Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


“I’m sorry.” After a long period of silence, I open my mouth and apologize to Cang Wu, and the guilt I feel for him comes flooding up.

“No, it doesn’t matter.” Cang Wu lowers the brim of his cap, covering half of his face.

Maybe if Cang Wu scolds me, I would feel better. His indifferent attitude makes me feel even more awful.

“You are such a pig!” It’s obvious that HuiMeng LuoLuo’s anger has not yet disappeared. She scolds me again with her arms around her chest. I lower my head and silently accept it.

“HuiMeng, don’t scold him. If it’s me, I would be angry too.” I hear Cang Wu sighs slightly. He stretches out his hand to pull a chair and sits down beside me.


“Cang Wu, I’m really sorry.” I said again, looking apologetically at his face that has returned to his normal plain expression.

“No, I said that you don’t need to apologize. It’s natural to be angry with me for not helping you. It’s me who should be apologizing.” Cang Wu’s dark pupils are full of sincerity. He helplessly said, “I’m sorry, I really want to save you, but I must do what the superiors want.”

“Cang Wu…” I gaze at Cang Wu, and my palm slowly tightens.

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“Curator.” Cang Wu stands up from his position, saluting skillfully like a reflex.


Unlike Cang Wu, HuiMeng LuoLuo lets out a disdainful snort beside me, still sitting with her legs crossed.

Xue Luoyi slightly nods to Cang Wu with a smile, and then his purple eyes with an absolutely non-kind look meet my glaring gaze.

“I didn’t expect that you still entered the medical room because of Gu Yan, ah. Gu Yan dares to say that he will cherish you, but he has the same virtue as Tian Hai.” Xue Luoyi sits down where Cang Wu was originally sitting. He raises his legs and supports his chin with one hand, and smiles at me lazily.

“Shut up! Don’t mention Gu Yan again!” I roar, trying to hide my trembling fingertips when I hear Gu Yan’s name.

“How can I not mention him? You will follow him all the time, and you will definitely mention him every day!” Xue Luoyi clicks his tongue twice, and I could clearly see that his purple eyes, which are covered by a handful of silver hair, are shining with evil mischief.

“Xue Luoyi! I won’t follow him. I’m quitting the job as the prison guard! I’m going back to my little countryside and continue to be a little policeman. I don’t want a high salary anymore!”

“Oh? But I said no, right?” Xue Luoyi looks at me in a leisurely manner.

“I’m going to resign, are you in charge?” I snort softly, mocking his absurdity, but his lofty eyes seem as if I am just a ridiculous puppet he is playing in his hands.

“Oh, unfortunately, I can decide whether you can resign or not.” Xue Luoyi raises the corners of his mouth, evoking a bad feeling. He shakes his head helplessly, scorns lightly at me, and makes a few tongue rattling “Ye ShiJiu, should I say that you are naive or innocent? Ah, it might be better to use stupidity to describe it.”

He flicks the silver-white bangs that’s covering his eyes behind his ears, and squints his beautiful eyes.

“Do you know that Absolute Wing Hall was set up by the National Government for some criminals with heavy crimes? But if it’s just an ordinary crime, you can be locked up in a normal prison, so why need to build this Prison specially? That’s because the prisoners here are almost all people with a certain degree of background. They either have power and influence or a million dollars of family money.”

“For the National Government, if these people are placed in ordinary prisons or directly sentenced to death, it may cause unnecessary trouble. Some sources of government funds are even the main expenditures of these prisoners. That’s because some politicians have deep connections with these people. If they are offended, there will be no source of black money1all funds earned through illegal activity and otherwise legal income that is not recorded for tax purposes. that the pig politicians are greedy for, and many of the government’s funds that also originated from these people will be gone.”


“Since they can’t be touched, and they can’t be left alone, we have to put them all together. Throw them all to the Absolute Wing Hall, especially to create a brand new ecosystem for them, and then let them develop. In the later stage of development, you can also see that, just like now, the Absolute Wing Hall has become a place where the weak are prey to the strong. And the strong are the kings of both strength and power, like Gu Yan and Tian Hai, or Li.”

“The National Government is afraid of these kings. Those politicians also don’t dare to offend them. In the end, of course, the only way to hold them high, is as if they are putting them in a prison made of gold. It is just a disguise to serve and obey these criminals, hoping that they can stay peacefully in the Absolute Wing Hall. Making the outside world mistakenly believe that the government does have this kind of heroic power to suppress these criminals.”

“In this way, the National Government can not only stabilize the people’s doubts about public security, but also continue to have private collusion with these powerful criminals, and the country can obtain double benefits from it.”

I didn’t miss any of Xue Luoyi’s word, half ironically explaining the dirty inside story of the Absolute Wing Hall. My eyes widen in disbelief, only to feel a tingling numbness in my scalp.

“So, what the king wants, the state and government will try their best to achieve it, like a loyal running dog…” Xue Luoyi smiles coldly, and hums disdainfully in his nose. “As the Curator in the middle, I was given the duty to serve these kings. And when there is an obligation, some rights and power will arise.”

“Ye ShiJiu, do you know why Cang Wu didn’t resign?” Xue Luoyi asks me, half-raising his left eyebrow.

I don’t answer, but Cang Wu’s expression looks embarrassed.

“That’s because Tian Hai likes him, so I can’t let him quit his job and leave Tian Hai’s side. The government has given me the right to decide whether you can stay or not. But for you, it’s the same situation as Cang Wu, because Gu Yan likes you, and he also personally picked you, so I can’t let you leave.”

“But if I have to run away! You can’t stop me! Even if the government and the country ignore me, I can tell the outside world about the dirty operation inside the Absolute Wing Hall and let the public know! Turn over this government scandal!” My hoarse and broken voice roars unwillingly.

“Haha, that’s why I said you are too stupid!” Xue Luoyi laughs out loud, making me very embarrassed. “Do you think those inside the country have never thought that someone might expose this dark inside story? Of course they thought about it, so in Absolute Wing Hall, people who come in from outside and are familiar with the inside story are not allowed to go out again, just like you and Cang Wu. Ye ShiJiu… The day Gu Yan picked you in, you were sentenced to life imprisonment just like these prisoners.”

“How can…” I can only imagine the paleness of my face.

“Of course, it’s OK for you to get out of here, but what will happen next… Cang Wu knows, you can ask him.” Xue Luoyi aims at Cang Wu unkindly, his facial expression is not better than mine.


I look at Cang Wu, who stares at me for a long time.

“Ye ShiJiu, you should still have relatives outside, right?” When Cang Wu mentions the word relatives, a sweet smile emerges on my lips.

I nod and reply, “I have a younger sister out there.”

Cang Wu sighs softly, almost imperceptibly.

“Outside, I have two younger twin brothers and a mother who is not able to move outside. At the beginning, I also took the exam because of the high salary at the Absolute Wing Hall. When I was selected, I thought I was lucky to get a good job, which could fill the financial difficulties of my family. However, when I learned what kind of place Absolute Wing Hall is, I used to have the same idea as you. I wanted to resign, but if I couldn’t, I wanted to escape. However, when my intention to escape was discovered, I met a government official that brought my two brothers who didn’t know anything. My brothers even cheerfully thought they were coming to see me, not knowing that the government official was holding their lives hostage behind my back to keep me from leaving.”

I can see the helplessness in Cang Wu’s black pupils. “Ye ShiJiu, I love my family very much, so I can’t put them in danger. Do you understand what I mean?”

I don’t answer, indicating that I understand.

Cang Wu means that if I want to escape from the Absolute Wing Hall, even if Xue Luoyi and Gu Yan agreed, the government would not allow it. My dearest sister might not even be saved!

As soon as I think of my sister’s innocent smile, who’s always pulling my hand while saying “brother, elder brother,” in a cute posture; at the thought that she might be in danger because of me while she’s still in college, my heart couldn’t help beating violently.

I finally understand why Cang Wu obediently became a prison guard who is no different than a prisoner. I felt very helpless and hopeless. After feeling despair in being violated, in this way, I tasted the second time right away.

My eyes become hot, and the scene in front of me has become hazy.

The smile on Xue Luoyi’s face is very proud, perhaps even satisfied with the lonely and helpless look on my face at the moment? He stands up calmly and contentedly as he shakes his white coat, and some black feathers on the white coat fall down in front of me, just like a devil’s feathered wings.


“So… I’ll leave first. I still have a lot of work to do.” Xue Luoyi puts his index and middle finger close to his lips, and blows a kiss to all of us, before finally looking at me. Before leaving, he makes a malicious chuckle and whispers in my ears as tears roll down my cheeks. “Remember to continue working hard, or should I say… Work hard on serving Gu Yan, and don’t rebel. Otherwise I will deduct your salary. You don’t want to end up without any salary, right? After all, you still have a younger sister to raise, dear Ye ShiJiu.”

I just grab the seam of my coat unwillingly. Because I couldn’t refute him.

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