Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights



[T/n: This whole chapter has rape, but only slight NSFW since it’s not as brutal and not as detailed as the first time and it’s mostly conversations amidst their xx scene.]

Gu Yan nearly bends my waist in half. Even though I’m panting profusely, the severe strain on my body is still causing me to suffocate.

My backyard is being torn apart fiercely, and his scalding heat continues to engulf me again and again.

Because of my physical discomfort, a faint whimper escapes from my throat.


“Slow down…” I reach out my hand and fraily push back the man who is thrusting so hard in me.

Yet Gu Yan doesn’t cease his forceful movements in my body no matter how much I lower ng body and plead for compassion. Gu Yan cups my face with his chilly hands as he drapes my thighs on his shoulders, causing my waist to dangle slightly from his arms’ position.

Gu Yan’s white cheeks are flushed with need, and his eyes, with their serene lake-like green pupils, gleam with a frightening passion.

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“Wolf, smile for me, just like you did for Cang Wu today.”


“Wolf, let me see your smile, just as you smiled at Cang Wu today.” Gu Yan repeats his strange request to me.

You’ve got to be joking! Who can still smile at a time like this?

I grit my teeth in rage as I look at Gu Yan with reddened eyes.

“Ah, here we go again. You only look at me with that kind of eyes all the time, but why can you smile at Cang Wu?” Gu Yan rubs his forehead against mine, and a few strands of his red hair clings to my eyes.

Gu Yan lifts my waist a few more degrees to the point that it almost snaps in half.

“I have only ever seen you smile at other people, but not at me, and that upsets me very much.” Gu Yan says, rubbing his cheek against the hair on my temples. His voice is muffled and slightly hoarse, which is the sign of his approaching climax.

My fingers grip his shoulder with all the strength I could muster.

Why is Gu Yan like this? I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry because of his temperamental and sudden desire to see people smile!

Gu Yan’s increasing rhythm causes me to furrow my brow in anguish.

At last, Gu Yan lets out a low and muffled groan as his heated beast finally releases inside my body. And after being bent and stretched to the point of discomfort, my waist is finally alleviated.

“Wolf, why won’t you smile?” Gu Yan softly rubs himself against my body and pants lightly as his fingers brush over my cheeks. His glass-like green pupils gaze at me intensely, and the expression escaping from those eyes is one of disappointment after his hopes are dashed.



“I can’t smile…” I sigh heavily.

“Why?” Gu Yan tenderly kisses my cheek and pecks at it gently.

I’m the one who should be asking why. I think Gu Yan has put the wagon before the horse.1Put the wagon before the horse – to do things wrongly/unorderly

Why should I smile? Why must I obey him in everything? Why am I obligated to rely on him? And why… Why did he choose me in the first place?

“Is it really so difficult to merely smile?” Gu Yan’s lips curve into a beautiful arc, as if to lure me to show the same smile as he does.

It’s annoying. Gu Yan is really annoying, making my thoughts all messed up.

Finally, in order to get rid of his pestering, I compromise, barely raising up the corners of my mouth to give it a smiling arc, but Gu Yan doesn’t seem very satisfied.

“Wolf, you didn’t smile at Cang Wu like this. You are simply smiling bitterly right now.” Gu Yan grunts, lifting the corners of my lips on both sides with his fingers as I passively let him knead at my face.

It would be fantastic if this got him to quiet up…

Gu Yan, on the other hand, demands angrily as he rolls over me and elevates my hips in preparation for the next round of torture, “Why can’t Wolf just smile at me nicely?”

I sigh lightly, “Of course, because I don’t hate Cang Wu, but do I hate you.”

I wonder if this answer will make him shut up?


Gu Yan grunts softly, then pulls my waist back as I stifle a deep groan from his entry.

“Is that so? But I still like you. After all, you are the one I chose for myself.” Gu Yan mumbles, kissing my nape then following with a light chuckle. In the dead silence of his cell, a blunt and heavy sound of flesh collision can be heard.

I clench my hands into fists, which are still wearing white gloves.

Why? Why does it have to be exactly me…

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