Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


I have finished organizing all the prisoners back to their cells, and now I’m halfway to opening Xiao Cheng’s letter, which was even interrupted by Gui Shang earlier, when Gu Yan timely comes and looms at me── he always likes to find me during this time.

Today is no different from usual. Gu Yan asked me to go over and accompany him, and he himself is lazily half-lying on the bed and flipping through a book.

Actually, after that night when I almost had a complete breakdown in front of Gu Yan, whenever I’m with Gu Yan recently, my stress level would increase all of a sudden. Whenever I see Gu Yan’s face, it reminds me of how cowardly I was that night. Crying and begging him for mercy, making me feel embarrassed and extremely ashamed all the time. I would even be suspicious and wonder if Gu Yan’s lazy face is secretly mocking my uselessness.

But today, perhaps because I received a letter from Xiaocheng, my mood is not as bad as I had expected.

I am now sitting next to Gu Yan, and waiting for him to begin idle conversations first just like usual before I blurt out what’s on my mind.


Then, in a voice which shows his indifference, he began answering, “Gui Shang? If I remember correctly, he was already acquainted with Yaren even before entering the Absolute Wing Hall. And Yaren also seemed to come and work in the Prison just because of Gui Shang.”.

So that’s how it is ah… I ponder as I lower my eyes.

“Why are you asking this all of a sudden? I’m glad you took the initiative to talk about something, but I didn’t expect you to talk about someone else.” Gu Yan’s mouth hooks up, full of sarcasm.

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Rp xu lmralppksd dso alyzzu wdalpvaykdle? R ynvwyzzu zlv Qw Zyd pll vbaswtb xu xssep!

“No way!” I couldn’t help feeling ashamed and embarrassed. And while trying to act tough and brave, I panic and skim my face away, not wanting Gu Yan to see any more of my emotions.


“Why are you in such a good mood? Ah, I see, is it because Wolf received a letter from his sister?”

“Why do you even know that?”

I whip my head in surprise, only to see him smiling like a naughty cat, and only then do I realize I have slipped up and indirectly confessed.

“Looks like I am right.”


My cheeks reddens with embarrassment.

“Because it has been the same a few times before. As long as your sister’s affairs are involved, you seem to be more lively.” Gu Yan arches his refined right eyebrow. “But… I’m rather curious, does your sister really hold such a great weight and charm in your heart?”

“Of course.” I lower my face as I utter seriously and solemnly to Gu Yan, “She’s the only family I have left in the world. She’s all I have left in my life since my parents passed away, and I love her so much.”

Gu Yan looks at me, smiling without saying a word. At this moment, the expression in his eyes is very strange, and not at all resembling that high and mighty Gu Yan, but rather like a confused child.

That is the first time I became curious about Gu Yan, curious about why he exudes such a look.

“If by chance, you could see her, you would definitely feel very happy, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, but you wouldn’t let me go, would you?”


Falteringly, I once again send a pleading sign to Gu Yan with my eyes, as if I have been repeatedly trained and taught to rely on him. I subconsciously feel that if I ask Gu Yan for help, he would grant me salvation .

“That’s right.” However, under Gu Yan’s support, this is the only thing he would simply never do.

“Then what’s the use of this?” I laugh bitterly and helplessly.


After finishing the night patrol, I’m just about to return to the dormitory, but I happen to meet Cang Wu along the way. Recently, Cang Wu has always been with Tian Hai and often missed our meals. It’s really rare to have the opportunity to see him during this time.

I wave at him without hiding my delight, and only then do I see Cang Wu actually coming towards me.

Despite Cang Wu’s calm face, I could see that his neat pace is disordered. When he arrives in front of me, he is dressed neatly wearing our uniform, but I could smell the soapy fragrance of his body as if he just came out of the bath.

I didn’t see Cang Wu at dinner today, and I quickly understood that he had just returned from Tian Hai’s cell.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing, I just ran into you and wanted to say hello, because I seem to have less time to spend with you these days. And I also want to talk to you…” I laugh dryly .

“I see.” I can discern that Cang Wu’s complexion looks a little weary even under the dim light.

“Yes… But if you’re already tired, go back and rest first, I won’t delay you anymore.”


“No, it’s okay. I’m not very tired.” Cang Wu droops his eyes slightly, making me wonder what he is contemplating about. After a while, he raises his head. “Let’s go to my room and talk. I have some good stuff for you there as well.”

Good stuff?

I cock my head in puzzlement, but no longer think too much of it, and just follow Cang Wu to his room.

Cang Wu’s room is simple and very clean, and almost has no miscellaneous items around. Similar to the display of my room, the documents on his front desk are neatly arranged, and his tabletop is padded with a layer of transparent partitions, under which many photos are placed. I am seated on the large carpeted floor, thus I couldn’t see the photo because of the low angle, but I am very much curious about it.

I am craning my neck to see whose picture it is when a cold tin can is shoved into my hand.

“How did you get this? I remember that Xue Luoyi forbade us from drinking, right?” My eyes widen as I stare at the so-called good stuff that Can Wu handed to me── a beer.

“It’s not mine, it’s Yaren’s and Teal’s. Last time they fooled around, they secretly asked people to send them in, and they ended up sending too much that their fridge couldn’t fit in more beer, so it was stuffed into mine.” Cang Wu takes a can for himself and opens it at once.

Dumbfounded, I watch as Cang Wu takes two sips before staring down at the beer in his hand. Truth to be told, I have some cravings myself.

“Is this really all right?”

“It’s okay, just drink a bottle and you won’t be found out, Xue Luoyi is not that powerful.” Cang Wu licks his moist lips that are stained with the red and watery glow, looking absolutely beautiful.

Since even Cang Wu had said so, it’s more embarrassing to be reserved, so I just open it and gulp a few mouthfuls. I don’t know how long it has been since I’ve experienced the refreshing sensation of the slightly bitter, ice-cold beer stimulating my throat, therefore I couldn’t resist taking a few more sips.

“Not bad, right?” I don’t know if it’s due to the alcohol, but the usually poker-faced Cang Wu suddenly shows his rare smile.


“Mmm.” I nod joyfully.

“So easily satisfied.”


“Just kidding.” Cang Wu laughs again.

Licking the mouth of the bottle, I couldn’t help musing that Cang Wu seems to be getting along better after drinking beer.

Erza: Here’s some rare and lovely but bittersweet YanLang moments. Also, Wolf seems to be getting gaed by Cang Wu at the end 😂, but Wolfy and Cang Wu are just brothers in arms so don’t get your hopes up, OK!

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