Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


The shower room is foggy and wet, filled with white hot steam rising to the air and accompanied by the hot water raining from above that is hitting my cold body, making it sting a little.

The temperature of the hands on either side of my waist seems to be higher than the dripping hot water on my body. Gu Yan’s chin is currently resting on my shoulders, and a few locks of his red-orange hair are sticking on my neck along with the water.

As I stare at the floor, the mist that enters my eyes and the hot water that continues to drip from my hair leaves me lost for a long time, it’s not until my waist is pulled back by Gu Yan do I only come back to my senses.

⚠️R*pe Scene Ahead⚠️

(Erza: The rest of the chapter has r*pe. But thankfully, the r*pe part here isn’t as abusive as before.)


“Hmm…” The moment Gu Yan enters my body, I let out a short, muffled grunt.

As Gu Yan slowly invades me, my rear gradually stretches to cater his length. Compared with his brutal invasions, I think this form of slow entry is more torturous. However, compared to my tragic end when I was invaded for the first time, bone-deep tearing sensation and extreme shame from the second time, and the terror and unbearable pain from the third and fourth time… While being forced again these few times, I noticed that my body seems to be gradually getting used to this kind of treatment.

It’s not that I don’t feel pain, shame or fear. It’s just that the pain and feeling of discomfort that frightened my soul so much that my fingers would tremble at first, has gradually become numb after experiencing it so many times.

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“Ohld kq usw eked’v pbso wr vseyu…”

“Are you saying that you have a way to protect yourself?” Gu Yan pushes heavily and deeply into my body, and his movements suddenly stop as he rests himself inside me.


With Gu Yan’s throbbing heat between my thighs, I can clearly feel his existence inside me. Without the sense of discomfort from his thrusting, this calm and contradictory pain and numbness makes me feel even more uncomfortable.

“Wolf, don’t be naive. Do you really think you have what it takes to beat Nuo La? I once told you that you are just a weak person. There are too many strong people inside the Absolute Wing Hall. And Nuo La is also one of them. But in my eyes, Nuo La is just a weakling, because I am the strongest.” Gu Yan lightly nibbles on my shoulder, his teeth biting my skin. “If you want to defeat Nuo La, you have to rely on me. Therefore, whenever Nuo La is causing trouble for you, you should just ask me for help. But what I don’t know is if you are not smart enough or just too tenacious. You only know how to give a weak whisper to warn the other party…”

“Wolf, you will only make people want to bully you more.”

Gu Yan’s hand on my waist slides up to my chest, his fingertips intentionally or unintentionally press a nipple on my chest, and the strange tingling sensation under the hot water sends shivers down my spine.

“But… I don’t want to ask you for help, I don’t want to act like a coward. I am a powerful man like you!” My throat is choked with inexplicable soreness, and my palm clenched tightly against the tiles. Even myself finds it ridiculous if there is still a sense from what I said.

In the past, I was once terrified that I became incontinent just from Gu Yan’s touch, and I even reflexively took off my clothes under Gu Yan’s light but impatient sigh, yet I still speak shamelessly about not wanting to be a coward and that I am a powerful person. Isn’t that ridiculous?

But now I can no longer bear to mock myself, I can only savor the pathetic feeling of my heart being squeezed in Gu Yan’s evil hands.

Gu Yan sighs softly behind me. “Wolf, it’s not the same. The experience that I and the people in the Absolute Wing Hall have gone through is different from you, who came up from the countryside and have been living a simple life without any tough experience. The difference between the two themselves is huge and cannot be compared at all.”

“You know what? Everyone who can stay in Absolute Wing Hall can survive safely because they have their own set of methods or dependence to survive. And such a weak person like you has not enough strength to live on your own ability. That’s why you have to find someone to depend on, just like how Cang Wu depends on Tian Hai.”

“Wolf, just cling to me. No one will blame you and think that you are a coward, because they understand that this is the only way you can survive in the Absolute Wing Hall.”

Once again, Gu Yan’s words cause my heart to beat rapidly, like a drum that is thumping along my heart.

“Wolf.” He calls my name once more, his low voice playing inside my ears. “Last time I persuaded you to depend on me, but you refused. What about this time?”


“I…” I hear my own weak voice say hesitantly, “I don’t know.”

Hearing my answer, Gu Yan smiles gently.

“You don’t know, that means you are already wavering, but I think you have a higher level of acceptance than I thought.” Gu Yan tightens his grip on my waist.

“No! I’m not! I…” I desperately try to argue, but I can’t refute with reason. However, before I could even feel disappointed in my uselessness, the sudden heat that covers the weakness between my legs gives me a real shock.

“Gu Yan!”

“You have never had a reaction here before, are you too scared or just not used to it? Or is it because I haven’t loved you here properly?” Gu Yan takes hold of my quietly lowered manhood and holds it gently in his palm.

Surrounded by a heated palm in such a sensitive place, I instantly feel my scalp tingling as if an electric current runs through my body, and the strange sensation of fingers pressing and pinching my male roots rushes up from my lower body to my brain.

“Let go of me, Gu Yan!” I feel terrified by the burning sensation that is rising up from my body.

This kind of scorching feeling is no stranger to me. I am a normal man with normal needs. Before entering the Absolute Wing Hall, or when I entered puberty when I was a teenager, I occasionally felt restless below, but after entering the Absolute Wing Hall, the pain and fear of being violated always filled my mind, and gradually forgetting about these little urges.

But after getting used to the pain and numbing fear, this insignificant urge, however, begins to awaken.

“Ahhh, it’s gradually responding.” When Gu Yan chuckles, the slightly hot breath from his nose rushes into my ears. “Sure enough, the most primitive desires in the human body cannot be resisted, no matter how stubborn a wolf is, it still cannot resist its desires.”

“Gu Yan, please don’t…” I watch my long-dormant desire swell up and harden in Gu Yan’s hands as my body begins to shake.


The internal desires that my body has nearly forgotten in a corner is now gradually awakening as I feel the numbing waves of pleasure racing up to my brain then down to my groin. With Gu Yan’s hand pumping up and down on my lower body, and his fingertips pressing and kneading around my sensitive parts, an unstoppable intense pleasure bursts out of my body, making the every muscle in my body spasm in all directions── that is the sign of an incoming accumulated orgasm.

“Instead of suffering, you should choose to be reluctantly happy. Wolf… Be smarter.” Gu Yan stretches the tip of his tongue and licks my earlobes.


Just as I exhausted the last few shreds of sanity and self-esteem remaining in my heart, trying my hardest to endure the impending climax that is reaping my whole being, Gu Yan suddenly grabs my waist with his other hand, and starts to violently pound his burning and hard desire inside me.

Feeling the pain of my backyard from being fully stretched and swollen, mixing with the tense and suffering desire on my front, I suddenly feel too tired of dealing with and enduring the stimulation from both sides.

──Because of Gu Yan, I feel like I’m starting to fall apart.

As my whole body convulses, my throat lets out a low hissing sound and my toes curl uncontrollably. I could no longer stop my pathetic sobs because of the suffocating anguish in my heart. Even my shoulders are twitching fiercely.

I stare at the milky white liquid that I spurted in Gu Yan’s hands, staring until the hot water splashes it away. For a moment, my head has stopped functioning, with my eyes blankly staring at Gu Yan.

The only thing that registers in my mind and enters my eyes are the flowing of the hot water along the white liquid into the drain hole, and the shadows of Gu Yan and I intertwined with each other as we sway under the dim light.

──This time, I will really fall apart.


Erza’s Announcement [Translator]: Hello everyone, I will take a little break from translating because the school work is stressing me, plus the fact that I am staring at my computer’s monitor for the whole day everyday is really killing my eyes and my head. Frequent dizziness is now occurring to me so I will take at least 1-3 weeks break. I’m really sorry for troubling all of you to wait (>_<).


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