Chapter 21.2: Cursing Him Again

  He could not understand why Jiang Dai became like this. It seemed that as long as she was standing before him, she could not speak nicely and would always lash out at him.

  He initially thought that their relationship would ease up if he were to follow her heart and sign the divorce papers. Little did he know that it showed no signs of easing up.

  The man took a deep breath. Alright, since she was unwilling to tell the truth, I would just investigate it on my own.

  On the surface, there seemed to be no details of any assets under Jiang Dai’s name or even the businesses she handled. This indicated that she was most likely utilizing the identities of other people, a financial advisor, or even a professional manager in the financial circle.

  However, it was only a matter of time. As long as Jiang Dai was still dabbling in these, her cash flow would definitely leave traces. Sooner or later, he would know how on earth she had made such a large fortune.

  “Since you are reluctant to talk about the source of your assets, alright, let’s set that aside for now. So, how much are you thinking of borrowing on behalf of Bao Li?”

  Taking into account the living loan printing machine, Chairman Liang, was still currently waiting for her in the hall, all she wanted was to end the conversation as soon as possible. The best way of doing that was to make it brief and get it over with quickly.

  “Eight hundred million.”

  “Eight hundred million?” Yet another eight hundred million dollars.

  Huo Rongshen managed to restrain himself from saying a lot of words, but rather, he took the initiative to make an offer. “The quota for this loan is far too big. Based on Bao Li’s current market value, ordinary banks that follow conventional processes would not give their approval.”

  Jiang Dai lifted her shoulders in a dismissive shrug. “Hence, I found Feng Qi, since Feng Qi Bank is a private bank with its headquarters located in Country M. As such, they do not have as many restrictions.”

  “The interests of private banks are high enough to make you cry.”

  Upon hearing this, Jiang Dai became increasingly annoyed with how conceited and confident this man was acting. She had no idea how she became enchanted by him in the past and also thought that he looked very handsome when he rode on the high horse and looked at everything disdainfully out of the corner of his eye.

  I must have been brainwashed by the plot. I must have been.

  This is the inherent trajectory of a tool in a President comic! I definitely must not admit I was brain watt1 脑子瓦特: It is an internet slang that describes her brain isn’t functioning. !

  “Mr. Huo, I am not a three-year-old child, so I won’t cry. On the contrary, I will be very grateful, so long as Feng Qi is willing to offer me the loan. That is because I will definitely make a steady profit from this business deal of mine.”

  As their conversation progressed, Huo Rongshen became increasingly exasperated. He could feel a burning fire of anger brewing in the pit of his stomach as if it could brew storms on rivers and seas2 翻江倒海: It is used to describe an overwhelming force. .

  This woman is indeed a newborn calf that is not afraid of the tiger3 初生牛犊不怕虎: It means that young people dare to do anything, as they tend not to have any qualms. . She even dares to say such arrogant words when this eight hundred million dollar business deal has yet to start.

  “I know that you do not wish to hear, but I have to say it. Jiang Dai, I had been learning to work on projects with my grandfather since I was nine, and there is nothing on this earth that remains constant and unchanging. No matter how stable the business may appear to be, there is a possibility that it might sustain losses. What’s more, it is an eight hundred million dollars investment. When you do business, you should not have this sort of mentality, as you will definitely be at a disadvantage.”

  Jiang Dai remained non-committal to what he said. “Well, let’s wait and see.” 

  She flung her hands and was about to leave, but the man reached his hand out to take hold of her arm. With all her strength, she tried to pull her arm from his grasp. To her surprise, she had literally bounced back from the counterforce——bumping into his chest.

  This b*stard was far too strong for his own good, and his chest was entirely rock hard from working out over a prolonged time, causing her pain in her shoulder when she bumped into him. Gritting her teeth, she snarled, “Huo Rongshen, could you f*cking show me some respect?!”

  His arms of iron remained motionless as he clasped her against his chest. He lowered his voice and spoke frankly, “Don’t look for private banks anymore. They would either treat you as a foolish wealthy person or have an ulterior motive with you. The Huo clan has a private bank under its name, so you should look for me to apply for a loan instead. Just consider it as me lending you this sum of money, and I will set the interest rate at its lowest.”

  Since they had clearly already divorced, Jiang Dai was not used to this inexplicable sort of intimacy. Also, he was never this lovey-dovey before their divorce, so she had absolutely no idea what was wrong with this lunatic.

  “Huo Rongshen, let go of me! I will never come to you for a loan, so don’t even think about it! It is not that I am narrow-minded, but we have only gotten a divorce recently. Since we are unable to become complete strangers to each other, it is best not to have a financial connection.” 

  The more vigorously Jiang Dai struggled by using her elbow to ram into him, the more reluctant he was to let her go.

  He had pushed her too far. “Are you going to let me go or not? If you aren’t, I will call for security! Huo Rongshen, you are getting quite old already. Not only do you have both high social class, but also high social status. So, could you have some common decency?”

  Huo Rongshen had always been supercilious and reserved, so he would hardly make a sound to affect others in public. For a moment, he was afraid Jiang Dai would actually make an uproar to attract people’s attention.

  He was also unsure of what ran through his mind as he unexpectedly freed one of his hand to clamp over her mouth and took advantage of the situation to drag her into the compartment next door——

  The man locked the door as his large hand, which seemed like a palm-leaf fan, still clamped firmly over Jiang Dai’s mouth. It took her forever to realize that this was actually a restroom, and it was also that sort of single-person restroom. To her surprise, he went so far as to drag her in here???

  Burning with a frenzy of rage, Jiang Dai bent her knee and kicked him.

  Yet, Huo Rongshen did not even budge.

  At that moment, Jiang Dai became increasingly violent and began to kick and punch with both her fists and legs at random. 

  This f*cking b*stard must have gone insane!

  She had never seen him acting this way before. No matter how intense their fights were, he would only give her an impassive look and never laid a finger on her. Even if she were to become uncontrollable, he would never take advantage of his strength to suppress her by using violence to curb violence.

  In all honesty, Huo Rongshen initially had never thought of an idea like that…… 

  He just wanted to find a quiet place, where there was no one around, to let her calm down and converse nicely. 

  The way Liang Jingche looked at her did not sit with him, as it clearly showed Liang Jingche was definitely up to something.

  However, Jiang Dai was currently in his arms, twisting and writhing around…… Out of a sudden, a certain feeling rose within him. 

  It was……a simultaneously familiar yet long-lost feeling.

  After calming himself for ten seconds, he became convinced of a theory. For a moment, he was not sure whether to laugh or be angry.

  “Stop moving.”

  Jiang Dai simply ignored him.

  He emphasized gravely, “Jiang Dai, quit moving around.”

  Jiang Dai knitted her brows and shot him a withering look. Turning her head around, his throat was directly in her line of sight. Out of a sudden, this man’s Adam’s apple bobbed slowly……in his throat.

  Her body stiffened as she began to understand why his voice turned so serious and hoarse.

  No matter what, she did not dare to move. “Huo Rongshen, you……”

  Huo Rongshen lowered his gaze, and the hollow of her neck came into his sight. Her swanlike neck was indeed beautiful, and her skin was so fair that it seemed translucent.

  Due to her overly pale skin, all hints of redness became all the more conspicuous.

  Staring at the areas on her neck and earlobe that were tinted in dark red, he scoffed lightly, “Do you still remember that sentence you used to curse me with a while ago in your office?”

  “……” Jiang Dai was so pissed that she wanted to kill someone. “Of course, I still remember! Is it very efficacious? B*stard! Did I not tell you not to pester me again? You have already signed the documents so why are you still being so annoying? Are you really not afraid? Do you believe that I will curse you again? If you dare to meddle with my affairs again, it will be worthless, useless, and never get hard again4 Previously, she cursed him to never get hard and will feel disgusted the moment he touched a woman. !!!” 

  Taking in a whiff of familiar scent from her, he suddenly felt how ridiculous he had been these days to feel nauseous consistently whenever he came across the opposite sex who moved too close to him. 

  He also was not sure what came over him for him to go so far as to blurt out a sentence that he would never have said in the past.

  “I excel very much in bedroom matters, do you want to give it a whirl?”

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I have seen in the comments that someone said I have been calling Chairman Liang and Brother Ye as supporting actors, so President Huo is the male lead. In actual fact, the only main character of this novel is the female lead and the others are all just supporting roles. As for the supporting actors and actresses, the only difference is how many parts they have throughout this novel.

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    She should honestly think how she should attack him, not just kicking in whatever direction. crush his eggs! poke his eyes! spit at him! punch his nose. it’s like the author made her thinking and logic get low suddenly.

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