Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


Xue Luoyi’s office is located in the center of Teal and Cang Wu’s building. But that place is in a separate building. The top floors are his office and restroom, and the lower floors are filled with materials and books for personnel.

I bend my fingers and knock on the door twice. Through the door panel, Xue Luoyi’s voice comes from inside. “Come in.”

I open the door and enter, and see Xue Luoyi working on his large ebony desk, which is filled with a lot of files on the desk. I stand in attention in front of the desk and salute him. “Sir, Ye ShiJiu Lang reports.”

Xue Luoyi continues to rummage through his things, and it took a long time for him to raise his eyes. His attire today is very overdressed again. The long white coat with black feathers makes him look like a big white rooster, but miraculously, it is not that horrible while hanging on his coat.

“Ye ShiJiu, you don’t need to be so stiff, sit down.” Xue Luoyi motions with his eyes. I follow his line of sight and pull over a chair to sit down.


“Sir, what can I do for you?”

“Ah, there is something, tch… But can you change what you call me first? I don’t like people calling me Sir.”

“Yes, sir.” I still can’t change it at that moment, so Xue Luoyi just smiles helplessly.

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Xue Luoyi glances at me with a smile at the corner of his eyes, but still puts in two cubes of sugar. He stirs it with a spoon and hands me the cup.


“It will taste better with sugar.” He smiles at me and takes a graceful sip from his teacup. But he didn’t add sugar cubes to his tea.

I purse my lips, trying to get into the main topic of the conversation. “Sir…”

“Drink, this Earl Grey tea is very good. It tastes sweet, mellow and very fragrant.” Xue Luoyi drinks the tea without paying any attention to me. I know that if I don’t drink the tea according to his wishes, there would be no way to get into the main topic.

I pick up the teacup and drink it in one breath, not wanting to waste extra time.

“Ah, it’s a pity that you drink such high-quality tea like this.” Xue Luoyi raises his eyebrows, but the corners of his mouth still have a melodious arc.

The tea is indeed very fragrant, and there’s even a lingering taste in my mouth. But the sweetness of the sugar cubes is ruining the taste a little.

“Sir, I want to report to you what’s happening in the Hall.” I cut to the point.

“Ah, I know. Do you want to tell me about Li and Josh?” Xue Luoyi puts down the teacup, and leans his elbows on the table while interlocking his fingers.


“I’ve heard about it, and I’m looking for you precisely for this matter.”

My white fingers on my knees relax a little. I’m glad that Absolute Wing Hall’s Curator has not yet become corrupted.

“The wound on your face…. It was made by Li HongRan, right?”


I nod and report to him. “Yesterday I found out that prisoner Li HongRan was assaulting a prisoner named Josh from the second floor of the same building; not only that, but I also found that the reason why Josh appeared in Li HongRan’s cell may be because of Teal’s help.”

“So?” Xue Luoyi smiles. His purple eyes look at me deeply, and a bad premonition suddenly surges into my heart. But I couldn’t tell what it was.

“Therefore, shouldn’t you come forward to control the situation, punish the relevant negligent personnel, and strengthen the management of the prisoners?” I say bluntly.

“It’s not necessary for me to come forward. Teal didn’t miss anything, and Li didn’t break any rule.” Xue Luoyi’s answer makes my heart feel cold, and an unnatural numbing coldness spreads on my back. Xue Luoyi’s glass-like purple eyes show a glint of chillnes. “Ye ShiJiu, it is you who really violated the rules of the Hall.”

“How could it be me?” I furrow my brows. Feeling that everything here is too absurd.

“Any prison guard in the Hall is not allowed to intervene in the management scope of other prison guards. Of course, prison guards are not allowed to interfere with the Kings on other floors. I believe you should have heard other people say these two points.”

“I understand. But this kind of rule is illogical!”

“Ye ShiJiu, that is not illogical, the rules in the Absolute Wing Hall are really like this.”

“Do not make jokes…”

“I’m not making jokes.” There’s not a single trace of impropriety in Xue Luoyi’s fine face.

My hand on my knee clenches. “If it’s really such an unfair system, what’s the point of the superiors and you choosing us to be prison guards!”

Xue Luoyi listens to my righteous words, but says nothing. He doesn’t express any guilt, instead, he just smiles. That kind of smile, just like Gu Yan’s, is a mockery of my ignorance.


“Ye ShiJiu, you were not selected by the superiors nor me. You are the prison guard selected by Gu Yan himself.”

Hearing this, I am shocked and speechless.

“We first sent the information of qualified personnel from all over the country to Gu Yan. The written test was just a cover, and the videotape of the interview was shown to Gu Yan first. He would choose who he wanted from them one by one. And you, Ye ShiJiu, you were the one selected by Gu Yan.”

“How come?” I can’t believe it. I can’t believe Gu Yan’s nonsense is actually true.

“You are not like Teal or Yaren. The two of them came in voluntarily to become prison guards because of special reasons. Instead, you are in a similar situation to Cang Wu. Both were selected by the Kings themselves.”

That’s ridiculous! The more I listen, the more ridiculous I feel!

At this time, my digital watch beeps very unusually, disrupting my already complex thoughts. I remember that Gu Yan said to see me later. But Gu Yan just went back to his cell, and I don’t know what he wants to see me about.

“Ah, your King is looking for you.” Xue Luoyi pushes his hair behind his ear and stands up from his seat. “Are you going back to him? It’s okay. I’ll go with you. Let’s talk along the way, I also have a gift to give him.”

“Gift?” I also rise up from my seat and follow him. Thinking of the ridiculous things that are happening one after another.

“Yes, a big gift. After all, during the period of waiting for the new prison guard, he did pretty well. Making sure there were no troubles in his building.” Xue Luoyi’s long legs step forward and I follow suit. I do not care too much about the gift he mentioned. I just feel it is strange.

Translator Erza: Some of you might feel confused from the irregular verb tenses (especially in the past chapters). I also just realize that the translation sometimes changes it’s verb tenses and I unconsciously follow suit. But I’ll try to stick to present verb tenses, since the raws really used that. It’s also a little difficult for me since this is my first time translating using 1st Person’s POV and using present verb tensing. So please, bear with me (>_<).

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