Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


Taking me into a corner, Gu Yan’s face is dreadfully gloomy. As he nudges me to the corner of the staircase near the garden that has never been passed by many people, he suddenly pushes me hard and slams my back into the granite stone wall behind me, making me groan in pain from the sudden blunt and heavy impact.

“What are you doing?” I ask angrily.

“I should be the one asking what you’re doing.” Gu Yan’s emerald green eyes look as if they are frozen with layers of frost.

“I didn’t do anything!”

“En? Standing so close to Josh and talking like that and not doing anything?”


“We just talked!”

“That’s not the problem!” Gu Yan suddenly grabs me by my collar. I’ve never seen him looking so angry at me.

“Gu Yan!”

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“R jdso, cwv…”

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“Psd’v cl akeknwzswp! Qw Zyd, R’x dsv yp kdnsxrlvldv yp usw vbkdj!” R yqqkax vs Qw Zyd clqsal rwpbkdt bkx pvaldwswpzu.

What I hate the most is Gu Yan repeatedly emphasizing my powerlessness, his dominance, and him emphasizing more that I can only rely on him! Gu Yan has always been persuading me to surrender to him again and again, and it’s all making me very upset!


“You’re the one who should stop your unnecessary pride! Wolf, whether you have such great ability as you say, or just because of your own obstinacy, you are unwilling to face the fact that you are weak, be it the former or the latter, you are the clearest person about it.”

Gu Yan’s words make me flush in shame, and my scalp tingles as cold sweat drips down my neck.

I know. My heart actually understands that my abilities are limited, and that I’m not as great as what I am implying.

I don’t know how many times I have been quarreling with Gu Yan about this kind of thing. Whether it’s Yaren, Teal, or anyone else, they all keep persuading me! Every time, it makes me almost collapse to accept the fact that I must depend on Gu Yan.

But I am afraid that after accepting, I would truly become a lingering weakling who could only cling to Gu Yan for the rest of my life, imprisoned to stay by his side forever in this cold, gloomy Absolute Wing Hall, and never to see Xiao Cheng again…

Xiao Cheng…

“Enough, I don’t want to discuss these issues with you right now.” My tone is especially bad as I push my way out from Gu Yan’s embrace and then prepare to flee.

“You’re running away!” Gu Yan seizes my arm and yanks me back to my original place again.

“Fuck you! You have no right to tell me whether to run away or not!”

I shove off Gu Yan’s hand as my whole body is almost on the verge of an outburst. Then suddenly, feeling like all the blood in my whole body is boiling hot, and as if my muscles have a mind of their own, I stretch out my fist and punch Gu Yan head-on.

Gu Yan doesn’t have the time to react, or rather, he didn’t expect that I would punch him, letting my fist leave a glaringly red bruise on his exquisite, snow-white face, and staining the corners of his mouth with blood. 

“Why do I have to run away from such things like a coward! Why do I have to live like a fragile person by clinging to you! Gu Yan, it’s all because of you! If the person you chose wasn’t me, I wouldn’t be like this now… Who do you think you are to control me!”


Gu Yan’s frosty-green eyes stare at my angry ones, and its temperature has obviously dropped at freezing point.

However, in the next second, Gu Yan grasps my shoulders and slams my back against the wall. And this time, the force is so full of his ignited fury that it makes me a little dizzy, making me shrink at once from the pain in my back.

“It’s because you are my chosen one, that’s why I want to care about you. Wolf, I like you so much that I want to take you as a treasure and keep you by my side. In my mind, I have determined that you are my property, so I can’t allow anyone to have the opportunity to touch you, hurt you, or even destroy you.” Gu Yan pinches my arm in agitation, inflicting pain almost as if he’s breaking my bones.

My anger is suddenly quenched by the tidal wave of fear that follows. When Gu Yan stares at me with those cold, green eyes that appear to have no temperature at all, I immediately know that it’s a warning sign that I had seriously angered him.

“But Wolf, you are so disobedient that I even suspect you have never listened to a single word I have said to you. How outrageous! It’s like telling you kindly that there is a trap ahead of you, pulling you to your death desperately, but in spite of that, you still want to jump into the trap.” Gu Yan sighs softly and hooks up the corners of his mouth into a smile, yet his elegant face does not carry any emotion, and such a smile from him frightens me more than his unsympathetic anger earlier. “I always thought that if you wavered, you would become a docile sheep and obediently rely on me; but often, it’s only a matter of time before you turned back into a little beast that doesn’t know the height of the heaven and earth, stupidly clamoring that you don’t need to depend on me.”

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