Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


I become silent. It turns out that the bottled-water that Cang Wu has is specially for Tian Hai, and the coffee just now was just brought to me along the way.

“That’s right, Tian Hai always asks Cang Wu to help him send things from east to west.”1East to west – everywhere/all around Teal leans and squats beside me as he starts mumbling on his own. “But it’s rare that these bunch of lazy guys would think of playing.”

“Yeah.” I respond absentmindedly.

“Kings versus Kings really looks interesting, they are just missing our family’s Li. It’s a pity that he, Gu Yan, and Tian Hai are at odds with each other.”

“Where is Li?” I raise my eyebrows in surprise, just realizing the fact that Josh is actually sitting alone at the side of the court, which I find strange.


“Staying in his cell and waiting for me to take Josh over. He is a real pain in the ass. First, he agreed to let Josh come and watch the basketball game, but now he’s backing out of his words and is anxiously waiting for me to take Josh back.”

“Li let Josh watch the game?” I knit my eyebrows, upset at the thought that Teal would send the boy who is now smiling cheerfully on the side benches back to Li’s wolf claws later.

“Josh used to be a captain of a basketball team in college, therefore he certainly likes basketball very much. And today, he asked Li to let him watch the game.”

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“Nothing much.” The topic suddenly lands on Gu Yan, a name I am sensitive with. I don’t really want to continue this conversation, so I just casually said two words.


“Eh──Look at you, although your face usually looks grumpy, but at the mention of Gu Yan, your face looks even grumpier. Say Little lamb, you have been here for a while now, are you still not used to it?” Squatting on the ground, Teal tilts his head up and stares at me playfully.

How can I get used to such a thing!

I complain in my heart, and the good mood I have just now becomes completely ruined by Teal.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” I grimace.

“Gee, it seems that you’re still not used to it.”

“Teal!” Teal’s words really make me a little angry.

“Don’t be so fierce, you crazy Little lamb. I’m just concerned about you.” Teal raises an eyebrow, and his tone shows some hint of displeasure.

“Sorry.” I sigh lightly, knowing that I really am too mean.

“Uh-huh, if you really want me to forgive you, answer my one question.” Teal actually talks me out of his own terms.

“What is it?”

“Lamb, how is the relationship between you and Gu Yan now?” Teal puts up his index finger as he seriously asks me a question I don’t really want to answer.

I stare at Teal in silence, my face as dead as a stone.


“Little lamb, I can see that Gu Yan likes you very much and he is also willing to protect you, but you look very reluctant to accept him. Isn’t staying under his shade a good thing for you?” Teal’s little head tilted in wonder.

“I… I don’t want to be protected by the person who trapped me inside this prison in the first place.” I can feel an uncomfortable feeling of depression rising in my heart.

“Ha! That’s a good excuse for you to say that.” Teal smiles, showing his white teeth. “In the beginning, it was Gu Yan who pushed you into the wolf pack, but now he wants to protect you as the wolf king, clearly forcing you to follow him, which is a bit mean and hurts your self-esteem, right?”

I don’t say anything in response, instead I look up just in time to see the dark clouds blocking out the sun that is already barely showing.

“But little lamb ah, let me give you a piece of advice…” Teal stands up with a swish, ruffles his short fluffy light-coffee hair, and puts on the police cap that is clamped between his armpits.

“Don’t be so insistent on your useless pride, it can’t be eaten or drunk, so why keep it around? If you need it, sell it. Isn’t it practical to sell it to Gu Yan in exchange for his protection? You can’t survive in the Absolute Wing Hall on your own.”

“What kind of advice is that!” I finally couldn’t help but yell. “I’m not so weak that I need to be protected by others!”

“Are you strong enough not to be protected? I think you know it best these days. Ye Shijiu. Don’t think that just because you’re a prison guard in the Absolute Wing Hall, no one will dare to touch you. The last time Nuo La came after you, Gu Yan stood up for you and everyone saw it clearly. Now who in the Absolute Wing Hall does not know that you are Gu Yan’s possession?”

In Teal’s grayish-green eyes, I seem to see a hint of ruthless cruelty. My heart thumps loudly against my chest, and I subconsciously pray that Teal would not say his next words.

“Poor little lamb, no one dares to move you right now because Gu Yan is covering you. But don’t be so naive as to think that no one has malicious intentions towards you. You are now the newest rookie in the Absolute Wing Hall, and everyone thinks of you as a brand new toy to play with. But at the moment, because you are Gu Yan’s property, no one has the guts to touch you, except for Nuo La.” Teal’s words make blood rush to my face all at once as I feel very ashamed of myself.

This kind of thing, how can I not understand? I have also felt some prisoners’ meaningful gazes at me, but I just never want to think about it.

“Little lamb, in the Absolute Wing Hall, you are just a weak person. Almost any prisoner can hold you under their claws and play with you. If you want to stay safe and sound, wouldn’t accepting Gu Yan’s protection be the best choice?”


“Are you trying to persuade me to succumb to him”?

“Yes, I’m trying to persuade you.” Teal stands on his tiptoes and brings his little face close to mine. “I don’t know Gu Yan very well, but I more or less know that he is a fickle man. You’re lucky he’s willing to protect you now, but I’m not sure what will happen in the future.”

“Little lamb, I like you very much. Hanging out with you is quite fun. So I don’t want your pride and reluctant attitude to annoy Gu Yan and cause his shelter for you to disappear… I don’t want to see you, who lost your protective wings, being bullied miserably in this prison.” Teal stretches out his hand and squeezes the tip of my nose while smiling mischievously.

His pinching stings the tip of my nose, but there’s also a sour feeling arising in my nose. I couldn’t refute anything that Teal said, which makes me feel very ill at ease.

“Is it really possible that I can only submit to such an unfair fate?” I can’t tell whether it’s because Teal is still squeezing the tip of my nose or because of the desperate feeling awakening from the bottom of my heart, but my voice quivers with hints of ridiculousness and patheticness.

Teal finally lets go of my nose. He is smiling, yet his eyes remain emotionless. There isn’t a hint of pity, but there isn’t any delight either. And on his face, hangs his usual but well-practiced grin.

“It can’t be helped, who let Gu Yan choose you out of all the people out there, ne?”

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