Chapter 20.1: Being Played for a Sucker

  With a ‘pfft’ sound, Wen Yan laughed out loud. Although he was usually busy at work, he still loved to surf the internet, so he had heard of this meme. The original version was an abbreviation for ‘It was getting cold, so let the Wang clan go bankrupt.’ At that time, it just seemed so hilarious to Wen Yan.

  He never thought that he would hear the serious President Jiang utter these words…… 

  However, he only laughed for several seconds. The moment he boarded the car, he recovered from his laughter and persisted, “President Jiang, how many levels of connotations……does what you have said holds?” 

  Jiang Dai questioned, “What do you think?”

  Wen Yan guessed, “You are cursing the Zhang clan, right? It has already brought goosebumps to my arms. That mouth of yours is indeed far too effective…… Don’t tell me the Zhang clan will suddenly declare bankruptcy tomorrow?”

  The corners of Jiang Dai’s mouth lifted into a vague smile. “I am unsure whether they will go bankrupt tomorrow. Not that it matters since it will definitely happen sooner or later anyway.” 

  Wen Yan had seen firsthand how effective Jiang Dai’s mouth was. That night at the Jiang family’s garage, Jiang Zhuyuan’s perfectly fine Porsche stalled for no apparent reason and just would not start up again. In the end, he could only call for the tow truck.

  Wen Yan simply could not wait to see it happen again for the second time!

  However, Jiang Dai opened her WeChat and sent him a copy of the data analysis that she had just completed.

  Even though Wen Yan was not as sensitive toward numbers as Jiang Dai, he graduated from a prestigious university, and his standard of fundamental business operations was excellent. So, there was no need for Jiang Dai to give any explanations, as he quickly understood what she meant.

  The more he read the document, the more his countenance became alarmed. “President Jiang…… The share prices of the Zhang clan’s Ya Li Group fluctuates based on a regular pattern. On a good day, its share prices would seemingly have a tendency to plummet sharply, scaring all the middle and small stock investors into scrambling to dump their shares. However, when its share prices looked as if it would continue to plummet, the numbers would become better again. In the past three years, this sort of fluctuation would happen at least once. Yet, it even occurred twice last year! The Zhang clan can’t seriously be playing people for a sucker, right?”

  Jiang Dai gave him an affirmative look.

  Of course, the Zhang clan was playing someone for a sucker, but specifically playing those middle and small stock investors for suckers. After creating a record analysis in accordance with the timeline, Jiang Dai even gathered news related to Ya Li Group, focusing on the specified points in time when its share prices had plummeted sharply.

  Each time Ya Li Group’s share prices reached its peak, they would deliberately convert their assets into cash, causing the share prices to fall sharply. At this time, they would then release some negative press, such as a failure in new product development, suspicion of an acquisition, or an unprecedented downturn in the current season’s sales volume.

  Upon seeing such news, regular middle and small stock investors would naturally assume that these genuine, dire financial reports drove down the Group’s share price. Worried that the share price would continue to fall, they began to dump their shares one after another, in order to cut their losses. This way, the Zhang clan siblings were able to covertly purchase a large number of shares from regular stock investors in their process of dumping shares. Subsequently, these siblings would then release some favorable news to drive up the share prices again. At this rate, they could play these stock investors for suckers in a matter of just days, and profits would be pouring into the Zhang clan siblings’ pockets.

  To be blunt, this favorable news was not entirely used to dupe regular stock investors, but instead, it would definitely be beneficial to certain big market makers, so they could not create any waves1 掀不起波澜: This means that they would not create an uproar/trouble. . It might even be possible that there were big market makers who would go so far as to cover up for the Zhang clan siblings, so they were safe and sound for so many years.

  As he continued to read, Wen Yan could not help but gasp in shock. “If this was really the case, these Zhang clan siblings are too ruthless. This is simply a case of eating human blood buns2 吃人血馒头: It refers to one’s actions when they attempt to exploit others’ misfortune in order to gain benefits/profits. !”

  Since the beginning, Jiang Dai remained unruffled. “Whether this is true or not, once we find the evidence and hand them over to China Securities Regulatory Commission, a verdict will then be reached. So for now, there is no rush.”


  Jiang Dai was in no hurry, but on the other hand, the Zhang clan siblings were losing their minds.

  Bao Li’s share price had already fallen to 2.5 dollars in the first place and the fact that they were able to acquire Bao Li, who would have expected that Jiang Dai would just suddenly pop up out of nowhere?

  All this time, it had always been Zhang Man who was in charge of dealing with Jiang Zhuyuan. According to what he had said, Jiang Dai was merely a divorced young woman who had broken up with her leading billionaire husband. After being kicked out, she had only gotten involved with the family clan’s business due to a temporary sense of emptiness. So, it would subside after a while.

  At first, Zhang Man had never doubted Jiang Zhuyuan’s attitude. But soon thereafter, watching Jiang Dai become an internet sensation from Weibo’s most searched hashtag list, she began to host giveaways and market products on Weibo. Subsequently, Jiang Dai suddenly announced that Bao Li would be cooperating with Qiao Yi International. It was obvious that she had taken an aggressive approach in wanting to lead Bao Li to ascend nine myriads of miles3 扶摇直上九万里: It is originally a part of a poem by Li Bai (李白). In the poem, it meant that inevitably there would be a day when the legendary giant bird will be able to fly with the wind. Relying on the strength of the wind, it will soar beyond the Ninth Heavens. Whereas, in this context, the author uses this to describe how Jiang Dai will use her abilities to lead Bao Li and ascend above all other companies. . In any case, both siblings were unable to sit still any longer.

  Qiao Yi was a large group with one-stop entertainment services——from developing artists to the shooting and distribution of works——they were able to settle the entire process themselves.

  For Jiang Dai to be able to cooperate with Qiao Yi, she would not have to worry about the share price for one and a half years. With all sorts of traffic in Qiao Yi, their product sales would also not be any worse off.

  The market for domestic cosmetic products was very limited, pretty much the size of a small cake. Ya Li had always been stepping on Bao Li to get ahead, so if Bao Li were given a chance to make a comeback, they did not even dare to think of the consequences……  

  That was why Zhang He was willing to take the risk of spending a massive sum of 600 million dollars to invest in Qiao Yi’s Youth Camp.

  And by doing so, they would become Qiao Yi’s Party A4 甲方爸爸: It is a nickname for Party A, whereby in any cooperation, Party A is considered the side that provides the funds. . As such, even if Bao Li and Qiao Yi were to forge any strategic cooperation in the future, it would not harm Party A’s interests, as it was a serious breach of the competition agreement.

  In fact, for them, it was already overstraining to be able to produce 600 million dollars.

  Hence, after bumping into Jiang Dai in the Chief Producer’s office……the first thing Zhang Man did was to question Jiang Zhuyuan.

  “Jiang Zhuyuan, did you not say that your younger cousin was just a flower vase5 花瓶: It is slang for visually appealing persons or an eye candy that attracts the masses’ attention. bimbo? Today, she splashed out 800 million dollars on a mansion. Tomorrow, she yet again wants to splash out another 800 million dollars to compete with us for the role of Youth Camp’s title sponsor. Do you think this is how a flower vase should act? Could it be that both of you cousins have teamed up to mess with me?”

  When he heard this, Jiang Zhuyuan was also stumped. 

  “800 million dollars? Where on earth did she get so much money?!”

  As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhang Man nearly flipped the table. “This is what I am trying to ask you, isn’t it?! That cousin of yours has the same surname as you, yet you do not know where her money comes from and still ask me about it?!” 

  Jiang Zhuyuan hastened to explain, “No, it was just the heat of a moment, but 800 million dollars…… I really have no idea whether she is indeed that rich. It might be possible that it is a false alarm, so wait for me to check it out. Once I have done so, I will get back to you.”

  Before Zhang Man came over to question him, Zhang He had already planned a series of maneuvers for her.

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