”

  When Jiang Dai wanted to catch up with Mr. Huang again, she was stopped by Mr. Huang’s students.

  “Miss Jiang, maybe it is best for you to leave. Professor Huang likes to ride alone and does not like to be disturbed.”

  Upon hearing that, Jiang Dai stayed right where she was, while Bai Zhi repeatedly sighed, “What should we do? Sure enough, I really could not say anything. Today, this Uncle Huang’s attitude is considered to be not too bad, as he usually is rather fierce. I heard from my dad that Mr. Huang has worked with our Bai Clan Pharmaceutical for several months. Throughout that period, the entire R&D team had been scolded by him. It had even reached the point where they became so depressed that they did not even want to head to work……”

  In turn, Jiang Dai comforted, “There is no rush since Mr. Huang has only just arrived. Usually, he tends to stay for lunch before leaving the racecourse, so there is still time.”

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