Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


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WARNING!!! This chapter has r*pe .

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“Don’t come here! Don’t touch me!” I yell to the man coming towards me almost hysterically, but his footsteps don’t even falter. Finally, his half covered white soles with casual trousers stop beside me.


I feel my waist tightens, then my whole body is suspended in the air as I am being lifted by the waist. I do not expect Gu Yan’s strength to be so great.

Gu Yan grabs me as easily as catching a chicken. I couldn’t move and couldn’t even struggle. I could only stare at the ground and move with Gu Yan’s steps in front of me.

My body hangs in the air again, then my back hits a soft object and I sink slightly. Gu Yan threw me onto the bed.

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“Because you seem to be a stubborn guy. I thought that if I don’t let your chief personally explain the rules of the Absolute Wing Hall to you, you will be like a moth, always thinking that the fire in front is the light of justice, and strive to fight on it until you finally kill yourself. You should have known that from the incident where you stopped Li…”


Gu Yan drops a kiss on my cheek. I frown in disgust, but he isn’t displeased at all. He still has a perfect smile on his lips. “So, I want Xue Luoyi to make it clear to you that I don’t want my property to be destroyed in other people’s hands because of his own stupidity. Do you understand? My Dear Wolf…”

“Why…Is it like this? Whether it’s this Absolute Wing Hall, you, or someone else! It’s not normal at all!” I shout furiously, but my voice is weak and trembling.

“There is no such thing as normal or abnormal in the Absolute Wing Hall. Wolf, when you enter here, you should get used to its strangeness and madness. If you only hold on to your beliefs in the outside world, the abnormal ones will eventually become yourself.”

“I don’t want to continue working as a prison guard like this!” I roar. My dry and hot throat makes my voice hoarse.

“Don’t be so agitated, it seems that the topic I mentioned is not good for you. Look at you, even your eyes are red with anger.” Gu Yan holds my face with his hand, and gently strokes my eyelashes with his fingers. My eyelids quiver uncontrollably, and he seems to find this reaction very interesting.

Gu Yan chuckles twice and leans over my ears. Accompanied by a scalding breath, his low voice shakes my eardrums, and every word makes my spine crawl uncomfortably cold. “Let’s not talk about this, let’s do something fun.”


(The rest of the chapter has r*pe.)

After the heated breath in my ears disappears, a hot and humid sticky touch surrounds my earlobes. My earlobes are being held in his mouth. The unnatural heat of the human body makes me feel very unpleasantly itchy from the numbness of my ears to the entire back of my head.

“Don’t touch me! Gu Yan!” I yell at him angrily. But besides that, I couldn’t resist at all, which makes me think that he is so hateful.

Hearing my resistance, Gu Yan raises his face, and in between his beautiful eyebrows twists a ‘川’ character. “Do you know? You really are a stupid wolf. If I tell you something, you should remember it.”

His glassy and beads-like green eyes flashes with malicious light.


“Since you are now my possession, you should have the consciousness of a possession.”

When Gu Yan undo all the buttons on my upper uniform, a deep sense of fear emerges in my body and swallows me up. My body can’t move, but it can tremble unconsciously. I hate this weakness of my body. I clearly understand what filthy things Gu Yan is about to do to me… No, in fact, I already had a suspicion in my heart the moment I was thrown into bed, but I don’t want to believe that this kind of thing would happen to me.

When Gu Yan takes off my trousers and underwear together, my heart is squeezed by dread, and a bitter smile surfaced on my lips. I feel an unprecedented fear, but at the same time, I also feel ridiculous. Originally, I was just trying to play my diligent role as a policeman in the countryside and was working hard as the only brother my sister can rely on. And then I felt full and complacent. Why is it that I am being violated by a hateful man right now and can’t even resist.

The dreadful chill swells in my chest, and as the blood flows through my body, I feel like every cell in my body is screaming fear and palpitating.

“Gu Yan! Stop it! I told you to stop!” My voice has begun to be hoarse, maybe even my throat is occupied by fear.

Gu Yan strokes my body, sliding all the way from my neck to my bare chest, his cold fingertips giving me goosebumps.

“Wolf, your physique is very good, you really deserve to be the person I’m looking for.”

Gu Yan’s face is full of satisfaction.

“Hey, don’t stare at me with that kind of aggrieved and indignant expression. It will be a pity on your face, although you do not have a special appearance…but I think the orgasmic expression is more suitable for you.”

“Shut up! Shut up!”

I want to smash his face with my fist, smash his beautiful face to pieces, but I can’t even make a fist now.

Gu Yan ignores my shouting. He takes off his clothes and leans on me again. His body is very white, slender and well-built. His flexible and slender limbs press against my side, just like an elegant white leopard. He is arrogantly wrapped around me, baring its sharp fangs while its green leopard-eyes are full of malicious intention. He’s just waiting to take me apart and eat me.


Gu Yan lowers his head, stretches out his red hot tongue, and licks it along the curved texture on my chest. The hot and damp touch accompanied by the scratching of his falling soft orange hair double-stimulates my tactile nerves, but I only feel a pain as if a fire is burning me.

“When I saw the video of your interview, I always wanted to know the taste of your skin. Is it like your skin color, as sweet as honey?” After his whispering magnetic voice disappears, I feel a tearing pain in my abdomen, and I almost have to breathe out erratically. He bit me!

“Ah, although it’s not as sweet as I imagined, it feels good to the touch.” Gu Yan lets out a few chuckles.

“You lunatic!”

“Oh, how can you say that?”

Suddenly, the weight on my body becomes a little lighter, and a cold wind blows around my body asI hear Gu Yan get out of the bed. I want to turn my head to see what he’s going to do, but I can’t even turn it sideways. I actually still hold a glimmer of hope in my heart, hoping that Gu Yan would give up his evil intentions against me. However, when his body temperature scorches my skin again and the pressure on my body is more than before, my hope finally shatters…

──And what makes me even more frightened is the fiery thing that is pressing on my leg.

My stomach churns fiercely, feeling the fluids inside grumbling around and the spasm-like pain torturing my body. It’s not a real pain, but the psychological effect of fear on me.

When Gu Yan bends and separates my legs, my body is still limp, and I could only desperately yearn that someone may come to rescue me soon. But I know that fantasy is fantasy after all. There is no sound of footsteps in the quiet corridor. I could only hear my heavy breathing, and feel my body shaking.

“Is it really that terrible? You are shaking like a poor puppy. Don’t be so afraid, you will get used to it later.” Gu Yan’s cheerful voice makes me feel cold.

He puts my legs on his shoulders, and as he slightly moves forward, my waist suspends in the air along with his movements.

Suddenly, there is an unnatural coolness between my groin. A cold liquid runs along the roots of my private parts, meandering down to my thighs, and Gu Yan’s hot palm then squeezes into my bottom. Before I can even react, I feel the abrupt sense of disharmony spreading from my rear as his fingers push into the only entrance under me. The place that shouldn’t contain anything else is invaded by a foreign object…


“Ah! Stop it! Stop it!” I roar. Humiliation, grief and anger pours out, turning into liquid that fills my eyes.

“Haha, Xue Luoyi really did the right thing. So it’s a drug to relax muscles? Thanks to that drug, your body is very weak.” Gu Yan’s chuckle is like a sharp needle piercing my heart, and every word stings my eardrums.

I can feel that he adds another finger in my body, churning and thrusting wantonly. The pain of tearing and swelling tormented me, making me feel very miserable.

I want to make a sound, but my throat chokes as a warm liquid condensed in the corner of my eyes.

I don’t know how long it has been, maybe only a few minutes, but I feel that a century has passed when the fingers that tortured me finally withdrew from my body.

But seeing Gu Yan’s smiling face and warm breath approaching; I do not even have the time to breathe a sigh of relief before the scorchingly hard thing that appears in between my butt cheeks makes me terrified to the bones.

“B*stard! Gu Yan! If you don’t stop! I will really kill you!” I scream desperately, making a final struggle.

“Oh, try it then?” Gu Yan raises the corner of his mouth and smiles with contempt.

The long-condensed liquid from the corners of my eyes finally slides and burns my cheeks.

Help me! Help me!  Whoever that will come is good! Help me quickly… 

However, no one appears as I want. The room is only full of silence. The only sounds I can hear are Gu Yan’s pleasant laughter, and my own heavy cry when he tears and penetrates the only entrance between my legs.

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