Chapter 17.2: The DaiYe Brothers CP

  As soon as the press conference ended at three in the afternoon, Director Cheng and Director Huang, who had raised a hue and cry during the Board of Directors meeting in the morning, had continuously guarded the door to the CEO’s office. Both of them wanted to see Jiang Dai, as they had something they wished to explain.

  The executive secretary turned them away before they could even step into the office, informing them that President Jiang had a substantial amount of urgent matters to handle. Hence, she was not available to receive guests.

  Even so, the two of them did not dare to leave, so they could only wait in nervous anticipation.

  They sat stiffly on a small sofa in the reception room, with their backs straight, so much so that they did not dare to lean against the sofa back.

  It was not until night fell that Jiang Dai left her office and Wen Yan followed suit with her bag in his hand.

  Looking steadily ahead, Jiang Dai strode forward in her thin high heels.

  Both Director Cheng and Director Huang quickly got up and stood upright. Their faces twisted into a grimace of anguish as if they were on the verge of tears.

  Wen Yan stopped before them. “President Jiang is already off from work, so if there is anything both of you need, it would be best to discuss it another day.”

  Director Cheng and Director Huang exchanged looks with each other, getting into a flap.

  “Lit-Little President Jiang…… Please wait for a moment.”

  Taking feeble steps, they took the risk to catch up with Jiang Dai, mentally prepared for her to give them a dark look.

  However, they had no other choice. If this sort of matter occurred, one could not afford to let it drag on. Presuming that that were to happen, any grievances would definitely deepen. As such, if that were to persist, they would no longer have any place within Bao Li.

  Jiang Dai came to a halt at the lift entrance. If one were to count from the ground floor to the level they were at, there was a total of 39 floors.

  With an indifferent expression, she stated, “If there is something both directors need, then please speak out.”

  A moment of shame overtook Director Huang’s face. “During the meeting today……I am really sorry. I was too shortsighted and have misunderstood you.”

  Whereas, Director Cheng all the more felt a pang of guilt. “It……It was our fault. I hope that Little President Jiang will be a bigger person, and please don’t hold it against us.”

  Jiang Dai’s lips quirked into a half-smile as she looked straight ahead, too lazy to even cast a glance in their direction.

  “Uncle Cheng, did you not say if I were to continue as the CEO of Bao Li, you would withdraw your shares? So, what is it? You do not wish to withdraw now?”

  “Well……” Director Cheng ran a hand through his hair. That shiny head with thinning hair, together with his gloomy pale face, it could even be interpreted that his midlife crisis was at its limits. “I am indeed at fault. The moment I saw that Bao Li’s share price had plummeted, I became too impatient and talked out of turn……”

  The lift was about to reach its destination. Devoid of facial expression, Jiang Dai pointed out, “Whether you had spoken out of turn, both of you would know better than anyone else. As a matter of fact, I am not angry, as everyone has the right to have their stand. Since our stands are different, naturally, you would act in your own interests. It is just that I hope both uncles are able to look at the current situation clearly soon. After you have gone back, please do think about whom this Jiang clan actually belongs to carefully.”

  The moment the words left Jiang Dai’s mouth, it just so happened that the lift door opened. Both Jiang Dai and Wen Yan entered, one after another, then the doors closed slowly.

  Leaving two middle-aged men in the lift lobby, breaking out in cold sweat.


  After the scandal was clarified, it seemed as if Qiao Jinye’s fans had won the lottery, clearly giving a rapturous reception. 

  Numerous of them went to Jiang Dai’s Weibo page to offer an apology.

  Qiao Jinye was also considered as very generous when it came to spoiling his fans. Not only did he not blame them, but he had also held an hour-long Q&A session with his fans.

  Within that hour, fans could raise any type of questions in the comments, and Qiao Jinye would randomly choose one to answer.

  Many of them mentioned Jiang Dai.

Brother Ye, I heard that you and President Jiang are high school classmates. Is it true?
@QiaoJinye: It is true, we are best friends.
Big Brother, look at me, look at me! Is Sister Jiang Dai really that rich? I am so envious of her, boo-hoo-hoo! Can you believe it, 800 million dollars! Big Brother, when you won the bidding of the big villa for Sister Jiang Dai, did you feel jealous?
@QiaoJinye: Yes, I did.
Please Big Brother, please reply to my message, I beg of you! Firstly, I would like to declare that I believe in Big Brother’s clarification completely, since Brother Jinye had always spoken the whole truth. If he were truly dating, he would definitely not conceal the truth, so I know that Big Brother and Jiang Dai are not in a romantic relationship. However, with your busy schedule, you even attended the auction personally to help out. Did you really need to take care of every single thing yourself? It is no wonder you were misunderstood.

  This fan of his had phrased her question rather bluntly, and it showed that she seemed somewhat meddlesome. Who would have expected Qiao Jinye to reply to her message?

@QiaoJinye: It can’t be helped, who asked President Jiang to be richer than myself? I am currently working for President Jiang, so when the boss has spoken, I must comply and get it for her.

  This was bumped to the top amongst the topmost viral comments, a sea of laughter filled the comment section below it.

Hahahaha xswl1 It is a Chinese internet slang for ‘you crack me up!’ ! Top celebrity Qiao, Worker Jin Ye!
Hahahahahahahahahaha! It is good to be rich…… I also want to become rich overnight and have Big Brother work for me!
It feels so great to be rich!
It feels so great to be rich+10086
Worker Qiao, please post more on Weibo in the future and work hard in your career! This way, you can strive to be richer than President Jiang at an early date!


  The direction, which the most searched hashtags had developed towards, had exceeded everyone’s expectations——

  Hiding behind the screen, Qi Yao looked on helplessly as Jiang Dai went from being ridiculed last night to being boasted and envied by all the netizens. She felt that she was about to collapse. 

  She contacted that blogger ‘Melon-eating Eighth Sister,’ whom she had used loads of money to buy off, attempting to seek compensation.

  Despite that, the person beneath the ‘Melon-eating Eighth Sister’ persona had a terrible attitude. “Miss, you have to see the big picture here, alright? We have only accepted the money to expose the information. In the end, the scoop you have provided is rancid, causing us to be reported over ten thousand times throughout the entire afternoon! Not only had the account been banned, but the duration of the ban lasts for a year! We have over 8 million fans, and none of them are zombie fans! Do you know how much loss the company will incur just by having the account with over 8 million fans banned? And you still want to seek compensation? You should be glad that we are not demanding you to compensate us instead!”

  Qi Yao was usually coaxed and spoiled by everyone around her, so how was she able to endure such provocation?

  Refusing to give in, she questioned incredulously, “How is this scoop a fake? It clearly is real! Jiang Dai definitely has an affair with Qiao Jinye. So now that they said there are several people there with them on a business dinner, you would believe them just like that?”

  The other party mocked, “They had the publicized evidence from the auction house publicized, as well as the detailed movements of the charity funds, so everything is as clear as noonday. Hence, it is apparent that the person who paid for the villa was not Qiao Jinye. Since he was not the one who splurge money, it would seem weird to use the idea of them coming together for a meal as business partners, as evidence!”

  Seething in rage, Qi Yao smashed her phone onto the floor.

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