Chapter 13.2: Child Bearing Agreement

  Jiang Dai was so busy with her work that she forwent the utensils and went straight into eating the hamburger with her hands.  

  Wen Yan had still yet to leave. Watching his boss, who had such a good appetite, he wanted to say something but hesitated.

  While Jiang Dai was eating, her eyes swept over him. “What’s wrong? Do you want to eat as well? Then, go order another portion!”

  “That is not it, President Jiang. When I went downstairs earlier, I heard someone say that they saw President Huo.”

  Jiang Dai suddenly frowned and then took another big bite of the hamburger. The rich aroma of the beef and cheese from the big American hamburger was barely able to soothe her mood. 

  “Why is he here again? Tell those outside to stop him. I do not wish to see him.”

  Wen Yan nodded and went to do as he was told. Who would have thought that he would run right into President Huo, who was dressed in a suit and leather shoes, as well as Chen Mu?

  Huo Rongshen narrowed his eyes as his authoritative aura enveloped the entire area in an instant. Looking at Wen Yan disdainfully out of the corner of his eyes, Huo Rongshen questioned, “You are working at Bao Li now?”

  The man asked in a calm and measured voice, but Wen Yan was so terrified that his calves kept trembling and he did not even dare to look at him. “……Yes, I-I am working for President Jiang at-at Bao Li. Bu-But, I……I have submitted my letter of resignation, and followed through the procedures in accordance with the Huo clan’s rules, President Huo!” 

  Huo Rongshen chose to remain silent. “My wife is inside?”

  Listening to his previous boss’s tone, it seemed that he did not care about Wen Yan’s defection to another company, so he heaved a sigh of relief. “Yes, Young Madame, she um……President Jiang is in the office, but she is having her lunch right now and instructed that she will not be meeting any guests.” 

  Huo Rongshen cast a cold glance at Wen Yan, causing cold shivers to run up his spine. 

  The exceptionally handsome man gave a stone-cold look and strode forward with his long legs as if he had not heard anything.

  Wen Yan trotted to catch up with Huo Rongshen and stuttered severely, “President Huo, you-you can’t… President Huo, you can’t enter……” 

  In the end, Jiang Dai’s lunch was interrupted. Fortunately, she had finished two-thirds of it and was already feeling so stuffed.

  As soon as Huo Rongshen’s arrogant face came into sight, she rolled her eyes in her heart while putting the hamburger away. She then dipped some french fries into some barbeque sauce and ate them. “President Huo, what brings you here again? My schedule is packed, so you have to pay for the conversation, fifty thousand per minute. Assistant Wen, start the timer.” 

  When they were still outside the office earlier, Wen Yan had been so terrified. However, the moment he saw the calm and collected Jiang Dai, he boosted his morale in an instant and said, “Okay.” Taking out his phone, he immediately started the timer.

  Huo Rongshen was rendered speechless for a moment. “……Get out.”

  Chen Mu walked over and stopped Wen Yan before he whispered, “Let’s leave. President Huo is here to talk to Young Madame about some private matters.”

  Wen Yan clung onto the side of the door, not wanting to leave. Instead of losing her temper, Jiang Dai continued to eat her fries one after another, not even forgetting to drink her orange soda.

  The color gradually drained out of Huo Rongshen’s face, as he somehow let up his imposing manner. Still maintaining his calm voice, he stated, “Jiang Dai, you will be receiving an email from me.”

  Jiang Dai wiped her fingers and tapped on the keyboard twice. Sure enough, she had received an unread email from this b*stard.

  The moment she saw the headline after double-clicking on it, she nearly swore. 

  “Postnuptial Agreement 1.0” 

  The entire document was filled with loads of nonsense across all sorts of matters, regardless of whether it was significant or trivial. This was the style of a profiteer, like Huo Rongshen. Fortunately, key clauses were marked in red, so Jiang Dai soon understood the real purpose of him coming here.

  If the wife were to have a child within two years, the husband will be subjected to provide the wife with two hundred million dollars in cash. As for the second child, the wife will acquire double the amount, and so on. This fund will be treated as consideration for the hardship the wife will be subjected to throughout the duration of pregnancy.

  Before the goal of having three children has been accomplished, both parties will not be allowed to raise a request for a divorce. 

  During the postnatal period, the wife will be allowed to manage the Jiang clan’s business, so long as her physical condition enables her to. The husband will be subjected to provide any amount of money required, with no minimum amount specified.

  The wife will not be allowed to meet anyone of the opposite sex alone for work, especially at night.

  The wife will be required to return no later than 9 pm, or as otherwise informed in advance of any special occasion.

  After roughly looking through the document, Jiang Dai came to realize that other than these harsh terms, the main idea was for her to give birth to children obediently, and she could do whatever she wanted. Also, he would neither cheat on her nor raise a request for a divorce. She would be able to have all the properties, join the Huo clan family tree, as well as enjoy the equity shares dividend that the wife of Huo Rongshen deserved.

  Initially, Jiang Dai thought she would have lashed out in anger like the last time, but this time, she laughed as she read the document, to the point where her stomach began to hurt a little.

  Her taste was just way too good. She had been pursued by so many guys in university, at least eighty, if not a hundred. Yet of all those people, she had to fall in love at first sight with this b*stard who wore a suit and tie every day and pretended to be human.

  In Huo Rongshen’s eyes, the smile tugged at the woman’s lips began to become sweeter. He could see that she was quite satisfied with the agreement.

  Hence, he started to calm down slightly, only to see Jiang Dai called Wen Yan over and whispered something in his ears.

  Wen Yan nodded his head and left.

  “Simply sign it once you are done reading it. Jiang Dai, in the past, I had always been so busy with work and was negligent to paying attention to your needs. You want a child, get the family clan’s recognition, and enjoy the rights of inheriting the family property, as all these are what you deserve for being my wife. Hence, this agreement was created to make it up to you, so if you have any other requests, you can add them in at any time.”

  So long as it was not too much, he would never refuse any of her requests.

  Jiang Dai smiled so brightly like a lotus. “Don’t rush. I am still reading.” She had to wait for Wen Yan to return from buying something.

  Wen Yan had probably left for over ten minutes and rushed back, out of breath.

  The moment she received the object from Wen Yan, she nodded and used her digital pen to sign.

  “Alright, I have sent it back to you.” She grinned.

  Huo Rongshen’s heart skipped two beats.

  Not going to get a divorce! She agreed not to get a divorce, so the problem really did lie with children!

  However, just when he opened the email on his phone, he froze instantly.

  She had left shocking words on the signature line in the document——Go to hell, you are a piece of sh*t!

  His pupils twitched violently. Before he was able to digest it fully, a book was thrown at his head——

  Fortunately, he had quick reactions and was able to dodge in time, so he was only hit on the shoulder.

  Several huge red words on the book cover dazzled him.

  Chen Mu, who had been hiding at one side without making any sound, also sneakily craned his neck to look over——


  “Marriage Laws”???? 

  Young Madame secretly instructed Wen Yan to buy the “Marriage Laws”???

  Jiang Dai took a deep breath and smiled elegantly. “Mr. Huo, this is my divorce gift to you. I hope that when you return, you will study it attentively. If you do not recognize any words, please remember to look them up in the dictionary.”

  “Jiang Dai!” She had made Huo Rongshen’s blood boil, causing him to lose all grace and poise. His eyes glowed with anger, dying to tear this woman apart. 

  “Oh, by the way, from now on, please stop pestering me, or else——Huo Rongshen, you will never get hard and will feel disgusted the moment you touch any woman.”

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