Chapter 2.2: You Jinx

  Catching a glimpse of Qi Yao’s ultra-thin stiletto heels, Jiang Dai spoke without thinking, “These heels of yours are too high. Do walk slowly and mind you don’t fall.”

  On the contrary, Qi Yao only felt that she had received yet another ironic taunt and felt even more depressed. Flushing in shame, she quickened her pace.

  In less than three seconds, a loud thud resonated across the ballroom. Qi Yao had unexpectedly tripped on her heels and fell hard onto the floor——

  She ended up on all fours. At an instant, it caused the massive ballroom to quieten down mysteriously, but soon after, all hell broke loose.

  “Oh my god, isn’t this Qi Yao? What happened to her?!”

  Everything happened so suddenly that it took Old Madame Huo an awfully long time to compose herself. Unable to believe what had just happened, she glared at Jiang Dai. “You…… You woman, you jinx!”

  Watching Qi Yao fall, Jiang Dai was also somewhat startled. She threw her hands up in innocence, as all she did was only to warn her. She could only blame Qi Yao for being so unlucky today.

  If there were not so many guests around, Old Madame Huo would have chewed Jiang Dai out. 

  She could not figure out what was wrong with Jiang Dai tonight.

  The fact that Old Madame Huo was always very fond of Qi Yao was never concealed. What’s more, was that she was also the daughter of Senior Officer Qi! 

  In the past, Jiang Dai could not exactly be considered as submissive towards her mother-in-law, but she was definitely respectful and obedient. Her ability to please others was always on point.


  Her mother-in-law hurriedly went over to look after the fallen Qi Yao, while Jiang Dai was able to return to the banquet. 

  She continued to talk cheerfully and humorously with the old presidents, up until the end of the banquet. Only then was Wen Yan able to get close to Jiang Dai, then he struggled, but managed to say carefully, “There was no need for Young Madame to offend Miss Qi. Even if you were to ignore the Qi family’s face, you would still have to give some face to Old Madam. After all, she’s an elder member of the family……”

  “Soon, that wouldn’t be so.”

  The sound of Wen Yan’s voice had yet to dissipate fully, but it was interrupted lightly by Jiang Dai.

  Wen Yan simply doubted his hearing and froze on the spot for two seconds. At that point, Jiang Dai had already walked away, causing him to hasten his pace to catch up with her.

  “Young Madame, what do you mean by that?”

  “It’s precisely what you’re thinking of.”

  There was a look of horror on Assistant Wen’s face. “You want a di-di-di……”

  Perhaps this was a little too shocking for Wen Yan. In his opinion, it was too bizarre and unbelievable, so much so that he was not able to enunciate that entire word.

  Jiang Dai had already reached the side of the car. With adept and graceful movements, she lifted her skirt slightly and stably got into the elongated backseat of the Bentley. In a lazy yet wilful manner, her voice resounded from the backseat, “Yes, I want to divorce Huo Rongshen.”


  By the time the Bentley drove into the Mirror Lake Mansion, it was already 11 p.m.

  The Mirror Lake Mansion was a newlywed villa, where Jiang Dai and Huo Rongshen had moved into after they had gotten married. The mansion was in a good location and was able to retain peace in a noisy neighborhood. Its private garden had adopted the style of Suzhou classical garden, which features mountains and water. As for the mansion, the interior design, and even furnishing had a mix of the married couple’s likes, so Jiang Dai was always satisfied.

  The only flaw was that the Huo family’s old residence, which was 500 meters away, was so near to the point where her mother-in-law, Old Madame Huo, would regularly come over uninvited. There were times where she had deliberately woken Jiang Dai up when she was taking an afternoon nap.

  It was good that now everything was about to come to an end.

  Jiang Dai was currently changing her shoes in the foyer, as she reminisced about this place, with a barely discernible smile in the corner of her lips. 

  However, she did not know that Huo Rongshen took in every bit of her slightly elated smile. 

  He was wearing a dark grey night robe, as he sat up straight on the sofa. It was only until Jiang Dai placed a foot on the stairs that he coughed once to attract her attention.

  Jiang Dai took two steps back and shifted her gaze to him.

Huo Rongshen looked as if he had already taken a shower. There were not any signs of fatigue on his handsome side profile. In a seemingly earnest manner, he sat up straight on the sofa. Apparently, he was waiting for her.

  Jiang Dai studied his face that was as exquisite as art pieces and could not help but lament how unfair God was.

  God had never been fair, except for chosen ones like Huo Rongshen.

  He was born in the wealthiest family and was the eldest grandson as well. It was only fair for someone with a vast family wealth to have a greasy, kidney-deficient, and balding appearance.

  However, Huo Rongshen was just beyond perfect. Just leaning against the sofa in a casual night robe, he looked so handsome as if he was pulled out of a magazine cover.

  Three years ago, he relied on this face of his to lure her, causing her to throw herself onto him, nearly handing over her life to this b*stard.

  What’s more frustrating was that not only was he a leading billionaire, but he was also the male lead of the president comic world. What a lucky guy!

  As the male lead, he could play restricted love games with the pure white flower1 小白花: an internet slang for someone who pretends to be kind, innocent, and lovable. Usually, they are scheming women who would garner pity and affection from others through their weak appearance. and also could effortlessly get the better of all the supporting roles.

  Jiang Dai resisted the urge to swear and just rolled her eyes. She then turned to head upstairs.

  As a villain and also a supporting actress, if she were to fight against the lucky guy forcefully, she would probably fail.

  Thankfully, she had no interest in fighting against him. Currently, she just wished to soak in the bath and get her beauty sleep comfortably. Once she had her fill, it would be time to talk about divorce, and then she would bid farewell to him. 

  Huo Rongshen looked on helplessly as his wife paid no heed to him…… She literally just went upstairs.

  Even for someone who hides his emotions well, he still could not help but frown.

  This woman……was indeed abnormal.

  Based on Jiang Dai’s temper, even if she was in a snit, after not seeing each other for a few days, she should come forth to act cutely and cozy up to him.


  Doubts filled Huo Rongshen’s mind, but he would always restrain himself, as he wanted to wait for Jiang Dai to yield first.

  In his opinion, he had already given her face, as he initially was not able to depart due to the forest fire breaking forth, yet he still quickly changed his route and returned as soon as possible. 

  As for Jiang Dai, she did not wait for him before getting discharged from the hospital. Also, she did not return home and still went for the Chamber of Commerce Banquet to mess around. These are the areas where she was in the wrong.

  That was why he returned to his study, imagining that warm, soft, and fragrant little woman definitely would not be able to hold back and throw herself into his arms.

  On the contrary, he had waited till one in the morning, yet no one came to knock on the door.

  Huo Rongshen closed his laptop and returned to the master bedroom, with a sullen face. 

  The master bedroom was pitch black, but the faint breathing sound of a woman heard.

  It seemed like he did not believe in heresy, as he switched on the bedside lamp and finally saw the side profile of his wife sleeping soundly on the clean bed.

  She slept on her side and hugged a carrot-shaped soft bolster. She slept so deeply that no one knew how long she had been dreaming.

  Three years ago, that student, who boldly asked him for his contacts at Yanjing University auditorium, wore an oversized pink hoodie and had no makeup on. She appeared to have the appearance of an ordinary female university student.

  He took a casual glance, but he unexpectedly saw a young lady with an enchanting and fair face with a pink undertone, as well as a pair of black big intelligent and charming eyes.

  After they began dating officially, Jiang Dai became more attentive to her appearance, in order to be more worthy of him. As compared to everyone else, she became so beautiful that she could take everyone’s breath away.

  However, only Huo Rongshen knew that the way she slept was like that of a child.

  While studying Jiang Dai’s sleeping face, his discontentment in his heart had unknowingly dissipated by half. He gently brushed away a wisp of hair from her face. His gaze then shifted to that jade-like forehead.

  Half a month ago, she suddenly got into a car accident. When the airbag popped out of the steering wheel, it bruised her forehead. Thankfully, it did not leave any scars, or else this vain little thing would surely cry.

  Unconsciously, his mouth curved into a gratified smile.

  He leaned down and kissed his wife on the space between her brows, then gradually moved towards her cheeks…… 

  Relishing in the warmth, it seemed to have triggered a particular function in his body.

  Being disturbed while sleeping, she wrinkled her nose and raised her hand to reject twice.

  Huo Rongshen’s adam’s apple bobbed with a gulp and grasped her warm, soft hand. Without any hesitation, he deepened the kiss, as his big palm grabbed onto one of her legs, exposing it further as he went, building a great atmosphere.

  Suddenly, Jiang Dai woke up with a start. When she realized what he was doing, her body became stiff while her blood ran cold.

  It was just so frustrating yet so funny. Since Jiang Dai was discharged from the hospital today, the doctor had warned her repeatedly to be careful during the recovery period, as well as to avoid strenuous exercises. This b*stard was just amazing. Throughout the whole time, he would not show his face, but when he did, he wanted to press her down to do “excessive workouts”???

  Jiang Dai quirked up the corners of her lips slightly. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, her eyes bore into him. “President Huo, what’s wrong with you?”

  From what he had heard, the little woman’s angry tone was still there.

  Not only did his hands not stop, but it even intensified. With a husky voice, he paused after every word he uttered. “On Valentine’s Day, it was my mistake to leave my wife all alone in an empty room. Tonight, I will make it up to you.”

  He had caused Jiang Dai to become dizzy from his kisses. The moment when both anger and ridicule had been accumulated to a certain point, she suddenly let out a sneer and raised her leg abruptly to give a good hard kick——

  Thud! Click! Clang! 

  The earth trembled and the mountain swayed2 地动山摇: The massive impact generated from loud deafening sounds and violent movements. .

  The 190 meters tall President Huo had been kicked off the bed.

The author has something to say:

President Huo: Tonight I have to serve my wife well

Daidai: Goddess’ leg, Get lost (ノ`Д)ノ

Did Goddess Dai discover any new skills today? Nope, not yet.

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