Chapter 10.2: She Got a Divorce

  When he saw Wen Yan was skeptical about his words, Li Kai added, “It’s true, I am really not bragging for fun. As a child, Sister Dai was trained in boxing and even learned mixed martial arts. She also took the lead in climbing over walls to skip school, as she was able to climb so quickly and fiercely. Even the dean was not able to catch her……” 

  Jiang Dai then felt helpless. When she was in high school, she sat in the back row with Qiao Jinye and Li Kai, so naturally, they played together. When it came to not following the school rules during their rebellious period, their tempers were very similar. Over time, even the teachers began to fear them, secretly calling them ‘The Three Malignant Female and Male Spirits.’

  If this was four years ago, she would have bashed Li Kai’s head for acting so presumptuously. However, now…… she had grown older and preferred tranquility to violence. Also, she could not be bothered to hit him.

  The moment he saw Jiang Dai looked a little distressed, Qiao Jinye used his fork to conveniently stuff a large piece of foie gras into Li Kai’s mouth. “Stop talking nonsense. Even when eating, you can’t stop your mouth from running!”

  Wen Yan was not able to restrain his curiosity at all. “Besides fighting, President Jiang even skips school? I really could not tell…… Wasn’t she a top student?”

  Wen Yan’s gaze grew more profound. During that time, exactly how hard did this sister try to create a contrasting public persona for herself, in order to marry his former employer? She was probably possessed by an oscar-level actress.

  Li Kai gobbled the entire piece of foie gras. “It is mental that a top student skips school! Sister Dai is indeed a top student and even scored the first place for the sciences in the entire grade, never making any mistakes. For the college entrance exams, Sister Dai had also attained first place in the whole city. She is insane. She did not need to attend any lessons, yet she was able to use three different solutions to solve the most difficult final question in maths. The whole class relied on her to pull the average score, so even if she were to act violently and commit evil in school all day, the teachers did not dare to control her.”

  Jiang Dai could not hold back any longer. “When have I ever acted violently and committed evil? I was upholding virtue and condemning evil!”

  Li Kai held back his laughter. “Yes, yes, yes. I can prove this point: Although the Great Demon King had a good reputation of being a female boss in First High School, she did not bully any student and did not collect protection fees. However, she would always teach unemployed youth, who bullied First High School students, a lesson. There was once she even broke a bully’s rib.”

  “……” Wen Yan’s face contorted with alarm. He suddenly felt the need to persuade President Huo to stop pestering Young Madame. Getting a divorce was a small matter, but keeping his life was a significant matter!

  Qiao Jinye coughed lightly. “It is getting late, so let’s get down to business.”

  Li Kai composed himself. “Yes, Brother Ye still has work tomorrow morning. Once Sister Dai and our Qiao Yi reach an agreement on long-term cooperation, then we would have loads of opportunities to catch up.”

  Jiang Dai stated, “All that could be said about my intentions of cooperation, I have already done so through the phone. I am, after all, an outsider, so I mainly want to hear your opinions.”

  Her ideas were not complicated, but there were hundreds of artists in Qiao Yi International, not lacking any popular celebrities with a huge fan base. Some girls had a good appearance and were very likable.

  Qiao Jinye analyzed, “I do agree with your intentions. Also, you know that I have several girl group members that have a massive, devoted fan base. However, due to the fact that they have trained in Korea since young, for many years, numerous netizens regard them as Korean celebrities. This would limit their long-term development in the country, but the company has plans for them to endorse domestic brands.”

  Jiang Dai declared, “Then I guess we have reached a consensus.”

  Qiao Jinye paused slightly. “It is not a problem for Bao Li to cooperate with Qiao Yi’s artists, so you can come over at any time to select people in the company. Before this appointment, I have suddenly thought of a new idea, but I am unsure whether you are willing to give it a try or not.”

  What exactly happened before this appointment…… 

  It was not difficult for Jiang Dai to make an associative connection. For an industry insider, like Qiao Jinye, he must have seen her news topping the list of most searched hashtags at the first moment.

  “You think…… I could influence buyers and drive sales myself?”

  Wen Yan agreed, “I think you can as well! Since President Jiang’s figure is good, as well as beautiful and radiant, it is especially in line with the tastes of the current young generation. Another crucial point would be that if you were to market it yourself, then we would save loads of funds. Young Master Qiao, to be honest with you, at the moment, Bao Li has just stabilized its share price, and the situation in the Group is very complicated. Also, President Jiang had just assumed her role. If we were to use a large number of funds for advertising, the old shareholders would most likely oppose it.”

  Jiang Dai had considered this issue since Bao Li had limited capital flow. Even though she had her small personal account and it was no big deal if she were to use it to help her company financially, it was not suitable to be used for a long-term strategy.

  Bao Li was a listed group. In essence, she was losing money by using her personal assets to maintain the interests of all shareholders. It was best to make profits as quickly as possible.

  Although the results of influencing such a large group of target audiences were guaranteed, the advertising costs were also astonishing.

  Qiao Jinye was only a year older than Jiang Dai, but his face was still youthful, and his aura had changed a lot. In the past, he used to be cool and a man of few words, but when one became close to him, they would realize that he was naive.

  Now, he was still very cool, but he was far calmer than he was in high school, allowing others to feel even more at ease and instinctively had confidence in him.

  His face contorted with thought. “Based on my observations on the marketing industry, if Jiang Dai were to market the goods herself, other than saving on costs, there might be some unexpected surprises. The effects brought about by the most searched hashtags today were absolutely not by chance. Nowadays, regardless of whether an idol or an online celebrity, everyone is marketing goods. Also, netizens have seen too many familiar faces. Since Jiang Dai is an outsider, her identity brings about a mysterious halo light. Hence, this is a bonus, so much so that it is promising for her to achieve results that even celebrities might not be able to reach.”

  Wen Yan seemed absorbed in his thoughts. “So that is what it is…… No wonder Zhen Xiu’s products were out of stock in less than an hour. Young Master Qiao is indeed an industry insider, as he analyzes it far deeper than we amateurs would.”

  “You have overpraised me. These rules and regulations are not difficult to comprehend. It is just that you do not come into contact with them often.” Qiao Jinye turned towards Jiang Dai, and the intensity of his gaze deepened slightly. “However, the internet is always a double-edged sword. If you were to do it personally, Jiang Dai, you should be prepared for your private life to be made public.”

  The gears in Jiang Dai’s brain were moving at a rapid speed, summing up the pros and cons to make a decision.

  “I am willing to try marketing the goods myself if it can give Bao Li a long-lasting effect. I can even try doing it on a long-term basis.”

  According to the timeline of the comic plot, the matter of Bao Li announcing its bankruptcy also occurred this year. Although the restricted content about the male and female leads’ relationship was far too much like a cliched drama, Bao Li’s issue existed in reality as well.

  Corrupt practices had long been established in Bao Li, and lukewarm marketing would only be able to stabilize the situation. If she wanted to surge forward in this intense fight amongst the global cosmetics brands, Jiang Dai would have to take up the sword that moves with side strokes1 剑走偏锋: it is a modern idiom for an unexpected winning move. .

  Assigned as the great villainous supporting actress, even if she wished to hide in a corner to protect her life, it might not necessarily be fulfilled. However, she wanted to revive the Jiang clan, returning it to its former glory, and even becoming greater and stronger than before. To the point where the wealthiest Huo family would think of swallowing up and suppressing the Jiang clan. This way, it would ensure the stability of her parents and herself for the rest of their lives.

  She smiled softly. “Marketing goods in front of the netizens across the country would be equivalent to becoming a public figure. It is reasonable that there will be gains when one had made efforts. What’s more, my private life is just and honorable, so I am not afraid of others’ criticism.”

  Li Kai subconsciously looked at Qiao Jinye’s face and asked in surprise, “So……does this mean that you are really going to get a divorce? I thought it was just a video clip of an argument between a married couple.”

  Qiao Jinye pursed his thin lips slightly as his eyes glinted.

  His eyes could not help landing on Jiang Dai’s bright red lips, as his mind filled with the most searched video clip where she was pointing at Huo Rongshen’s nose as she criticized him publicly.

  It had been years since he had last seen Jiang Dai acting like this.

  Self-assertive, stunning beauty, innate brilliance. This was just like the real her when she was a teenager.

  Regarding the story of Jiang Dai pursuing Huo Rongshen, he had long since memorized it.

  Now…… Was she really going to get a divorce?

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