Chapter 21.1: Cursing Him Again

  Jiang Dai knitted her refined brows, as an ill sense of foreboding welled up in her heart when this b*stard appeared far too suddenly.

  Even Liang Jingche darted a sidelong glance in his direction as well. Despite his impassive, delicate and handsome face, Liang Jingche stared with his deep eyes that carried undertones of inquisitiveness. 

  Sitting motionlessly, Jiang Dai’s smile began to fade.

  The image of her laughing so sweetly before Liang Jingche still lingered in Huo Rongshen’s mind. But, he was not sure what this man had said to her, as she actually was laughing like flowers and branches in the wind1 花枝乱颤: It describes how unrestrained a lady is laughing. . He simply could not remember how long it had been since he had last seen Jiang Dai laughing like this.

  Warily, Jiang Dai studied the look of precaution in his gaze with narrowed eyes.

  Warning bells went off in Huo Rongshen’s head as he suddenly recalled the precautions his brother, Shenli, had been repeating in his ear for the past few days.

  “Big Brother, since both you and Sister-in-law have already signed the divorce documents, you should calm down and try to maintain personal contact like regular friends for the time being. Do not even think about jumping right in! Just take things slow, lest you trigger Sister-in-law’s defensiveness.”

  “Yes, Sister-in-law was still your wife a month ago, but she currently is not anymore. She is an independent and free single woman. At the same time, she is very rich as well! So, there will definitely be countless males buzzing around her like bees. That is why you do not have to make such a big deal out of it.”

  “Have a little more patience, take it easy, and do not be fierce. The only reason why your marriage went down like this was the grievance that had been accumulated over the years, so Sister-in-law surely did not make her decision overnight. That is why you have to try and search for the cause.”

  Huo Rongshen snapped back to reality and immediately relaxed his straight face, reflecting upon himself whether the tone he used earlier was considered rather……‘fierce’? 

  Hence, he could only feign ignorance and soften his tone secretly. Without letting his intentions show, he corrected himself in a considerably polite manner, “Miss Jiang, please come over for a moment.” 

  However, Jiang Dai was not stupid. At a glance, she could tell nothing good would happen from that look of Huo Rongshen’s. Would something good ever occur when you meet your ex-husband?

  After all, they had conversed in a business discussion today, so both of them were currently right in front of Liang Jingche. If Liang Jingche were to perceive her relationship with her ex-husband as a poor one or assume her to be someone who was constantly entangled by old flames……it might affect his judgment on the cooperation of the loan.

  If women were already suffering from existing mistreatment in the ordinary workplace, then young and beautiful women who had taken over their family clan business, like Jiang Dai, would encounter far more prejudice in the business circle.

  In the past, Jiang Dai was only adept at hiding her identity to blend in the financial and investment circles. With no intention of playing seriously, she had no pressure whatsoever. Not only that, but the thought of proving herself to anyone also had never crossed her mind.

  Now, the situation was entirely different. Jiang Dai was representing the Jiang family, as well as her ancestors’ and father’s business. Especially the fact that she had recently taken over and had yet to accomplish any particularly steady results. Hence, she must not be affected by her personal affairs and lose out on her self-image.

  Silently, Jiang Dai exhaled through a nose and whispered an apology to Liang Jingche before getting up and heading towards Hong Rongshen’s direction. She would even go as far as to fake a business smile.

  “Mr. Huo, what can I do for you?”

  “……” Upon seeing her maintain a clear distance between them, Huo Rongshen faltered for a moment before he stretched out his hand to grab her wrist and dragged her out.

  Staggering behind him, Jiang Dai was fuming with anger to the point where she literally rolled her eyes.

  Yet, she was able to sense that Huo Rongshen had managed to control his strength somewhat this time. In the past, he would often forget to control his strength whenever he became overly anxious, so much so that he was able to crush her wrist.

  Even so, she was in her thin stilettos and fishtail skirt, so it was pretty much impossible for her to walk in long strides. As she staggered along, she could visualize how humiliating this looked.

  Finally, they stopped in a spacious area around the corner. Without further ado, Jiang Dai yanked her wrist out of his hands and began to rub it with her other hand before snapping at him sourly, “This is a public place. Can you please be more cautious and stop tugging my arm, ok?” 

  As her brows drew together, an undisguised look of impatience clouded Jiang Dai’s face, which she had applied an elegant makeup look.

  In Huo Rongshen’s perspective, it was not difficult for him to recall that ever since she brought up about them getting a divorce……this look of impatience always crossed her face each time she saw him.  

  Yet, she was laughing so cheerfully earlier with that man as if he had brought her so much joy.

  Even if he was in an emotional turmoil, President Huo barely remembered that it was not easy for him to get hold of Jiang Dai’s schedule today. Initially, he had even planned to use the excuse of bumping into her coincidentally.

  He was just told that Jiang Dai was here to have a business talk with a big client, and there was no other arrangement once that was done.

  Once he put his plan of running into each other by chance into motion, he would have to ensure he appeared at appropriate timing and find an excuse to treat her to dinner. What’s more, he had even purchased a bouquet of fresh champagne roses directly from a French chateau, which still had droplets of dew on them.

  His handsome face became taut with concentration as he tried his hardest to ask in a restrained manner. “You are here to talk about the loan?”

  With an audible sigh, she could not even be bothered to waste her emotions to feign surprise anymore. Although they were divorced, it was not difficult for Huo Rongshen to know her whereabouts, not to mention that she was not doing anything unseemly.

  “Yes, I happened to take a fancy to a talent search variety show that will be a hit variety show during this summer vacation, as well as one of the variety shows with the most viewership this year. As such, I intend to have Bao Li become its Title Sponsor, but Bao Li has limited working capital. Hence, we are required to apply for a loan.”

  The man narrowed his eyes at her. “Aren’t you very wealthy? Since you have the capabilities to fork out 800 million dollars in cash for the auction, do you still need to apply for a loan?”

  Jiang Dai could not help but eyed him with undisguised disgust. “Me being rich is my business, while Bao Li’s investments are Bao Li’s business. So, is it that strange for me to apply for a loan on behalf of Bao Li? Mr. Huo, based on what you have said……now I am beginning to suspect whether you have actually done business before.”

  Upon hearing this, Huo Rongshen’s face turned grim. It was only after quite a while that he asked, “All those cash of yours……where exactly did you earn them?”

  The disgust in Jiang Dai’s eyes was immediately replaced with precaution. “I don’t think it is any of your business, right?”

  At this point, she was already so close to cursing him inwardly. B*stard, when they were still married, he never seemed to care about all these. Now that they have divorced, she did not ask for a portion of the marital property or alimony. Don’t tell me that he still wants a portion of her wealth as well?

  Recalling Huo Shenli’s reminders, Huo Rongshen continued to strive hard in restraining his voice. “Don’t take this the wrong way. I know a portion of your wealth is definitely related to the stock market, but I have to remind you, Jiang Dai, that the stock market in the country has countless regulations and restrictions, so numerous side doors have already come into contact with the fringe of the law. Please do not take the risk again.”

  When he had first gotten to know that Jiang Dai had quite a substantial amount of savings, he had been amazed. On top of that, he was thoroughly impressed with the swift and drastic actions she had implemented after she took over Bao Li.

  However, as he witnessed the growing number of ‘surprises’ she created, feelings of concern began to rise within him. Jiang Dai is still so young, but the wealth she had accumulated must have the outcome she had garnered for about a year or so. In other words, she most likely has been fiddling with trading activities for over several years. It was not that it was not workable, but I am rather worried about Jiang Dai’s sense of propriety.

  Before her graduation, she had already tied the knot with him at such a young age. Now, it had only been half a year since she had left her university, so in other words, she had never officially entered society. Should she go astray, he would have to shoulder the most responsibility. That would be due to the fact that as her husband, he had never guided and advised her well.

  As soon as she heard what he had said, Jiang Dai did not know whether to laugh or cry.

  If he were to say this when she still loved this b*stard, she might probably feel that he was being pleasantly sweet.

  After all, the lust at first sight in the beginning up until her insistence on marrying only him, proved that she liked this seemingly old veteran sort of fatherly husband, like Huo Rongshen.

  It was a shame that she had absolutely no feelings for him. Not only did she not like him, but she also wanted to scold him stupid.

  The corner of Jiang Dai’s lips curled up into a spurious smile. “What? When did Mr. Huo become an honorary advisor of the Securities Regulatory Commission? Even if it is the Securities Regulatory Commission, they simply can’t slander others without any evidence, now could they? If you truly think that I have done anything illegal, you might as well provide some evidence and report me.”

  As Jiang Dai spoke, Huo Rongshen’s face darkened, and his gaze became increasingly complicated.

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