Chapter 22.2: Love Triangle

  Jiang Dai whispered, “Someone wants to use the restroom, so I will head out first.”

  After saying so, she opened the door and rushed out. However, after taking half a step, she nearly knocked her head into the person in front of her.

  As soon as she raised her head, the first thing she saw was unexpectedly Liang Jingche’s delicate, handsome, yet puzzled face.

  With inquisitiveness shining in his eyes, he lowered his head to look at her, then at Huo Rongshen, who came out after her.

  There were even two uniformed attendants standing nearby…… 

  Evidently, they had led Liang Jingche to search over here.

  Jiang Dai did not flush crimson at first since she was not doing anything inappropriate. However, having bumped into him head-on, right after she and her husband, whom she had recently divorced, had left the locked restroom together.…… 

  At the behest of supernatural powers1 鬼使神差: It is used to describe an unexpected happening or a curious coincidence. , a flush crept up Jiang Dai’s face. “Chairman Liang, how did you……come over here?”

  Huo Rongshen’s face remained impassive, as his ghastly arrogant aura seemed to be able to freeze anything within a hundred mile2 That is about 161 km. radius. Yet, any traces of shamelessness and aggrievedness he had earlier when he was before Jiang Dai had vanished entirely. 

  With such overbearing arrogance, he was clearly staring at Liang Jingche, but he was not looking at him straight in the face.

  Liang Jingche narrowed his eyes and swept his eyes over him before informing Jiang Dai profoundly, “I saw that Miss Jiang never came back and was rather worried, so I asked the attendants. If Miss Jiang were to encounter any danger, I would call the police immediately.”

  Jiang Dai’s voice faltered slightly. “There is no need to go that far since it is only a slight misunderstanding.”

  At the thought of Hong Rongshen’s attitude earlier……she was indeed slightly worried that this scummy ex-husband of hers, who had forgotten to take his medicine, would start a fight with Liang Jingche.

  Between these two men, one taller and more well-built than the other…… 

  If anything happened, she definitely could not stop them.

  Silently, Liang Jingche took half a step forward and shifted Jiang Dai’s slender body behind his very own. Using a ‘This woman is mine to protect’ tone, he proclaimed bluntly, “Sexual harassment by one’s ex-husband is still equivalent to sexual harassment.”

  Question marks yet again made an appearance around Jiang Dai’s head.

  Wasn’t this Mr. Liang here to talk to her about the loan? Why are things becoming increasingly strange?

  She could not seem to be able to figure out how did things progress into this indescribable and suspiciously like a love triangle scene……she would simply wish for everything to end as soon as possible.

  In the heat of the moment, Jiang Dai tugged on Liang Jingche’s arm. “No, no, he really did not harass me in that way. He only forgot to take his medicine, so his mental illness was acting up. Chairman Liang, we should get going. Let’s go.”

  With that, Jiang Dai dragged Liang Jingche into the lift.

  Watching the lift closed and began to descend, it seemed that her scummy ex-husband, who had forgotten to take his medicine, made no indications of coming after her. It only then did she finally heave a sigh of relief.

  Not wanting this episode to ruin her chance to apply for her 800 million dollars loan, Jiang Dai’s lips curled up into a business smile that a female entrepreneur should have. “Chairman Liang, I am so sorry you had to see that embarrassing spectacle.”

  Liang Jingche’s face had long since returned to normal. “Oh no, it was I who had overreacted somewhat.” 

  Jiang Dai thought: I am glad that you know! For those who did not know, they would have thought that you really wanted to fight with my ex-husband in a public place.

  Soon, her business smile morphed into an amiable grin. “Nonsense, Chairman Liang is also an elegant gentleman. I am sure you have heard that I have gotten a divorce recently, so there is still some unfinished business……you know.” 

  Immediately after, the lift opened. Out of a sudden, Liang Jingche changed the topic. “Since we are done with our business talk earlier, I still have some private matters that I wish to chat with Miss Jiang. I am not sure if it is convenient for you to chat in my car. I will only hold you back from your schedule for a couple of minutes.”  

  A sense of doubt rose within her, but Jiang Dai still responded politely, “That is no problem. Please go ahead.”

  While walking towards the garage, Liang Jingche started, “The fact that I had overreacted in front of Miss Jiang’s ex-husband earlier might be due to this reason. I have a younger sister who is slightly younger than you.”

  Patiently, Jiang Dai listened to his private affairs.

  It turned out this Chairman Liang had a younger sister, who had just turned nineteen this year, and her name was Liang Zhenyu. Since young, this little sister of his had been living abroad, but it was only these two years that she returned with her mother. Due to her interest in singing and dancing, Liang Zhenyu did not particularly like to study. Also, her return to the country two years ago just happened to coincide with the peak development of girl groups, so she became a trainee in a certain artist management agency. In a blink of an eye, two years had flown by.

  On top of that, she had a boyfriend for two years, and he happened to be an executive of that artist management agency. She had only recently learned that he had been simultaneously maintaining an improper relationship with several artists in the company. However, those girls were quite open-minded, yet only this poor little thing, Liang Zhenyu, had been kept in the dark.

  Recently, she had caught him in the act and broke up with him. However, that douchebag was still exploiting his position and came up with an excuse to terminate their contract with Liang Zhenyu. He even went so far as to utilize all sorts of derogatory acts. All in all, he could be described as the model example of a douchebag.

  As a female, Jiang Dai felt pretty uncomfortable after hearing that. “For your sister to have encountered this sort of thing at such a young age…… It would not be good to blame her, but this is the time where family members should spend more time with her and also let her get together with her close female friends more frequently. She should be able to move on in less than two to three months.”

  Liang Jingche’s face then became somber. “It is a pity that she does not have many friends in the country. The girls she is close with are also those she had acquainted with within the company. However, now the entire company knows about her and that douchebag……”

  At this point, Jiang Dai could more or less guess his intention. “So, what does Chairman Liang wish for me to do for you?”

  Liang Jingche spoke in a rather bashful manner, “Recently, Miss Jiang’s divorce appeared on the most searched hashtags in Weibo, yet countless netizens still regard you as a model example of an independent woman. Not only are you economically independent, but you also do not grovel to your wealthy ex-husband. Anyhow, you have a very positive influence on the internet.”

  Liang Jingche continued, “Zhenyu really likes you and is also one of your fans who silently follow you on Weibo. If it is alright with you, would you spare some of your free time to come over to my house and chat with this child? I think she now requires some woman’s advice and guidance, especially those from straightforward and independent young women like Miss Jiang.”

  He paused, then immediately added, “I am very sorry to trouble you, in regards to my sister’s private matters. However, there is no need for Miss Jiang to feel pressurized in any way, as this is only a private presumptuous request of mine. If it is inconvenient for you, please feel free to turn me down. Also, it has nothing to do with the loan application.”

  Jiang Dai laughed, “I would love to help. If I were able to ease Miss Liang’s anxieties, I would be very happy. However, I am indeed very busy lately, so we might still need to liaise again about the timing. Let’s contact again later to confirm it.”

  Liang Jingche thanked Jiang Dai, “I am truly grateful.”

  “You’re welcome. I can tell Chairman Liang really does love your sister.”


  In a small reception room, Huo Clan Group.

  By the time Chen Mu rushed over, Wen Yan had already been waiting for over twenty minutes.

  Before he resigned, besides serving Jiang Dai, Wen Yan would also work with Chen Mu to handle some daily work. After he resigned, some handover procedures were not done properly. Since documents were involved, Chen Mu had him come over to complete the handover process.

  Chen Mu’s face clouded over in apology. “I am so sorry for making you wait this long. President Huo lost his temper again……none of those secretaries could handle him, so I am the only left to bear the brunt.”

  While he was waiting earlier, Wen Yan had also heard some commotion. A trace of pity flashed across his face as he asked, “Recently, President Huo has a bad temper?”

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