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  • Wealthy Supporting Actress Tore the Script

    Chapter 71.3: Grand Finale (Part 1)

      In order for the party games to progress smoothly, Jiang Dai went with Qiao Jingye’s suggestion to hire a team of emcees. The main emcee was a renowned host for comedy TV shows who was exceptionally adept at enlivening places. Not only that, but the games were also so interesting that countless guests could participate and not feel left out.

      There was a wide selection of games that were introduced one after another.

      Halfway through, there would always be moments where players would be changed. In that span of time, those guests, who were not participating in the game, could always make their way to the buffet area and enjoy various scrumptious cuisines.

      Be that as it might, this was still a birthday party and the main purpose of it was still to celebrate Jiang Dai’s birthday.

      As soon as the lights were switched off, a deafening silence reigned through the hall. The initial lights became a warm champagne color in the darkness as a beam of light fell upon the birthday girl clad in a gold champagne color evening gown designed in a European royal style, causing her beauty to become increasingly ravishing that it took everyone’s breath away.


      “President Jiang is so beautiful!”

      “She’s so beautiful! Omg, I really can’t handle how beautiful she is that I’m on the verge of tears now!!”

      “Why don’t you make a wish, President Jiang? We’re just itching to have some cake now!”

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      Fsxlsdl lhld pbakljle, “Tyrru ckavbeyu, Valpkeldv Kkydt! Illr tasokdt xsal clywvkqwz!”

      Ylydobkzl, psxlsdl asyale cszezu, “Qwup, obyv es usw vbkdj kp Valpkeldv Kkydt’p ckavbeyu okpb?”

      “Tybybyby! R nyd’v vbkdj sq yduvbkdt! Ebyv nswze psxlsdl yp pvakjkdtzu clywvkqwz yde olyzvbu yp Valpkeldv Kkydt rsppkczu zynj vbyv aliwkalp bla vs xyjl y okpb?”

      “Sltyaezlpp sq obyvlhla kv kp, pbl pvkzz byp vs xyjl y okpb pkdnl kv kp y ckavbeyu vayekvksd.”

      “R alnjsd Valpkeldv Kkydt okzz okpb Jys Nk’p pbyal raknl vs eswczl ytykd kd vbl zyvvla byzq sq vbl ulya!”&dcpr;

      “I guess President Jiang’s wish is for Bao Li to attain a leading position in the international market and eliminate pretentious and tenacious people! Hahahahahaha.”


      “Hahahahahaha! In that case, she might as well defeat all the other popular brands1 The author mentions 雕牌(Dior)杨树林(YSL), so I removed it in case of copyright. and ex-boyfriends of hers too!”

      “I think that’s a pretty decent idea! It is only right for our domestic brands to have dreams! When that happens, others will only become unremarkable!”

      With that, it enticed more people to play with memes, causing the entire situation to become increasingly silly. 

      Noticing that everyone was getting ahead of themselves, Jiang Dai coughed and spoke with a careful pretense of seriousness, “It isn’t important whether Bao Li is able to eliminate these top-notch international skincare brands. That’s because my dream is to become the leading billionaire of Country A.”

      “Bloody hell, hahahahahahahahahaha! As expected from you, I’ll give you that!”

      “Hahahaha! I’d expect nothing less from President Jiang! Absolutely amazing!”

      “The leading billionaire in Country A is pretty cool, isn’t it? Hahaha, but I think our Mr. Leading Billionaire is with us today. Both of you won’t end up in a fight, right?”

      At this juncture, it was no secret that the three big shots were openly pursuing Jiang Dai.

      Despite Jiang Dai’s immediate response of mentioning her single status, none of them showed any signs of giving up. Apart from some business cooperation opportunities, they were often vying for moments to make an appearance within Jiang Dai’s sight.

      On the one hand, Qiao Jinye was the famous Brother Celebrity who was active in the public eye, but on the other hand, it was adamant that the other two were not as lucky in this aspect.

      Today’s occasion, in particular, where numerous guests from all walks of life were present. Even when they played games earlier, the vast majority of them could not help but feel somewhat nervous and have stage fright at the sight of them.

      Liang Jingche was a gentleman who was proficient in dispelling tensions. In the space of a few moments, he was able to clique well with the audience.


      As for Huo Rongshen, he possessed an innate aura that warded off people. Even if he had made an effort to the contrary, it was still not of much help.

      However, some people found how he had been trying desperately yet could not blend in with everyone hilarious.

      On top of that, how adorable was it to see a wealthy, tall, handsome, and well-endowed man wear a silly countenance for the sake of pursuing his ex-wife? 

      As such, several courageous, lively young ladies egged the emcee to tease and have him participate in games with high difficulty levels.

      At the onset, Hou Rongshen was faced with some difficulties, but his ability to adapt was so great that he could figure out how to play those strange games he had never heard of after observing for half a round. As the game progressed to the latter stages, he was so good at them that he constantly clinched victories. Hence, everyone else was fond of being in his group and muddled through the rounds to end up as the victors.

      After having tons of fun together for over a couple of hours, everyone no longer seemed to have a lingering fear of Leading Billionaire Huo.

      In any case, it was merely a party, and the leading billionaire was only an ordinary folk.

      What’s more, he was currently in pursuit of his ex-wife…… So, who could ever resist the urge to tease him when he was so silly, straightforward, and adorable?

      With that in mind, the laughter grew louder and more exaggerated.

      “You’re so amazing, Sister Dai!!! I dare to predict that this will appear as breaking news on Weibo and Toutiao2 头条: Toutiao is one of ByteDance’s core products that provide users with news and information content in China. tomorrow morning!! Bao Li Group’s President Jiang Dai vows to become the leading billionaire, and her birthday wish is to crush Leading Billionaire Huo!”

      “Hahahahahaha! What a dullard you are! I’m sure UC3 UC: It refers to the UC browser that is created by UCWeb (a subsidiary of Alibaba). The original Chinese slang is “明天来UC上班,” which is actually something used by netizens who wanted to create an eye-catching and sensational title. will be sending you an invitation, so you might as well take up a post there.”

      “A UC talent! Hahahahahahahaha!”


      “Leading Billionaire Huo replies, ‘I feel offended.’”


      Even though Huo Rongshen was quite a distance away from the birthday girl, his tall stature and good standing spot allowed him to have a good view of Jiang Dai. His gaze roved over her face, taking in every minute detail.

      As she said so, he could tell that Jiang Dai was only somewhat jesting. 

      Subsequently, her face seemed devoid of facial expression. However, when someone used the “offended” meme a couple of seconds ago, she chuckled for a moment. However, she might have done so silently before holding her laughter in again.

      Even so, Huo Rongshen had seen that countenance with much clarity.

      Without a second thought, he cleared his throat suddenly, causing countless people to divert their line of sight toward him.

      “Ahahahaha! After knowing his leading billionaire status is in jeopardy, Mr. Huo can stand it no longer!”

      “Gosh, that’s so awkward! Hahahaha, does Leading Billionaire Huo have anything to say?”

      “C’mon, say something! What’s your response to President Jiang’s wild declaration?”

      Although Huo Rongshen’s relaxed mien always seemed stern-looking, his eyes were dancing with gentleness and laughter. As the light fell upon Jiang Dai, he inclined his head to look straight at Jiang Dai before enunciating his words at a regular speed. “My response is that if we were to remarry, we would be sharing the assets under our names between us, and I can always transfer all my assets to my wife. That way, President Jiang will definitely take first place for Forbes’ ranking next year.”

      “F*ck, hahahahahahaha! Oh man, have I been forced to watch their cringy lovey-doveyness?”


      “That was amazing, and I think that love confession is good and sincere! I’ll invite everyone here to bear witness so you can’t go back on your words, Mr. Huo! After all, this is legally valid!”

      “You can take this into consideration, President Jiang, especially when this man seems rather sincere.”

      “I’m so jealous, hahahahahaha!”

      “Transferring assets if she were to remarry? You’re so darn smooth, Mr. Huo! If President Huo still doesn’t fancy you, what do you think of me? You can take a good look and consider any of my good friends and me!!!” Out of nowhere, a female guest teases loudly.

      Immediately right after, a male guest raised his hand. “Here, over here! Why don’t you think about it, Mr. Huo? Males have our advantages too, so don’t always stare at those women. We, males, are also qualified to compete, aren’t we?”

      With that, the vicinity was thrown into disarray——

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