Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


I can hear a woman’s enchanting pants, along with a man’s heavy breathing, and the collision sound of bodies. The smell of intercourse coming into my nose, mixed with the smell of disinfectant, agitates my stomach and makes me want to vomit.

I open my dry eyes to a familiar room with the pure white ceiling and dazzling lights that I was just in not long ago.

The ambiguous sounds I heard in my peacefully black dreamland did not stop as I woke up, but it became more and more apparent. I follow where the sounds come from and see a woman with her thighs wide open and a man pressing on her, trying to lift her waist as he vigorously slams his waist hard. When I saw the scene in front of me, my body could not help recalling the experience of being violated. Just like that woman, I was invaded in and out by a man. I begin to tremble, dizziness making me want to vomit, but maybe I have nothing to vomit as I can only retch.

The woman’s erotic voice becomes more and more intense from the man’s great pounding. Her gorgeous cheeks look red from their lovemaking, and her eyebrows are slightly frowning, seemingly from pain and pleasure. The bright red lipstick on her lips makes me recognize her. She’s the doctor in the infirmary, HuiMeng LuoLuo, and I don’t know the man slamming on her, but he should be a prisoner from the prison.

Is Dr. HuiMeng LuoLuo being forced? The first thing that comes to my mind is the unforgettable thing that happened to me. My heart immediately beat faster. I don’t know where my strength came from, but I brace myself and frantically yell to the man on top of HuiMeng LuoLuo. “Get away from her!”


When I forcefully get up, my body still feels weak. My center of gravity becomes unstable, and I fall from the hospital bed.

“Ah! This little idiot!” I hear HuiMeng LuoLuo cry out as if snapping out of her lust, followe by the sound of a man being kicked off the bed.

“Doctor, I haven’t yet…” The man gasps helplessly.

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HuiMeng LuoLuo smiles at me contemptuously, playing with her nails painted with red nail polish.


“Let me tell you one thing, you stupid little Lamb. Inside the Absolute Wing Hall, no one can force me what I don’t want to do. Only I can decide. Like the person just now. I chose and decided to do it myself. That’s right, I was not assaulted. To put it in another way, it should be that I forced that guy… And do you know why I can afford not to be bullied by those male dogs in heat?” HuiMeng LuoLuo smiles sweetly.

I didn’t reply, just staring at her quietly.

She continued. “I am the only doctor in the Absolute Wing Hall. My medical skills are top notch. That’s why the country invited me. In the Hall, there are a lot of cruel guys like Li. Every day, a few wounded soldiers occasionally come here on the verge of death….. Or an ignorant lamb like you, who is being carried in at every turn, that can only rely on my treatment. Otherwise, they can only wait and die. So one way or another, I am a strong person in the Absolute Wings Hall. Although I am a woman, my status in the Absolute Wings Hall is even higher than that of yours! It’s survival of the fittest. ‘The weak stand as an easy prey to the strong’. You should have heard Xue Luoyi say that. He always keeps these words on his lips.”

As I listen to her, the words ‘Survival of the fittest’, and ‘the weak stand as an easy prey to the strong’, cut into my heart like a sharp blade, ruthlessly penetrating me.

“And you are the weak. So next time you see me having s*x with a man on a bed, please don’t bother me ignorantly.” HuiMeng LuoLuo gives me a lazy look.

I look at HuiMeng LuoLuo with mixed emotions in my heart.

“Who brought me here?” I ask after a while.

“Ah, it’s Gu Yan. He brought you in.”

“Where is he?” My fingertips tremble fiercely.

“After bringing you here and changing your clothes for you, he only left the words ‘cure him’ and he went back first. What a cool guy! It’s a pity that he’s not the type I like. He is also a fierce beast, otherwise I would have eaten him!” HuiMeng LuoLuo stands up, holds my face and turns it around.

Only then did I notice that my body is no longer wearing the dirty uniform stained with filth, but replaced with a patient uniform from the medical room.

At this time, a knock comes from outside the door. The door opens and the person behind it is Cang Wu, who opened the door and is now walking towards me.


There is a rare worry on Cang Wu’s poker face, but I don’t know what expression I should use to face him! In fact, I have some complaints in my heart about Cang Wu’s failure to help me, but I also understood that he had to follow the orders of his superiors.

“Ye ShiJiu, are you okay?” Cang Wu walks up to me while holding my digital watch in his hand.

I don’t answer. I don’t know what emotion I should have to face Cang Wu. I just look at him blankly.

“He’s okay. The medicine that the b*stard Xue Luoyi gave him coincides with the painkiller I prescribed him. Maybe it made him a little uncomfortable? When he was brought here, he was in a mess. His whole body had collapsed and suffered some inflamed wounds. But I’ve almost dealt with it, it’s no big deal.” HuiMeng Luo Luo says to Cang Wu.

My back shudders, and the back of my head sweats numbly. I suddenly remember the filthy situation I was in  before I fell unconscious. So terrified that I wet myself and vomited before passing out.

“So you saw my filthy appearance?” That embarrassingly dirty appearance was actually seen by HuiMeng LuoLuo! My face turns red.

“…I have seen it all, but Gu Yan didn’t let me see it for long.” HuiMeng LuoLuo whistles as if she hadn’t seen anything. “Ah! That’s right! Speaking of Gu Yan, this medicine is for you. Remember to rub it. You have a slight laceration in your backyard.”

My face becomes more red, and my emotions become more agitated. I nervously shout at HuiMeng LuoLuo. “Why do you also know that I was violated by Gu Yan? You also know that I was drugged by Xue Luoyi!?”

“Ye ShiJiu, you calm down.” Cang Wu stretches out his hand and presses it on my shoulder.

“Don’t touch me!” My developed fear of physical contact and hidden resentment with Cang Wu flare up. I slap his hand away. The sound of impact hitting his hand, followed by the sound of the electronic watch from his hand falling to the floor, reverberates loudly in the quiet room.

Cang Wu holds his other hand that I hit. Instead of responding angrily, he just quietly walks to the side and picks up the electronic watch. When he returns, his face is full of apologies, just like when he walked away from me back then, who was unable to move.

“Cang Wu, don’t spoil this kid. If he treats you like this, scold him back! It doesn’t matter if you beat him. I’m here anyway.” HuiMeng LuoLuo, who is on the other side of the room, put her hands on her waist, and pointed her index finger at me with a look of annoyance.


“No, it’s okay, I can understand why he treats me like this.” Cang Wu’s tone is steady, without any grievance.

“What do you understand!?” I laugh at myself. My eyes become hot as I yell at Cang Wu. “It’s not you who was forced! You didn’t come to save me who couldn’t move at that time and just watched that man abuse me!”

Cang Wu remains silent, just quietly staring at me, letting me point at him.

“You’re a fvcking idiot!” My head is suddenly thwacked by fingers with long nails. HuiMeng LuoLuo roars at me, her loud and sharp voice scratching my ears. “How can Cang Wu not understand? He knows it very well!”

HuiMeng LuoLuo narrows her beautiful eyes and looks at me contemptuously. “Do you know why I knew that you were drugged and violated? Tell you what, that fellow Xue Luoyi is not a good person. You can understand him by looking at his tastes. The tricks he used were certainly not much better. They all play the same trick! Don’t think that you were the only one. Cang Wu was also deceived in the same way at the beginning!”

“HuiMeng! Don’t talk anymore!” Cang Wu’s tone sounds a little panicked.

“Cang Wu! Shut your mouth, if you don’t want to say it, then I’ll do it!” HuiMeng LuoLuo ignores him, sits down angrily, raises her legs, and continues to bombard at me in a loud voice. “When Cang Wu first came in, he was no better than you. Do you know how miserable he was when he was sent to me because he was violated by Tian Hai for the first time? He threw up like you, and he also had a fever for several days. Because that b*stard Xue Luoyi gave him a lot of aphrodisiacs, and Tian Hai didn’t know how to control it, so he kept attacking him! Do you think he is not clear in the situation you are in!? You can blame him for not helping you! But what should Cang Wu do? No one also came to save him back then!”

“HuiMeng! Please stop talking!” Cang Wu’s steady tone earlier is now distorted.

My ears are ringing with the echoes of HuiMeing LuoLuo’s words. I stare at Cang Wu, who has his head hung low in embarrassment, and my heart aches in a tangle. Only then do I realize how hateful my attitude towards Cang Wu was.

Erza’s note [Translator]: Here goes, a slight spoiler on Cang Wu’s story 👀. Why is HuiMeng LuoLuo’s name so long😩😂.

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