Chapter 17.3: The DaiYe Brothers CP

  She could not believe it!

  No matter what, she did not believe that Jiang Dai was able to cough up 800 million dollars!

  If Jiang Dai really had 800 million dollars, then what need would she have to seduce Huo Rongshen and marry into the wealthiest Huo clan? No one in the entire Huo family liked her, especially Old Madame Huo. In her heart, Old Madame Huo had always recognized Qi Yao as her daughter-in-law. Hence, from dating to getting married, Jiang Dai was never in Old Madame Huo’s good graces. 

  Also, Huo Rongshen was always so busy, flying around all the time. One probably could not tell how long he spent in Yanjing, but there was definitely an approximate two-thirds of a year in which he had spent away from Yanjing. Hence, the time Jiang Dai spent with Old Madame Huo was far longer than that with Huo Rongshen.

  So, if it were not for money, then what had Jiang Dai been doing in the past three years? Pretending to be a flower vase1 花瓶: It is slang for visually appealing persons or an eye candy that attracts the masses’ attention. wife in the Huo family to experience life???

  The more Qi Yao thought about it, the more she could not take this aggravation. She immediately dialed Jiang Zhuyuan’s number. The moment he picked up the phone, she began lashing out at him.

  “Young Master Jiang, you were the one who came up with this idea. You even told me that this would definitely mess Jiang Dai up and make Rongshen give up on her. So, what now? Why don’t you tell me what the h*ll is going on here!!”

  At this moment, Jiang Zhuyuan felt far more indignant than Qi Yao.

  He had never thought that there would be a day where he would have to keep an eye out on his family conglomerate’s share price. Watching it soar into the red2 Unlike the US stock market, the China stock market sets red (an auspicious color) as positive and green as negative. , he could feel a sudden rush of blood to his head, as well as the sensation of experiencing cerebral hemorrhage at any time, especially at such a young age.

  This time, he had indeed miscalculated.

  Initially, he thought that by inducing all of Qiao Jinye’s fans to deem Jiang Dai as their public enemy, it would have crushed all of her plans.

  Who would have thought that she still had new tricks up her sleeve?

  In Jiang Zhuyuan’s eyes, Qi Yao was only a brainless woman who was suitable to be used as a weapon.

  That was why even if he felt extremely irritable at that moment, he would still use an amiable tone to console her patiently. “Miss Qi, please calm down first. Jiang Dai is indeed a step ahead of us. For the sake of salvaging the situation, she simply went ahead to publicize the cooperation with Qiao Yi International. On the surface, she has indeed turned the tables around. However, if you were to think carefully, would this not confirm her special relationship with Qiao Jinye?”

  Upon hearing this, Qi Yao was rendered stunned.

  After giving it some thought, it did seem like it was so.

  Regardless of how Bao Li’s share price had soared, she would have incurred no loss. On the surface, Jiang Dai appeared to have won gloriously, but in fact, it was no different from slapping Rongshen hard in the face.

  In just a few words, Jiang Zhuyuan managed to appease Qi Yao, so he ended the call.

  His gaze fell on the black screen of his computer, reflecting the chickenpox marks on his face that had yet to fade away completely. Increasingly, Jiang Zhuyuan’s face contorted into a dark scowl.


  Bao Li Group, a local cosmetics brand that had long since withdrawn from the mainstream competitive arena, had just made its successful public appearance in Weibo’s list of most searched hashtags. Recently, the brand suddenly became so sought-after, garnering attention from all sectors of the community. Not only that but all sorts of discussion also began emerging in great numbers on other social platforms.

  Just this afternoon, the topic of “How to perceive the surge of Bao Li Group’s share price” ascended onto the hottest topics on Zhihu3 知乎: Zhihu is a Chinese socialized question and answer platform where questions are created, answered, edited, and organized by the community of its users. .

  At first, the discussion was predominantly about an investigation of the stock market, as numerous stock commentators and stockbrokers turned up and talked in lofty strains. No one was sure whether they were there to express their exuberant passion or take advantage of the situation and tap onto its popularity.

  But then, the topic somehow changed from the share price to Jiang Dai herself.

  Even though Jiang Dai was very famous in Yanjing’s upper-class society circle, she was also hailed as a rare beauty amongst the socialites and married into the wealthiest Huo family. In the past three years, even if she seldom attend social events, she still remained to be everyone’s hot topic.  

  But there was a massive wall between the upper-class society circle and the ordinary folks.

  For instance, the auction house would not have publicized yesterday’s auction for Nangang Palace widely on the internet if it had not appeared on the most searched hashtags.

  Due to the increasing frequency of Jiang Dai’s name showing up on the internet, it piqued countless netizens’ curiosity.

  On platforms like Zhihu, when someone raised a question, there would be an “expert” handling the query. 

  There was a popular post written by an alternative ID, @YanjingFirstHighSchoolGraduateStudent, containing an account of Jiang Dai’s past achievements when she was in high school. 

  Thanks for having me. As an admirer of Senior Jiang Dai, today, I will speak about Senior Jiang Dai’s major past events. (It does not involve the privacy of any individuals, as all students of First High School have heard of it.)

  Out of that batch of students, who graduated from Yanjing First High School four years ago, emerged a famous member of a boy group and that person is Qiao Jinye. However, only students of our First High School would know that Qiao Jinye of those days was only a little follower under Senior Jiang Dai’s command.

  As soon as the post was created, its popularity continued to remain persistently high.

  Numerous people kept prodding continuously about it, as they wished to know more details.

  @YanjingFirstHighSchoolGraduateStudent did not disappoint and also continued to respond.

  Back then, Jiang Dai was the idol of countless students at First High School. Being an academically bright student, she sat securely in the number one spot in her entire grade for science subjects. It was rumored that the only time she had relinquished her spot was when she was in a bad mood and submitted a blank paper for her monthly exam.  

  Of course, just acquiring top grades was not enough to become the students’ most sought after idol.

  Yet her results were not the reason why she was so sought-after, but rather the actual “heroic deed” that occurred during her 10th grade.

  Although Yanjing First High School was a good school and originally a high rate of 90 percent of students who would enroll in first-tier universities, the school rules still retained many antiquated regulations seven years ago.

  Out of all the school regulations, there was a hair regulation, where all boys in the school were required to have close-cropped hair, while the girls had to have short hair——it was that sort that had to be leveled with their earlobes, to be exact.

  Word had it that this school regulation had already gone on for over 40 years. Evidently, it was the product of the previous century.

  Following the development of times, nearly every batch of new students would resist very strongly against this school regulation. However, in the end, all of them, with no exception, would succumb to the school’s authority.

  The regulations in First High School were very stringent and upheld a moral principle whereby if one did not abide by the school regulations, then the school would only handle the situation by expelling the student.

  Once the school held a unified inspection, so if any girls had hairstyles that did not comply with the regulations, they would be forcefully dragged by a stern moral teacher to the hair salon near the school gate.

  It was said that it was a spectacular sight with a dozen girls walking out of the campus in tears.

  Out of all the girls, there was one who always had long hair since she was young. Throughout her 15 years of life, not once did she cut her hair short. Hence, she was the one who was crying the hardest, looking like she was on the verge of passing out from all that crying.

  As everyone remained silent, the short-haired Jiang Dai stood up, along with several of her followers, and went to block the way out of the school gate.

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