Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


“The rules in Absolute Wing Hall are unreasonable!” I hastily followed Xue Luoyi, because his pace is quite fast.

“The rules in the Absolute Wing Hall do not need to conform to common sense and do not need to be judged by moral rules of the outside world. Inside this Prison, the rules are made by me and some are developed naturally. Survival of the fittest… Ye ShiJiu, you should have heard the sentence ‘The weak stands as an easy prey to the strong’, right? This is the case inside the Absolute Wing Hall. Li is the strong, Josh is the weak, and the Kings are also the strongest. In the Absolute Wing Hall, it is up to you to be the weak or the strong.”

“I don’t understand this kind of rule…”

I just remain silent as we both stop in front of the elevator. I fish out the elevator key lock and open the elevator. Just as the two of us are about to enter the elevator, Cang Wu happens to walk towards us.

“Cang Wu, why are you coming over?” I press and hold down the button, surprised that Cang Wu, who was called by Tian Hai, will appear here.


When Cang Wu sees that I am with Xue Luoyi, his poker face shows a surprised look. However, after the shock… comes a kind of expression with pity, like he could no longer bear to watch something, which I do not understand why at that time.

“I told Tian Hai that I would come over first to see how you are adapting, so…”

“Tian Hai let you come here? So he was ‘OK’ with that excuse. That’s a good thing. Cang Wu, it seems that he dotes on you very much! “Xue Luoyi covers his mouth with his fingers, narrowing his eyes as he chuckles.

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As we walk out of the elevator, I feel like I don’t really want to see Gu Yan. Maybe it’s because of the strange feeling in my heart. My steps seem to be very heavy as if a huge rock is hanging on my feet. 


When we arrive at Gu Yan’s cell, I see the door of the cell is wide open, and Gu Yan is half lying on the bed, reading a book comfortably. His behavior is clearly just wanting me to come here, and I don’t understand his intentions.

Seeing the three of us here, Gu Yan doesn’t seem to be surprised.

“Well─ the Curator came here in person? I’m really honored..” Gu Yan gets up and walks towards us.

“Of course you have to feel honored. I personally came to give the gift.” Xue Luoyi smiles, but I don’t see where the gift he is talking about.

“You can just let the gift come by itself. Do you still need to send it specifically?” Gu Yan smiles at me, there seems to be a light that ripples like water waves in his green eyes.

“Because I did some trick to the gift.”

I don’t understand the conversation between Gu Yan and Xue Luoyi at all. I am helplessly trying to raise my hand to express my dissatisfaction, but found that my hand is unnaturally heavy and numb. It is totally out of my control. Before I could even figure out what is going on in my body, my knees start to soften and tremble, and my body feels as heavy as a block of lead.

With a bang, my horizontal vision suddenly turns upright, and when I come back to myself, I am already lying on the ground. My back feels cold, with cold sweats dripping down from it. I don’t understand what’s wrong with my body. It is completely out of my control.

As I fall, my police cap rolls down at Gu Yan’s feet. Because I am lying on the ground and unable to move, I only see him pick up the cap.

“Xue Luoyi, you are going too far…” Gu Yan’s playful voice shakes my eardrums.

“Don’t worry, I only put in a little drug. Besides, isn’t it more convenient? It is the first time for him, and he also has this kind of personality. He will definitely struggle. I don’t want you to break him. It would be troublesome to find someone again.”

“How come, you know that I cherish what’s mine very much.”


My heart beats very fast. I am clearly conscious, but I can’t move my body. The sweetness in my mouth suddenly reminds me of the sugar that Xue Luoyi has added for me.

──There are drugs in the sugar!

A sense of fear hit me. I don’t know what Xue Luoyi would do to me, but I know it wouldn’t be a good thing. I immediately thought of Cang Wu who is standing on the side. Feeling so terrified, I struggled to make a sound of help to him.

“Cang Wu! Help me!” I cry out, my voice trembling.

My sight can only see Cang Wu’s feet. I really wish he would walk up to me, but Cang Wu doesn’t even take a single step. I just discerned Xue Luoyi’s voice again. “By the way, Cang Wu, this is what I have to tell you. Remember to help Ye ShiJiu release the prisoners during lunch time. I don’t think he will be able to show up during that time.”

“Yes.” Cang Wu’s voice is cold, without any hint of emotion, which makes me feel dead inside.

“All right, that’s it. Gu Yan, you can enjoy it now.”

“Of course.”

I see Xue Luoyi’s long legs move away, and Cang Wu finally move towards me, but he just comes over to take off my electronic watch. Because each electronic watch is only limited to access to one building.

“Cang Wu…” I call out Cang Wu’s name in despair.

But Cang Wu still doesn’t help me. Before he left, I only heard him faintly say, “I’m sorry.”

The sound of footsteps goes far away. And as the slow and heavy falling sound of the elevator disappears from the ninth floor, Gu Yan, the only one who didn’t leave, is now walking towards me with graceful steps.


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