Chapter 19.3: President – Investor – Jiang

  Zhang He and Zhang Man were siblings. Ten years ago, they founded Ya Li Group, and it was listed on the stock market six years ago. Over the years, they made repeated attempts to disparage and trample upon Bao Li, as well as being very anxious to get one up on Bao Li.

  In accordance with the storyline of the comic……Bao Li’s bankruptcy was directly related to both of them. 

  The mere thought of the scenario depicting her family’s downfall in the plot, she gnashed her teeth slightly in hatred. 

  At a glance, Zhang He could recognize Jiang Dai and sized her up for an awfully long time. He thought: I have been told that Jiang Dai was not of ordinary beauty, yet I did not believe it. Now that I have seen it for myself, only then do I know what a peerless beauty is.

  However, it was a shame as she was only a divorced wife.

  With a smile that did not seem like a smile on his face, he pointed out, “Is this not Mrs. Huo of the wealthiest Huo clan? It is indeed better to see it for oneself than hear from others.”

  Zhang Man, who was standing next to him, pushed his arm. “Hey, brother, you are wrong. Currently, she is no longer part of the Huo family.”

  With her face remaining impassive, Jiang Dai walked straight up to the Chief Producer and shook his hand. “Hello, I am President Jiang Dai of Bao Li Group.”

  Not knowing of the feud between these two cosmetics companies, the Chief Producer questioned, “Hello, hello. Brother Ye…… Miss Jiang, this is?”

  Qiao Jinye answered straightforwardly, “President Jiang had just established cooperation with our Qiao Yi, so she is here to visit the company. I just happened to mention to her that the Youth Camp is still attracting investors, and President Jiang became very interested. Hence, she wished to discuss with you about the details.”

  Even though the Chief Producer did not understand the situation, he was able to pick up the awkward atmosphere in the office.

  Two advertising companies that were interested in investing had somehow bumped into each other…… It was indeed unfortunate. 

  Before he was able to think of the best way to smooth things over, Zhang He got up from the sofa and walked over with a haughty look on his face. With every word dripping with disdain, he mocked, “Hey, that is most unfortunate. Mrs. H…… No, Miss Jiang, our Ya Li intends to be the title sponsor of the newest Young Camp season. By investing 600 million dollars, we predict that we will clinch the biggest sponsorship placement. As far as I know, Bao Li’s share price had already plunged to 2.5 dollars last month. With this sort of unstable situation, it would not be most suitable for you to compete through capitalism means, is it not?”

  Jiang Dai had been keeping an eye on the share price of several rival Groups. The Jiang clan attained the highest share price, maintaining at 60 dollars in the past six months.

  Even if Bao Li’s current share price had shot up, the gap between the two companies still remained significant.

  The corner of her mouth quirked up slightly as her eyes bore right into Zhang He’s face. “Bao Li’s current share price is over 30 dollars, so it is indeed rather average. However, I am someone who has loads of spare cash and loves to invest, especially in programs that evoke reactions from the entire population across the country, like Youth Camp, ” she rebutted, stressing each word. 

  Jiang Dai continued, “What’s more, I am someone who dislikes beating a dead horse1 做无用功: It is an idiom that describes a particular effort is a waste of time as there will be no outcome. . Since I am here now, would it not be a wasted trip if I do not secure the title sponsor? That is why, President Zhang, 600 million dollars is still considered a stingy amount, and I much prefer the auspicious number eight. It just so happens that I had recently bid an 800 billion dollars villa successfully. Hence, rounding up a pair of eight appeared to be even more auspicious now.”

  Both Zhang He and Zhang Man were rendered speechless.

  The Chief Producer was stunned for several seconds before a cordial smile appeared instantly on his face, sucking up to the investor. “……President Jiang, please do have a seat first. I will have my secretary prepare some afternoon tea for you, so please wait for a moment. What would you like to drink? Coffee or tea? There is some juice as well.”

  As a matter of fact, the Chief Producer had been fretting over this matter, as the company had set a total target of 1 billion dollars for the investment promotion strategy. Since the Zhang clan could only invest 600 million dollars at the most, with the addition of several other advertising companies contributing 50 million dollars each, it would only add up to a total of 800 million dollars. As such, there would be a short of 200 million dollars, so they had not signed a contract with the Zhang clan.

  Now that Miss Jiang’s first offer was precisely 800 million dollars…… Not only that, but he had also seen the most searched hashtags in Weibo and knew this person had indeed used cold hard cash to get her hands on the most luxurious mansion in all of Yanjing. This tall tale was most likely to be true.

  Zhang He began to lose his cool, but all he could do was try his best to save his face. “For a young woman who had gotten a divorce recently, I had never heard of how much one would receive in an alimony. Yet you are able to fork out 800 million dollars on two separate occasions. It is best that you have earned them through legal channels.”

  Zhang Man also raised her chin and linked her arm through her brother’s. “That’s right! It is most likely her taking advantage of the wealthiest Huo clan, yet she doesn’t even know how to keep a low profile. Who knows if they will encounter a setback one day?”

  The Zhang clan siblings quickened their steps as they brushed past Jiang Dai.

  Not appearing to be vexed at all, Jiang Dai even agreed amiably, “That is true. Otherwise, if they suddenly encounter a setback……they wouldn’t even see it coming.”

  The Zhang clan siblings had already left the office. Regarding what Jiang Dai had said, no retaliation was made by the pair of siblings.

  Subsequently, Jiang Dai sat down to have a serious conversation about the investment matters with the Chief Producer.


  At half-past 7 in the evening, Wen Yan knocked on the door and entered the office. “President Jiang, you are not getting off work?”

  Actually, Jiang Dai had long since completed her work for the day. She had been working overtime for an hour to analyze the fluctuation of the Zhang clan’s share prices over the years.

  When she saw members of the Zhang clan today, an idea suddenly popped into her head.

  She had always known the Zhang clan’s share prices were usually very good. Amongst similar types of companies in the stock market, they sat right at the top. 

  In order to spite Bao Li, the Zhang clan would frequently sell at a loss at on shopping festivals like Double Eleven2 双十一: 11th November, which is also Singles’ Day. . Furthermore, they would utilize grand online and offline advertising strategies, whereby they would be able to market to countless netizens through various online platforms. Whereas for their offline advertising strategies, they would specifically display their advertisements on train platforms. They were simply filthy rich.

  However, this pair of siblings only became prosperous ten years ago, and there were not any traces of them before that. Not only did they not inherit the family business, but they were also not the second generations of nouveau riche. So, how on earth did they get their hands on so much money?

  After looking through the record of Zhang clan’s share prices over the years, she had more or less drawn a conclusion in her heart. 

  Jiang Dai switched off her computer before picking up her bag and headed out of her office.

  Reaching the ground floor, she walked through the revolving doors in Bao Li Building.

  A gust of cold wind blew, causing Jiang Dai to hunch up her shoulders instinctively.

  In April, it had already turned very warm during the day. It was just that earlier this evening, there was a sudden heavy rainfall, so the temperature at night dropped.

  Wen Yan helped her to put on a trench coat. “President Jiang, there will be a massive drop in temperature these two days, so please be careful not to catch a cold during the mornings and nights.”

  Jiang Dai pulled her trench coat tighter around her body as her chauffeur drove a Bentley with an extended wheelbase from the underground parking garage.

  The Bentley stopped at the main entrance of the building. After the car door automatically opened, Wen Yan used his hand to cover the car roof to prevent her from hitting her head. Suddenly, Jiang Dai laughed, “Yes, it is indeed getting colder. Also, the Zhang clan is not far off from going bankrupt.”

The author has something to say:

[President Huo: Sharing a little trick for all singles every day.]

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