Chapter 17.1: The DaiYe Brothers CP

  At noon, the official page of Qiao Yi International released an official statement on Weibo.

Clarification Statement: 

  We are posting this statement to inform everyone that Mr. Qiao Jinye of our company and Miss Jiang Dai, CEO of Bao Li Group, are only business partners. It is hereby declared that both of them are not in a relationship.

  Due to the deliberate misinterpretation of some malicious media against Miss Jiang Dai, we are deeply apologetic and will utilize legal means to protect Mr. Qiao Jinye’s rights of reputation.

  However, it was naturally insufficient to merely make empty promises and declarations.

  Soon after, Qiao Yi International’s official page reposted Weibo posts regarding news about their cooperation with Bao Li Group and also announced that a press conference would be held at Bao Li Group at 2 in the afternoon.

  At the same time, the charity auction house, which held the auction yesterday, also posted the proof of purchase for Nangang Palace, as well as their ledger records. It showed very clearly that the bill was paid in full through a bank transfer from Jiang Dai’s personal account, without any financial involvement from anyone.

  During the course of the auction, the role in which Qiao Jinye had taken up was nothing more than just Jiang Dai’s representative to raise the bidding paddle, as Jiang Dai had long since entrusted this to a real estate agent. Not only that but the real estate agency she had chosen also happened to be one run by the Qiao clan. Since the villa that was auctioned yesterday was a once-in-a-century architectural treasure with an astonishing price tag, that was why Qiao Jinye had attended the auction in person.

  Furthermore, the auction house also disclosed their donation ceremony, whereby a hostess first held up a rectangular donation card with ‘700 million yuan’ printed on it, then presented the generous donation of 700 million yuan, which was over the starting bid, to a charity organization. In turn, this contribution would be used to assist people in disaster-stricken areas across the globe.

  The name of the benefactor was clearly written on the lower right-hand corner of the massive donation card: Miss Jiang Dai of Bao Li Group.

  The entire process of clarifying the situation took no longer than twenty minutes.

  On the other hand, the internet went into an uproar.

  In an instant, the top three most searched hashtags in Weibo were overtaken by the Bao Li Group.

#Philanthropic Bao Li Group# 
#Newly-appointed CEO of Bao Li Group donates 700 million dollars#
#Bao Li & Qiao Yi are a force to be reckoned with#

  For the most searched hashtags to turn out so beautifully, it naturally could not be done without the help of Qiao Jinye’s team working behind the scenes.

  Qiao Yi International had signed over hundreds of artists and loads of experience in managing top-notch IP under its belt. Even if it were to deal with unprecedented levels of difficulties like that of last night, it would only just be a piece of cake.

  The reason for not making clarifications on that very night was because Qiao Yi’s Public Relations Department had already met Jiang Dai for a discussion and decided to take advantage of the organic traffic garnered from this commotion. At the same time, it would also allow people to be more familiarized with the outdated Bao Li.

  Just when the negative comments reached its peak, the tables had suddenly turned. It was pretty much sending a slap to the snitch’s face, striking so hard that the person was knocked to the ground. Incidentally, allowing Bao Li Group to make such a successful public appearance.

  Of course, the only reason why it made so much sense for Bao Li, Qiao Yi, and the auction to work so well together was the fact that at the end of the day, the information available to the public was genuine. Without having to fear anyone questioning it, the most searched hashtags merely became something to push the wave and add to the billows1 推波助澜: it means to add fuel to the fire. .

  One after another, all the netizens became astounded——

F*ck, so that 800 million dollar mansion is Miss Jiang’s handiwork???
After watching things unfold so zealously last night, it turned out to be wrong? What a waste of time! Now I want to report that person for creating spurious scoops!
800 million dollars! Is the heiress to Bao Li Group that rich?
Sigh, nowadays there are countless means of earning money. You simply can’t fathom what it is like in a rich man’s world, where wealth begets wealth is all that matters.
I have absolutely no interest if it turns out to be a scandal or not since my head is only filled with one thing——800 million, 800 million, and 800 million. At this rate, the familiar will become unfamiliar. Also, I have just found out that this Rich Sister is only 22 years old! Wow, 800 million…… Could she be a hidden big Wall Street boss?
Let me surmise what happened with the most search hashtags over the past two days. For some, when they turn 23, they are so popular in singing, dancing, and even acting, to the extent where they are a famous celebrity in the country. For others, when they are 22, they would take over their family business and casually splurge on an 800 million dollar mansion. As for me, my 22-year-old self is quite something. If I were to say it, everyone might just not be able to handle it. I am currently sitting in my classroom, eating some cold rice noodles that carry a whopping price of 12 dollars……
Hahahaha! F*ck, the person above has somewhat touched a raw nerve.
Hahahahahahahahaha, I am so jealous! Never have I dreamt of owning 800 million dollars. Even after working for three years, I only wished to be able to save enough to pay off the down payment of 800 thousand dollars!
Why is she so rich at the age of 22!!! Aaah, I am so envious! I am only a pickled fish2 酸菜鱼: a negative internet slang, which implies that the person who said it gives off a sense of criticism. It describes someone as a person who is always jealous of others, as he is incompetent and can’t seem to fit into social norms. , so jealous, so useless and so superfluous.


  At 2 in the afternoon, a team from Qiao Yi, including Qiao Jinye, arrived at a reception room on the 18th floor in Bao Li and proceeded to hold a press conference.

  The majority of the leading news media present were raising questions concerning the cooperative strategy between Qiao Yi International Entertainment Company and Bao Li Group. 

  The live video of the press conference was shortly made public, verifying that the cooperation between these two companies was practically a done deal. Although trade secrets would not be disclosed easily, for an organization to be able to snap up an opportunity to cooperate with a very influential entertainment company like Qiao Yi International, it induced many stockbrokers to look at Bao Li in a new light. One after another, they would recommend numerous stock traders that they could make discretionary purchases of Bao Li’s shares.

  From the commencement of the stock market in the afternoon until the closing thereof, Bao Li’s share price had been surging continuously.

  Whereas, the share price of Qiao Yi International rose at a far greater rate than that of Bao Li!

  It could even be said that these two companies had achieved a win-win situation.


  The internal company group chat within Bao Li was also in an uproar.

Sure enough, President Jiang is indeed an innate Goddess of Luck. She is even able to secure business cooperation with Qiao Yi!
Everyone, you should go right ahead and buy some shares! Ten minutes before the stock market closes for the day, I managed to purchase 500 shares of our Bao Li. As a result, it had only been 10 minutes!!! Just within 10 minutes, the share price rose from 26.7 dollars to 30.4 dollars! That was just too satisfying! President Jiang is so awesome!
F*ck, f*ck! So you have just earned 2,000 dollars within just 10 minutes?
Earning 2,000 dollars in 10 minutes!? Oh my god!
When the stock market commences trading tomorrow morning, I want to buy some as well.
I am going to borrow some money from my parents to purchase some shares, so the share price better f*cking continues to rise! At this rate, is there even a need for me to work??
Hahahaha, I want to work harder. I love Bao Li! I love President Jiang! I would like to work for Bao Li forever!
Speaking of which, have all of you been watching the Board of Directors meeting today? I heard that Director Huang and Director Cheng had been making a fuss all morning that they want to withdraw their shares……
I have heard about it. Well, they are done for, aren’t they? In the morning, the share price had been skyrocketing. If you were to ask me, these two are really horrible. Ever since Little President Jiang took over the company, both the share price and sales had soared tremendously. Under Little President Jiang’s leadership, our Bao Li has already become much better. Only a little mishap had occurred, yet both of them are trying to kick her when she is down. Tsk tsk tsk.
You better watch what you say! I heard that our bosses in the management team are in here as well, keeping an eye out for this group chat of ours.
???? I have said nothing. It seemed my account was hacked earlier.

  The truth was……

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