Chapter 19.2: President – Investor – Jiang

  In order to revive Bao Li, she would have to do it step by step. First and foremost, she had to take back the company’s position in the country’s market.

  Recently, she caught up on the general environment and sales of major brands and categorized them. Some international brands were very difficult to deal with, as they had retained a fixed group of consumers. On the other hand, there was another type of brand, like the Zhang clan’s Ya Li, which mostly survived on imitating Bao Li and foreign brands. Hence, brands like these were unworthy of becoming Bao Li’s rivals, and it could even be said that bad money drives out good money.

  Now, the first step for her should be to convert all the communities in the country, who are still purchasing these domestic cosmetic brands, to become Bao Li’s consumers.

  In order to achieve this, it was necessary to invest large amounts of money into creating high traffic advertisements.

  While visiting the trainees during their practice, Jiang Dai suddenly came up with a new idea.

  Seeing that Jiang Dai was interested in these trainees who were practicing their dance moves, Li Kai informed, “After a series of selections, these girls are our potential trainees for this year. At the moment, they are stepping up their efforts in practicing for the sake of attending the talent competition, Youth Camp, organized by us and Xiang Mang TV. Also, we basically organize this talent competition every year. Have you seen it before, Sister Dai?”

  Jiang Dai answered, “Not really, I have only caught glimpses of it once in a while. However, I know that your competition is very popular. It is the hottest variety show every summer.”

  Hearing this, Li Kai could not help but burst into laughter.

  She asked in a perplexed tone, “What are you laughing at?”

  Casting a glance at Qiao Jinye on his left, Li Kai tried his best to keep a straight face. “This girl group talent search variety show is actually the counterpart of the boy group talent competition, Teenage Youth Camp. Four years ago, Brother Ye became famous through this program and you actually did not even watch it!”

  Now that he mentioned it, Jiang Dai really did become somewhat ashamed.

  In any case, he was still her closest friend during high school, so she knew that Qiao Jinye participated in the Teenage Youth Camp and made his first successful public appearance, garnering everyone’s attention. It was just that she had never seemed to be interested in any boy or girl groups, so she was too lazy to watch the program. 

  Qiao Jinye faked a smile and remarked bitterly, “President Jiang was just a university freshman that year. I reckon she was too engrossed in her studies and did not have time to watch variety shows, right?”

  “……” Jiang Dai did not know how to respond, since she was still single when she was a university freshman, and the reason for her staying single was that it was just too annoying.

  After she entered university, it was only then did she realize that it was as if male university students had been deprived and insatiable for 18 years of their lives…… Each and every one of them had escaped from their cages and frantically wanted to have a girlfriend. There were times when she slept during her lessons, and by the time she woke up, there were more than a dozen slips of paper on the table with contents like how I like you very much, Student Jiang, and whether it was possible to add you on WeChat.

  Even so, that was still alright. Soon after, for some unknown reasons, there was a trend of confessing in public with heart-shaped candles…… 

  The highest monthly record Jiang Dai had ever encountered was eight times…… 

  It went so far that she was somewhat afraid to attend her lessons, so she practically skipped them every day to play games in an internet cafe. Once she started playing, she would usually stay there for over 10 hours.

  Recalling those days of losing herself in games and nearly experiencing sudden cardiac death…… Jiang Dai coughed. “Yes, I was indeed too busy and tired at that time, so I did not have any time to watch variety shows.”

  In order for everyone to return to the main topic, she asked, “When will this variety show be airing?”

  Qiao Jinye responded, “It will officially start broadcasting in approximately two months. Recently, we have already moved onto the preparatory phase. Even though it will be a live broadcast, it usually starts recording a month in advance.” 

  “That soon? Does that must mean your marketing strategy to attract investors has ended as well?” 

  Qiao Jinye was not surprised at the question she raised, and it seemed as if he was well prepared for it.

  “This program is the most popular variety show during the summer vacation, so we have started attracting investors early. However, too many advertising companies have submitted competitive tenders, so we are still in the midst of the contesting stage.”

  Jiang Dai thought: With this sort of viewership, the moment this program started airing, all the netizens will definitely be chasing it frantically. Since the program will be broadcasted once a week, it will most likely be airing for at least three months. This way the advertising company will pretty much be expecting stable profits. As for the successful bidder, on the whole, it would end up as the company which is the most financially sound.

  Li Kai interrupted, “Are you thinking of investing as well, Sister Dai? Let me tell you, apart from the fact that the title sponsor being slightly more expensive, there are also three to four sponsorship placements. So, why don’t you think about it?”

  Although Jiang Dai has never watched a talent search variety show, she had seen other types of variety shows. So, she knew that other than the most eye-catching title sponsor, countless other advertisements would intersperse, but it would still be the title sponsor who would be repeatedly mentioned in the process. Hence, if she wished to invest, she would raise the stakes. 

  She turned to look at Qiao Jinye and asked, “Young Master Qiao, why don’t you give me a general idea of the price? What is the highest offer at present, and how much do I need to invest so that I can secure the placement for the program’s title sponsor?”

  Qiao Jinye told her a number.

  Jiang Dai clicked her tongue in thought. It is indeed rather expensive.

  Li Kai smiled mischievously. “For Sister Dai, who was able to buy an 800 million dollars mansion, this sum of money is no big of a deal, isn’t it? If you want to invest, the offer price is still negotiable, since we are family.” 

  It was not that Jiang Dai could not afford to invest, but rather she had no intention of using her savings to cover Bao Li’s shortfall. 

  Her objective in taking over Bao Li was not to maintain superficial prosperity, but instead to make the ancestral business bigger and stronger.

  Its prosperous facade was fake. For an old enterprise to gain a foothold in the current fast-changing market environment, it was required to throw out its outdated work practices and embrace bold innovations.

  It would not make any sense for her to use the money she had earned from investing outside to fill up Bao Li’s bottomless hole. 

  Jiang Dai thought: Now that Bao Li’s share price looks good, I can apply for a bank loan and use this sum of money to invest in Youth Camp.

  Qiao Jinye stated, “If that is the case, I will accompany you to discuss with the Chief Producer since he knows more about the details of investment promotion.”

  From the trainees’ practice room, they made their way to the office. It seemed the Chief Producer was having a meeting with two visitors, a man and a woman, who were sitting on the opposite sofa.

  Before Qiao Jinye could say anything, the Chief Producer stood up and introduced his guests warmly. “Brother Ye, let me introduce everyone quickly. They are Mr. Zhang He, the chairman of Zhang Clan Group, and Madam Zhang Man, the President of Zhang Clan Group. At present, they are the most generous investors and very possibly the title sponsor of our season for the year as well.”

  Jiang Dai had never seen these two before, but as soon as she heard their names, her heart sank.

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