Chapter 17.4: The DaiYe Brothers CP

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  Seeing this, the moral teacher’s face turned livid with rage. 

  Yet Jiang Dai just threw a sentence in his face. “It is illegal to go against the students’ wishes, and forcefully have their hair cut.” 

  Jiang Dai had about seven to eight followers, so when they stood in a row, it was such an astonishing spectacle to behold. At that time, it was during lunch break, so other teachers were not around. As such, the moral teacher could only give in for the time being. 

  Right before the moral teacher was about to settle scores, Jiang Dai organized a student voting session, as well as posted this entire matter onto the official website of the Education Bureau for both students and parents to leave comments and feedback.

  Not only that, but the video clip of the crying girls forced to head towards the hair salon near the school gate was also uploaded onto the internet, triggering a heated debate then.

  In the end, this matter had aroused the Education Bureau’s attention. After holding a meeting, they eventually decided to have the moral education department in Yanjing First High School abolish decadent and unreasonable regulations immediately.

  It had already been seven years since Jiang Dai’s “righteous deed.” All the subsequent batches of students were indebted to her. If it weren’t for Jiang Dai standing out and blowing things out of proportion, who knew how many more years this sort of outdated and decadent regulations would continue to persist?

  With this, Jiang Dai became widely recognized by the students of First High School as a female boss of the school——that type who upheld virtue and condemned evil.

  If you ever encounter school bullying——look for Sister Dai.
  If the school canteen were to increase their prices unjustifiably——look for Sister Dai.
  If hooligans outside school were to demand protection fees——look for Sister Dai.

  Of course, there were any mathematics, physics, or chemistry questions that you did not understand……you could also look for Sister Dai.

  Ever since Jiang Dai went to university, she did not mention any of these matters, as they sounded too much like a middle-school second-year syndrome. In her opinion, she felt that it was too humiliating. 

  However, for a student of First High School, she was literally a legend, an irreplaceable legend.

  The person who created the post even went the extra mile of posting a picture.

  The resolution of the old picture was not very high, yet it evoked a sense of history.

  More than a dozen students stood in a row, both males and females, with pretty and youthful looks of teenagers. Two students standing in the center were Jiang Dai and Qiao Jinye.

  Shortly afterward, this picture was reposted in Weibo.

  Qiao Jinye’s fans——little sister fans, older sister fans, and mum fans——all began to scream like a beaver1 土拨鼠叫: It refers to the popular screaming beaver meme. .

Aaaaaah! My son is so handsome! He should be only 16 years old, right? He looked so tender and handsome! Jiang Dai, who is right next to him, is also so handsome! Aaah! One could tell at a glance that there is a sort of socialist brotherhood between them!
Unexpectedly, Jiang Dai had short hair during her high school days? She looked so handsome! Why do I think that she looked more handsome than Brother Ye?
Sister Dai’s features still look the same! It is just that her hairstyle and aura differed so considerably! The current Jiang Dai is an enchanting woman of great beauty, who has a slender waist, big butt, and long legs! To my surprise, she actually kept such a cool short hairstyle when she was in high school. Aaaaah, she is so masculine and handsome that I am going to cry!
Now, I am entirely convinced that Worker Qiao is definitely one of Sister Dai’s followers. This imperious and formidable aura of Sister Dai’s…… He could only be a follower, hahaha!

  Once Qiao Jinye’s fans were done commenting on his Weibo page, they then went over to follow Jiang Dai’s Weibo page.

  As a result, the number of her fans soared rapidly, breaking through the three million fans milestone in no time.

  Under the newest Weibo post, it was filled entirely with fans singing praises of Jiang Dai, causing all the group of water army2 水军 or 网络水军: It refers to a group of Internet ghostwriters paid to post online comments with particular content. , who were deliberately misleading netizens yesterday, to be completely suppressed.

It sure was not easy for Sister Jiang Dai. To have been mistaken for having a secret relationship when she was only having a business talk with her little brother. I keep pondering over the fact that they were acting so openly on the business streets and were not even sneaking around.
Last night, I had been watching the most searched hashtags to the point where there were so many question marks surrounding my head. Was it not just them boarding the same car? Exactly which shameless marketing account would groundlessly and blindly mislead netizens just for money?
I absolutely love Big Sister’s attractive features! Regardless of the current beauty with an exceptional figure or the short-haired aloof and cool girl during her high school days, I still love them both!
This face and figure of hers are far too outstanding, so much so that I think Brother Ye Jiang is slightly out of President Jiang’s league.
Aaaah, I totally love that cool little sister in that old picture! Why is it that when I was still schooling, there weren’t any bosses like Sister Dai in my school?
With a shield over my head, I am going to say something. Actually, I think that I am willing to ship this Big Brother Jin Ye and President Jiang CP3 Couple. .
The person upstairs, I actually am ok with it as well. However, they appear as if they only have firm and unyielding brotherly love for each other.
I can totally ship the DaiYe brothers CP for ten years and Jinye is the little brother in this couple!


  As one of Jiang Dai’s fanboys, Huo Shenli had also been on Weibo all afternoon.

  Without further ado, he sent that old picture to Huo Rongshen. “Brother, Sister-in-law was really so handsome when she was younger. I can’t help but wonder what exactly happened to her all these years……”

  Huo Rongshen stared at that picture for ages.

  In the picture, Qiao Jinye was slightly over half a head taller than her, and he had his arm loosely slung over her shoulder. Both of them appeared to be very close but not ambiguously so.

  Jiang Dai was wearing a long t-shirt that covered her butt and a pair of sport shorts beneath it. Her hair was slightly windblown, while her facial features were exquisite like they were currently.

  The girl in the picture had sharp facial features, no different from the current Jiang Dai, except for her dressing and hairstyles.

  But the more Huo Rongshen looked at it, the more distant he felt.

  He had missed out on Jiang Dai’s youth. During those three years they were together, he never did go out of his way to genuinely understand her.

  Stock market traders, abundant personal savings, thriving after taking over the family business…… 

  Seemingly, she had an ever-growing number of secrets, which were increasingly beyond his imagination. 

  At that point, Huo Rongshen seemed to have descended into confusion.

  It just so happened that Huo Shenli opened a video clip in his WeChat moments. Unconsciously, he cried out in surprise, “F*ck, isn’t this Sister-in-law? She can actually sing so well!”

  Instantaneously, Huo Rongshen raised his eyebrows and snatched his phone to increase the volume of the video.

  The video appeared to have been filmed in a private KTV room, a glamorous nightlife, but the background music was very noisy.

  Sitting on the high stool at the karaoke system with a microphone in her hand, Jiang Dai fully immersed herself in the melody as she sang a love song.

  After listening to it for half a minute, Huo Rongshen’s expression suddenly changed. Unsure of what he had thought of, he asked impatiently, “Where is she?” 

  Huo Shenli answered unsurely, “Um…… Probably at a KTV?”

  “Which one?!”

  “How should I know?”

  Huo Rongshen’s face took on a sullen look. “Have Chen Mu check it out immediately.”

  Huo Shenli could not figure out what his big brother was trying to do, but he could tell that Huo Rongshen was getting very anxious. So, the only thing he could do was stop his big brother. “Big Brother, calm down. I just happened to stumble upon this on Wei Yan’s WeChat moments, and it was uploaded 10 minutes ago. If you really want to know where they are, would it not be easier if I were to ask him in the comments?”

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