Chapter 16.6: Relationship Exposed

  Due to yesterday’s scandal, the Board of Directors convened an impromptu meeting, yet Jiang Dai was slow to arrive. 

  It reached the point where someone became far too restless and questioned, “What is going on with Little President Jiang? Is this her trying to pull out and quit?”

  “The stock market had only commenced trading for half an hour, and the value of the shares has dropped by over a dollar! Chairman Jiang, I hope you don’t mind me being so direct. Sure, Little President Jiang is very intelligent and capable, but at the end of the day, she is too young and still just a baby. So, when something terrible happens, she will go into hiding.”

  Seated right in the middle of the meeting table, Father Jiang remained silent as his face was set in a grim expression. 

  Second Uncle Jiang thought that today was the best chance to kick Jiang Dai out, so he spoke out fearlessly, “Big Brother, since Jiang Dai is my niece, I will tell it like it is. Sure, Bao Li’s share price had soared tremendously a while ago and this was thanks in no small part to Jiang Dai. However, you also know what she had resorted to hype the share price. What getting onto the list of most searched topics by getting a divorce with her husband? What showy idea to market goods on Weibo? These are just ideas to make a quick buck and not proper business practices. Now look, here comes the problem……”

  Watching Chairman Jiang’s face turn ugly by the second, Jiang Zhuyuan timely comforted, “Uncle, things are not that serious. After all, Daidai is still young and also a child. So, it is inevitable that there will be times when she is not able to handle things reliably.”

  Several shareholders successively chimed in.

  “Chairman Jiang, Little President Jiang is only 22 years old. It is the age when girls like to fall in love with boys. Also, she has not done anything wrong, but it is just that she is not capable of shouldering big responsibilities.”

  “Oh no, it can’t be that Little President Jiang went into hiding and won’t be coming to the office, right?”

  Father Jiang, who had not spoken a single word since the beginning, finally decided to speak out slowly. With a sullen voice, he stressed each word, “Daidai is my daughter, and she has a strong sense of responsibility, so she would never abscond from her responsibilities when she encounters any problems.”

  Second Uncle Jiang continued to play the bad cop. “Big Brother, Bao Li is our ancestral business, so we can’t let the business fold in the hands of a young lady. You better think twice.”

  Just as the words fell from Second Uncle Jiang’s mouth, the doors to the meeting room were pushed open by Wen Yan. 

  Dressed in an OL1 Office Lady. style form-fitting white dress, Jiang Dai strode proudly into the room in her thin high heels. With a dazzling smile on her face, she headed towards the meeting table and took a seat adjacent to the head of the table.

  Her gaze fell on Second Uncle Jiang’s face before she asked curiously, “Second Uncle, what were you asking my dad to think twice about?”

  “……” Second Uncle Jiang was at a loss for words.

  Jiang Dai glanced at her father and gave him a determined look, before informing him confidently, “I am sorry for being late for half an hour. There were urgent matters that I had to deal with.”

  With his eyes on the stock market and Weibo since the beginning, Jiang Zhuyuan realized that the commotion on Weibo did not show any signs of stopping any time soon. So, he turned to Jiang Dai and asked firmly, “Daidai, so how did it go?”

  Jiang Dai answered cheerfully, “All of you will know in the afternoon. If I were to give away a spoiler, then it won’t be a surprise anymore.”

  Her confidence came as a shock to Jiang Zhuyuan.

  Even Second Uncle Jiang was equally as shocked as well. He knew that Jiang Dai had indeed gradually taken root within Bao Li, so it would be even more difficult for him if he wanted to seize power from her.

  Second Uncle Jiang impassively motioned to two shareholders next to him.

  After meeting his gaze, they began to speak out one after the other. “Chairman Jiang, I am also one of the older folks in Bao Li. There is something I really have to say today. Miss Jiang is the apple of your eye. Since she is your only daughter, everyone can understand that you love her dearly. If your daughter wished to work in Bao Li, we would also not object. However, this CEO position is far too important, so it must not be trifled with.”

  The other shareholder also declared, “Chairman Jiang, I agree with what Director Huang had said. If you can’t reverse your decision, I currently still own many shares in Bao Li, I’m afraid……” 

  Father Jiang still had yet to utter a single word.

  Without giving them any face, Jiang Dai sneered, then lifted a glass of water to take a sip. “Uncle Cheng, if I remember correctly, you possess 2.1% of Bao Li’s shares. You do not want them anymore, right? That is no problem at all, just sell them to me. I also won’t cheat you, so let’s set the selling price at market value. So, whatever amount of shares you wish to sell, I will buy them all from you.”

  She remembered that these shareholders were supporters of Second Uncle and in favor of Jiang Zhuyuan becoming the CEO.

  “Who else wishes to withdraw their stakes? Come on, there is no time to lose, or would all of you like to wait till after 2 in the afternoon instead? By that time, Bao Li’s share price should be skyrocketing. Since all of you are elders of Bao Li and have achieved great merits, today I will let all of you earn one last sum of money for your pension.”

  All the shareholders looked at each other and remained silent for ten seconds, before losing their cool——

  “What is that supposed to mean? Little President Jiang, the share price will increase this afternoon?”

  “How do you know that? The share price has clearly fallen today!”

  A frown of doubt crossed Father Jiang’s face, as he questioned, “Daidai, what is going on?”

  Jiang Dai’s face lit up radiantly. “At 1 p.m. this afternoon, we will be holding an agreement signing ceremony with Qiao Yi International. This way, we will then establish long-term cooperation with several artists under Qiao Yi. Not only that but Qiao Jinye, the young master of Qiao Yi, will also be acting in a private capacity to invest in Bao Li. Hence, from today onwards, he will become a member of our Board of Directors.”

  The shareholders began whispering in each other’s ears, having difficulty wrapping their heads around such a significant matter.

  After an awfully long time, Third Uncle Jiang exclaimed, “So it turns out that last night, you were discussing the cooperation with the young master of Qiao Yi? What a big misunderstanding!”

  Jiang Dai laughed, “I know, right Third Uncle? This misunderstanding is too embarrassing, but in a moment, Qiao Jinye will clarify everything at his end. Recently, we have been trying to push this cooperation. You probably still remember Qiao Jinye? He used to be my high school classmate.”

  “I still remember him! The Qiao family used to be in the real estate business, but later they founded an entertainment company. Currently, Qiao Yi International is the most famous entertainment group in the whole country, and its share price remained high all year round. If we were to sign a cooperation agreement with Qiao Yi, the share price of both companies will definitely shoot up together!”

  The other shareholders were also filled with elation and amazement.

  “It is indeed excellent news to be able to cooperate with Qiao Yi! As far as I know, Qiao Yi not only signs artists but also possesses a complete entertainment industry chain. In the past two years, numerous popular IP assets were all funded by Qiao Yi!”

  In just several minutes, the atmosphere of the Board of Directors meeting had changed significantly.

  Jiang Zhuyuan continued to remain silent, as he could hardly control his facial expressions.

  Jiang Dai cast a sidelong glance at him and suddenly chuckled, “Cousin, the chickenpox on your face seemed to have healed fully. You have made a very quick recovery.”

  “…………” Jiang Zhuyuan gnashed his teeth with hatred.

  Ever since he was previously cursed by Jiang Dai, he felt the blasted itching all over his face. After scratching for half a day, he could not take it anymore and went to see a doctor. To his surprise, he seemed to have gotten chickenpox.

  How could a grown man still get chickenpox when he was approaching his thirties?!

  Even the doctor was also flabbergasted and was not able to explain what had happened. As a result, the chickenpox on his face had itched for the entire half a month. Since he was indeed unpresentable, he could only work from home.

  This woman was absolutely lethal!

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