Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


The prisoners would gather in the large square open space in the center of the buildings, where there are tables and chairs in front of the Dining Hall. The upper part of the square is hollow, and I could directly look at the sky. However, the sky here is gray and gloomy almost all year round, there are only a few days when the sun will appear.

“Yo, Little Lamb, have you started working?” When Cang Wu and I arrive at the Dining Hall together, Yaren bluntly puts a hand on my shoulder from behind me, causing my abdomen to ache faintly.

I pretend to be okay and nod.

“Really? You were beaten like that by Li yesterday~” Teal walks and stands on tiptoes in front of me to put up his petite body, which is shorter than me, so that he could get a closer look at my face. His big grayish-green eyes turn around flexibly to observe my injuries.

“It’s okay, but I have to go to Dr. LuoLuo to change the dressing later.” I deliberately step back to keep my distance from Teal.


Teal chuckles twice. “It seems that your vitality is also very strong.”

I don’t know if it’s a compliment or irony, but he smiles perfunctorily.

“Ah~ today, you work hard on your first day, let’s have dinner together?” Yaren takes advantage of our height difference and hangs on my shoulders, and regardless of my wishes, pulls me away to the food station.

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Teal and Yaren chat with each other, while I stand by with Cang Wu, only occasionally responding to their conversation. I notice that Cang Wu is also a person who talks less with people.


When it is my turn to pick up the meal, I am quite surprised by the appearance of food in front of me. I thought that the food in the Prison Hall would not be much better, but what I see before me is a very exquisite European breakfast! Is this place really a prison for prisoners? I can’t help but suspect that Absolute Wing Hall is actually a hotel.

“Wait, your fruit.” When I am about to go forward, the boy who rations the meal stops me. When I look up, I discover that it is the boy who was in Li’s cell yesterday.

He seems to recognize me too, because his action of putting the fruit on my plate becomes a little flustered, and his brown eyes that were full of fear yesterday are now full of apology.

I do not have time to talk to the teenager right now, because the people who are picking up the meal at the back have already squeezed forward, so I now have to catch up with Teal in front of me.

“Teal, the kid just now is…”

“That kid? Did you mean Josh?” Seeing that I mention the boy again, Teal’s expression sinks a little. “Don’t you know? The people working in the kitchen are the prisoners on the second and third floors of each building. They will rotate once a month. Josh is the prisoner on the second floor of my building.”

“I know, but… “

“Ye ShiJiu, don’t be nosy.” Teal’s tone becomes gloomy for an instant, and his grayish-green pupils glint with coldness. I immediately understand that if I continue to ask more questions, Teal would probably tear my face apart.

At this moment, someone suddenly bumps a plate behind me. I turn my head and see a tall man standing behind me. He is about half a head taller than me, who is already 1.8 meters. I guess he might be 1.9 meters tall. The man’s short and prickly black hair looks very rough, he also has a dark wheat complexion, and a strong but not exaggerated figure. His face is very firm, upright and good-looking. His thick eyebrows and phoenix eyes give people the impression of arrogance, but not the kind that would make me uncomfortable.

“You’re in the way.” Says the man with a low voice.

“I’m sorry.”

I freeze, and am about to get out of the way, but Yaren’s pleasant voice comes from behind me, “Gui Shang!”


Yaren bounces from behind me and childishly leans towards the man, just like an excited little puppy. If I remember correctly, the name Gui Shang should belong to the ‘King’ of Yaren’s building.

“Go away.” The man named Gui Shang just drops that sentence coldly.

“Don’t be like this, is it because I didn’t eat with you today that you’re angry?” Yaren moves closer to Gui Shang again, but apparently, Gui Shang is very impatient. He grits his teeth and says, “I’m actually so happy!” Then he shakes his head and walks away.

It seems that the relationship between Yaren and Gui Shang is different between Cang Wu and Tian Hai. My eyes follow Gui Shang curiously, but while doing so, my line of sight is attracted to another person. A pair of beautiful eyes as green as a lake, with white skin as clear as snow, and a head of red-orange hair like a sun disappearing by the sea── Gu Yan.

My eyes drift onto Gu Yan, who is sitting two or three tables away from us. Surprisingly. he and Tian Hai are sitting at the same table, just as if they are seizing me with their falcon-like-eyes, and I couldn’t help but shudder.

“Little Lamb, what’s the matter with you, why are you in a daze?” Teal changes into that innocent appearance of his again, and takes me to the side to sit down with Cang Wu who has already sat down.

“No, nothing.” I force myself to sit down calmly, only to find Cang Wu staring at me. “What’s wrong, Cang Wu?”

“Are you wondering why Gu Yan and Tian Hai are sitting together?” Cang Wu asks.

“Half-half.” I answer honestly.

“What’s the other half?” Teal asks but I just glanced at him and gave him a “don’t be nosy” look.

“The relationship between Tian Hai and Gu Yan is pretty good. Sometimes they sit and eat together and often play together. Of course, this has something to do with the factions.” Cang Wu explains as he tears the European-style bread and slowly chews it in his mouth. Cang Wu continues, “The division of factions in the Absolute Wing Hall is very simple. The king of each building is the head of the faction. Almost all the prisoners under a King’s building are equivalent to the people under that King’s group.”

“Yes, yes, the relationship between Tian Hai and Gu Yan is the best, while our family’s Gui Shang belongs to the neutral, and will neither have a particularly bad relationship with other kings nor a particularly good relationship.” Yaren interjects and sits down across from me. His expression is a little frustrated, maybe because of Gui Shang’s rejection just now.


“Then… Where is Li?” I ask.

“Hey, our family’s HongRan…Ah, I forgot to tell you that Li HongRan is Li’s full name. He is a mad dog who bites at the sight of people. No one has a good relationship with him.” Teal plays with the carrots in the soup in his bowl and sighs. “Fortunately, it’s fine now. As long as we don’t deliberately provoke Li, he won’t be too crazy. “

I couldn’t help but smile, because I even thought that if the Absolute Wing Hall is compared to a school, Tian Hai and Gu Yan are the small gangs, Gui Shang is the lone ranger, and Li HongRan is the poor kid who is excluded from the class.


Author: The name Tian Hai is based on a character from Cheng Yingshu’s book “Hell Gate”.

Erza’s Note: Here comes our couple for Absolute Wing Hall Series #2! By the way guys, Xue Luo’s name will be Xue LuoYi. Also, I decided to show the characters’ appearance (which are the covers of their own story), so that you guys could imagine them more! ↓.

Gu Yan and Ye ShiJiu Lang

Gui Shang and Ya Ren

Cang Wu and Tian Hai

Teal and (???)

(I decided not to reveal who Teal’s other half was, since he wasn’t really mentioned here in Wolf’s story.)

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