Chapter 16.2: Relationship Exposed

  After raising his bidding paddle again, this time, he even made a hand gesture towards the auctioneer.

  Grinning from ear to ear, the auctioneer announced, “Alright! 500 million dollars with Mr. Huo in the VIP Area!” 

  Chen Mu, who was sitting next to him, was astounded and could not help nudging the other with his elbow. “Little Master, why did you suddenly offer such a high price? Adding over fifty million dollars so suddenly?”

  Even though Chen Mu worked for Huo Rongshen for so many years and had seen countless grand occasions, President Huo had always been a hands-on man, so Chen Mu had never seen him splurge at an auction for reputation.

  Huo Shenli’s face was set in a grim expression. “Just wait and see…… This is only just the beginning.”


  Unable to wrap his head around this whole thing, Chen Mu was very quickly rendered stunned.

  Despite the price soaring to 500 million dollars, there were not any signs of the bidding war weakening at all.

  “505 million dollars with Mr. Qiao in the VIP Area!”

  “Alright, 510 million dollars with Mr. Liang in Area A!”

  The only thing Huo Shenli could do was to continue raising his bidding paddle.

  As the price continued to rise, the number of people raising their bidding paddles clearly lessened. In the end, only three remained.

  With a knowing smile, the auctioneer surmised, “The bid is now at 625 million dollars. I wonder who will be the one who will get their hands on this treasure of the flourishing architecture industry? Please, everyone, now is the time to take your chance!” 

  Huo Shenli yet again raised his bidding paddle. “700 million.”

  Chen Mu was nearly flipping out, so he gently tugged on Huo Shenli’s sleeve. “Young Master, my good young master, please calm down. Don’t you think that this price is too high? It is rather unreasonable, as the value of the most expensive villa in this entire country is only around 500 million dollars. Now that the price has soared till 600 million dollars, it has long since exceeded the value of the villa itself, so there is no need for you to do so.”

  Huo Shenli whispered, “This is the gift Big Brother is planning to give Sister-in-law.”

  Chen Mu had already been rendered stupid by that frightening number, so he practically snatched Huo Shenli’s bidding paddle over. “Now that you have already raised the price to this point, President Huo definitely would not accept it anymore. Do you still not understand President Huo’s personality? He has never been one to act on impulse.”

  Right after that, that person in Area A raised his bidding paddle again. The auctioneer’s eyes glistened with excitement and delight. “Alright, 705 million dollars with Mr. Liang in Area A!”

  Even with Huo Shenli’s genial temper, at this moment, he was nearly enraged.

  Provoked, he vented in an angry whisper, “Where did this man with the surname Liang emerge from? What the h*ll? He is clearly trying to compete with our Huo family, isn’t it?”

  Chen Mu peered at the man out of the corner of his eyes.

  He only saw that man in Area A, who frequently raised his bidding paddle, was dressed in a grey suit and a sapphire blue necktie, appearing to be a refined gentleman with unbelievable grace. Yet, he somehow looked rather familiar.

  “He should probably be Liang Jingche, that person from Feng Qi Bank,” stated Chen Mu.

  Huo Shenli was not familiar with this name, but he only felt a throbbing pain in his head. A famous young master of the entertainment group taking part in the auction is not enough, and here comes another who runs a bank. What the f*ck is going on?


  Chen Mu held a death grip to Huo Shenli’s bidding paddle, hence resulting in two remaining contenders in the auction.

  Once again, Qiao Jinye raised his bidding paddle and spoke with a crisp voice, “800 million.” 

  After all, he debuted as a singer so there was a distinct difference between his pronunciation and that of regular folks.

  To everyone’s surprise, with just a raise of his bidding paddle, the price had actually risen by a hundred million, reaching the amount of 800 million dollars. Regardless of how the villa would rise in value in the future, the current price had certainly exceeded market value.

  “Oh my god, 800 million dollars! That is too crazy! Even Little Master Huo is not going to raise his bidding paddle anymore?”

  “That Mr. Liang looks as if he has very deep pockets and is determined to win.”

  “Well, he is the President of Feng Qi Bank. Recently, their share price is over three hundred dollars!”

  “Oh yeah, Feng Qi is a private bank, and the number of shares that Liang Jingche owns should not be small either.”

  Just as everyone was secretly anticipating the intense match between these two…… 

  Liang Jingche had instead gone silent. 

  A minute later, no one else raised their bidding paddle, so the auctioneer raised his hammer and announced, “800 million going once, 800 million going twice, 800 million going three times, sold! Congratulations, Mr. Qiao, you have won Yanjing’s very first super-mansion of this century——Nangang Palace.”

  Liang Jingche’s secretary asked, bewildered, “Earlier, only both you and Qiao Jinye were the only ones left. Since you had a chance of winning, why did you give up halfway?”

  The smile at the corner of Liang Jingche’s lips deepened, containing a sense of profoundness. “For such a phenomenal show, we should just watch on carefully.”

  Liang Jingche’s secretary thought to himself: ??? To h*ll with watching on carefully! Please you clearly raised your bidding paddle several times to forcefully raise the bidding price by 200 million dollars!


  As they left the auction venue, Huo Shenli blanched with horror. While walking, he mumbled, “Chen Mu, you are so dead. If it weren’t for you snatching my bidding paddle away, we would not have lost to Qiao Jinye.”

  On the contrary, Chen Mu thought he was exceptionally quick-witted, so much so that he was anticipating President Huo to commend him. “It goes without saying that the villa is not worth 800 million dollars. Qiao Jinye is a celebrity who debuted in a boy group, so it is apparent that he is that sort of person who is handsome on the outside, yet his brain is not sharp. Clearly, the price of the villa was at most 600 million dollars, why did he have to spend 800 million dollars on it???”

  Huo Shenli was stunned beyond tears. “You are, no doubt, my brother’s personal assistant. Yet another hardcore straight man. Do you not realize that he was deliberately competing with us?”

  Chen Mu’s eyes widened in shocked disbelief. “On purpose? Qiao Jinye? What is in it for him?”


  Soon after, the question marks surrounding our little friend, Chen Mu, found its answer on Weibo’s most-searched list of hashtags…… 

#Young master of Qiao Yi International successfully bid for a mansion at a whopping price of 800 million dollars#
#Qiao Jinye met a mysterious woman at night#
#Qiao Jinye’s relationship suspected to be exposed#

  At 9 p.m. that night, Qiao Jinye, who had successfully bid a mansion at a sky-high price, made his way in his limo, then to a certain commercial district to pick someone up. 

  The person, who had boarded the limo, was a young lady with an exceptional figure, appearing to be around 20-25 years of age. She wore an emerald green colored soft leather dress, which was the newest design in Dior’s Spring collection that they had just released in Europe.

  She did not wear many accessories, so only an eye-catching pair of earrings could be seen in pictures taken from the side. 

  The earrings were of a unique design—leaf-shaped earrings twinkling with pink lights—appeared stylish and refined, yet maintaining a sense of elegance.

  After investigating deeper, it turned out it was a custom design from an unknown top luxury jewelry brand, which used pink diamonds from South Africa. It was no wonder it looked so f*cking beautiful!

  And then there was an ashy grey clutch lined with various types of diamonds, which looked highly fashionable and classy. Based on its size, not only could it be used when one attends a banquet, but it also seemed to be suitable for daily OL1 Office Lady. wear.

  This unique bag design sparked some lively discussion amongst the spectating netizens. Unexpectedly, even fashion bloggers, who knew big fashion brands like the back of their hands, could not find anything about it within such a short time. Hence, they could only respond to the netizens in such a manner: 

It could possibly be from a very niche brand, so for the time being, nothing could be found.

  Of course, the highlight of this commotion was not these clothes and accessories, but rather the identity of the woman in the scandal.

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