Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


WARNING!!! This chapter still has r*pe.


It feels like hell……

I can feel Gu Yan’s body temperature, weight, breath, and the hardness of him breaking into my body like a wild beast. My waist is bending into a wider angle with his advances.

I can clearly feel that my bottom is being crushed and stretched by his male desire. It seems that my body is about to be torn in two because of his invasion. It’s humiliating for me, a man to be entered with a s*xual organ that I also have. My heart is beating with a mournful cry. My eyes are hot, and a trail of water slides across my cheeks from the corner of my eyes, gradually turning from hot to cold.


I gasp heavily. Because the insertion of Gu Yan’s hugeness and the force that bends my body is making my lungs compress to the limit and making it difficult for me to breathe.

“Ah… You’re so tight.” Gu Yan whispers in my ears, and his warm breath seems to form mist inside my ears.

“Pull it out! Don’t come in again! Ah …… ah!” I sob in pain. The pain that spreads throughout my body even makes my heart ache.

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When Gu Yan mischievously stretches out his red tongue and sweeps it on my lips, his waist sways back and pushes in deeply. The wild beast I feel inside my body seems to be inserted deeper, which makes me feel the pain in my internal organs. I really can’t help but let out a cry as I can’t even close my teeth.


“Yes, you don’t have to bear it.” Gu Yan whispers in my ear and lets out a comfortable gasp.

“Fvck you!” And this is probably the first time I swore vulgar words to someone in my 20 years of existence. Because I really can’t bear it anymore.

Gu Yan doesn’t say anything when he hears my vulgar words, he just raises his delicate eyebrows. Then, his lower body between my legs swings more violently, causing me to feel the pain of being stretched and torn inside. Being tossed around makes me unable to speak, and I can only keep letting out groans from the unbearable pain.

I don’t know how long this process lasted. My confused consciousness is like a jigsaw puzzle scattered on the ground. The only memories that I can put together are the force that’s constantly bending my waist, Gu Yan’s intermittent but never-ending chuckle, his proud and beautiful face, the tearing pain in my lower body, and the cold and petrifying despair…… The rest are like lost jigsaw puzzles. Puzzles that I don’t want to find or think of.

After a while, when Gu Yan sighs with satisfaction, the violent movements inside me finally stop, and the terrible sense of invasion in my backyard slowly withdraws. I want to cry for a moment from the joy that the suffering is finally over. However, when I just get the time to breathe, my body is suddenly turned over and lay flat on the bed, and my waist is cruelly lifted. Before I can let out a frightened resistance, the heat that terrifies me rips through my body again.

I bury my face in the pillow from an angle that Gu Yan cannot see, weeping cowardly and desperately. Because I do not know when this painful torture will end…….

A burst of blankness falls upon me, as if I have just passed through a fragmented memory. I don’t know if I have lost consciousness, because my mind has been empty from the pain I am feeling. I can’t remember when the situation changed from a century long painful and cruel s*x to the current calmness.


Every part of my body is screaming in pain. The blood flowing through the side of my neck also makes my head throbs in pain. My waist is very sore, and some parts of my lower body are still numb.

With an unnatural foreign body sensation, burning pain and fishy stickiness, a single slightly heavier breath will cause me unbearable pain.

My short bangs are dripping in sweat and are sticking on my forehead. I try to lift my hand to push my hair away. My fingers and arms finally move as I want, but they are still weak and trembling. The bed sheet underneath is very wet, the part under my body is warm because of my body temperature, but the rest was cold, and it feels uncomfortable against my body.

I want to move my whole body, but the effect of the medicine in my body seems to have not yet faded. I feel very heavy. Although I can only barely move, it already takes a lot of effort.


I reluctantly props up, my legs shaking as I kneel on the bed, and my hands are still weak. I could only maintain an incline posture after suddenly jerking up, and it’s even more difficult for me to properly sit up.

“Wolf, what will you do? Aren’t you going to take a break?” A low, smiling voice that I hate drifts into my ears.

My waist feels cold, a cold temperature from a man’s hands.

Gu Yan helps me to sit up straight as he sits down opposite me. Gu Yan’s body is filled with the refreshing fragrance of shower gel, which neutralizes his previous glamorous floral scent that rushes straight into my nose. He has put on a new set of clothes, with a bath towel hanging around his neck, and some water drops at the ends of his orange curly hair.

I angrily glare at Gu Yan. I know that compared to him who has bathed, my body is covered with sticky fluids. Even my unremove uniform is soaked in sweat, which makes it stick to my back. I feel so embarrassed that I feel like my eyes turn red. I am still wearing white gloves on my hands, but my lower body is naked since I don’t even have a pair of pants!

“Ah, do you want to clean? But you still can’t move your body, right? You’ve better rest for a while first before you wash.” Gu Yan smiles at me ambiguously. “Don’t worry, I am very clean and I also wore a condom. I didn’t shoot inside you, and the lubricant I used is very mild. You can wash it in no hurry…… Ah, or do you want me to clean it for you?”

“F*ck you!”

Gu Yan’s words annoy me. I curse at him, but he just laughs without saying anything. His expression seems to be mocking as he watches me play in a ridiculous show.

I feel so furious that I want to speak again, but my throat is tightly packed with the sweet and dry sticky residue of the sugar cubes. And my already hoarse voice is even more unpleasant to the ears.

Gu Yan laughs softly, steps out of bed to get a glass of water, and hands it to me when he comes back.

I am honestly very thirsty. My throat is dry and screaming for water, but I hesitate to take the water in his hand. That’s my stubborn sense of not accepting defeat.

“Don’t be brave, you have sweated a lot just now, so talk less and drink more.” Gu Yan sees that I am still not moving. He snorts softly, pours water into his mouth, and then presses the back of my head against him, trying to force me to drink.


I don’t have the time to avoid it. His soft, thin lips press against me, my tightly closed lips are forced to open as he pinches my chin with brute force, and his hot tongue slips in with the cold water. I don’t want to, yet the dry heat in my throat gladly accepts this timely rain, and greedily seeks more.

I want to push him away, but when my weak hand stretches out to push him, it only appears as if I am welcoming him. I can only put it weakly on his broad shoulders. I only know that he uses his tongue to provoke the nerves in my mouth, and the numb and sticky feeling arouses my unhappiness and rejection.

When we separated, the transparent silk thread that sticks to his lips and mine almost chokes me.

When Gu Yan is about to take a second sip of water and plans to force me to drink water by mouth, I use the best strength that I can muster and knock the water glass in his hand. The liquid splashes on both of us. But I don’t notice that the temperature of Gu Yan’s already cold green eyes are dropping sharply.

I could no longer bear to continue staying in this cell filled with the smell of s*x, sitting face to face with the man who violated me on the bed where I was forced and torn in my back!

I force my trembling body to get out of bed, but when my feet touch the ground, I feel soft and sore, and I fall to the ground in embarrassment.

“Where are you going?” Gu Yan’s tone is not as relaxed as before, and the cold temperature in his words is as cold as the temperature in the cell.

I don’t answer Gu Yan’s words. I just focus on propping up my weak body, shaking my legs, staggering and walking a few steps forward with difficulty, picking up the uniform trousers and underpants that were thrown on the ground.

“Answer me.” His tone becomes colder again. 

I still don’t answer him. I want to put on my pants, but every time I lift my foot, I will fall unsteadily. I tried several times but I couldn’t even put on the pants. The wounds made by Li on my forehead, ribs, and bridge of nose are now worsening, accompanied by lacerations after being violated.

I sigh heavily, trying to use this meaningless action to alleviate my aggravating pain. But the pain is still screaming in agony. In the end, I am in so much pain that I have to cover the wound on my head and squat down against the wall to breathe. The room with lingering smell of s*x makes me dizzy and nauseous. My head throbs as I feel like vomiting.

After a while, I hear Gu Yan’s footsteps as he gets out of bed. He slowly walks towards me, and every ounce of cells in my body immediately scream with fear.


“Don’t come here! What are you going to do!?” I turn my head and yell at Gu Yan, trying to intimidate him, but he doesn’t stop.

Gu Yan’s beautiful face looks so frighteningly cold. He stands in front of me and looks down at me domineeringly, which sends a shiver of coldness on my back.

“Wolf, don’t challenge my patience. For your first time, I’m already kind enough to only ravish you twice. But I don’t mind continuing to invade you, who is disobedient, for the third time.” Gu Yan’s emerald-green eyes glint with cruel light.

My palms are sweating, and the horrible memories of being torn apart are coming back to my mind. My body trembles again, and even my teeth are chattering together.

Gu Yan makes me feel terrified.

The moment his fingertips touch my shoulder, I become so frightened that I can no longer hold back my urine. My crotch and the floor becomes wet, and a fishy smell spreads around, making my eyes turn red in humiliation. I stare at the wretchedness of my lower body, my stomach churning so violently that I could no longer bear it and vomit. I fall to the floor, vomiting like I am about to turn over my stomach.

The feeling is killing me, not just like hell, but feels like being in hell.


The fingers on my shoulders still don’t leave. Its cold temperature pressing against me makes me shake harder. I can hear Gu Yan calling me, but it’s getting more and more faint and indistinct.

I don’t know if I am still vomiting because my stomach still feels unbearably sick, but my consciousness is already fading away, leaving me in darkness and in pain.

Erza: I really felt so bad while translating this chapter :< But let’s give our family’s Gu Yan a chance and see how gentle he became to Wolf in the future. *bows head*

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