Wolf Imprisoned for 19 Nights


In this Absolute Wing Hall, it seems that the problem isn’t just about the bullying among prisoners, but the problem is also the prison guards themselves.

While I am still considering whether to interfere with them or just ignore them, the collision sound from the garden attracts my attention.

Li is pressing Josh to the ground. The poor young man looks so terrified, begging for mercy in tears, but Li just tears his clothes violently.

Li presses his elbow on Josh’s back, and grabs Josh’s chin with the other hand. “Josh, I don’t want to hurt you. This is not our first time. Can’t you just cooperate?”

Josh is still struggling. He is obviously unwilling when he says, “No, Li, I don’t want to do this kind of thing.”


As he is struggling, Josh hits Li on the face. On Li’s gorgeous face.

Li’s expression becomes a bit cold, and even his words are full of chills. “Do you want your hand to be dislocated once? Or… Will you be more obedient if I send someone to dislocate your sister’s lovely hand?”

Hearing this, Josh pauses and stops struggling.

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“Ebyv?” R qasod.

He chuckles twice and taps his index finger from the bottom up to the brim of my police cap. My police cap loosens, and he snatches it away as he answers, “You.”


“Nonsense. I’m not your property!” I know he’s just teasing me. I become a little bit angry as I try to snatch my police cap back. “Go back to your cell, don’t disturb me, I have something to do right now!”

I stretch out my hand to push him away, but he stands still in place.

“Gu Yan!” I lower my voice as I shout at him.

Right now, I can hear Josh’s sobs from the garden. I click my tongue in annoyance, push Gu Yan away with a bit of strength, and step away to stop Li’s atrocities.

“Li─” Just as I am about to stop Li, the person behind me holds my waist and covers my mouth with one hand.

“Unexpectedly, I picked an ignorant fool to come here?” Gu Yan chuckles in my ear. At this time, I still don’t know what he means by his ‘picked’, so I just struggle to get out of his confinement.

Gu Yan hugs me very tightly. I do not expect that his seemingly slender appearance is so powerful that I can’t even get rid of him, who has a much rougher appearance, and is supposed to be more stronger than him.

I cannot speak nor can I do something with me being held captive in Gu Yan’s arms. I can only watch in struggle as Josh is being pinned against the ground by Li, who is holding Josh’s hips as he fiercely thrusts his hardness into Josh’s bottom. Josh’s painful cry is very unbearable for me, but I couldn’t get rid of Gu Yan’s clutches.

Gu Yan half drags me as he takes me to another corner. I could only watch Josh’s miserable and tearful face gradually disappear before my eyes.

When Gu Yan throws me into a corner, I immediately stand up and grab his collar angrily. “Do you know what you are doing?”

“Of course I do.” Gu Yan narrows his eyes slightly. His long eyelashes make his eyes look very deep. “I don’t want my property to go and save a dying prey in a tiger’s mouth because of a stupid thing called justice, and let that ferocious beast ruin him.”

“I’m not your property!” I roar angrily. “I’m a prison guard! A prison guard that should be in charge of the order in the Prison!”


Gu Yan is very indifferent to my anger. His green eyes stare at me with contempt. When I see him clenching his fist from the corner of my eyes, I subconsciously want to be on guard, but I’m not as fast as him. Gu Yan suddenly punches me, and a dull pain explodes in my right abdomen as I feel a strong force squeezing my stomach.

I fall on my knees and cannot help coughing. Even breathing makes my abdomen ache.

“You can’t even take something like this yet you want to stop Li. It seems that your brain isn’t functioning that well.” I look up and see Gu Yan looking down at me, even the corner of his mouth looks at me in a scornful way. “Li is a madman, and a really terrible madman. I can’t even beat him that much. I have heard about yesterday’s events from Tian Hai. Thank your luck that Li didn’t kill you. But if I don’t stop you today, I will not guarantee your end.”

Gu Yan squats down, keeping his eyes parallel to me.

“You are the new toy I picked in. I don’t want to let a madman take it apart before I can even play with it.”

When I look at him, I can imagine that my eyes are full of indignation. “I’m not a toy you picked in, I’m the prison guard selected by the superior.”

Gu Yan smiles when he sees my gritted teeth as I speak, as if I am a very ignorant person.

“You really are a naive wolf who doesn’t know anything…” Gu Yan raises my chin with his fingers. His beautiful face approaches me, and then he gives me a light kiss on the cheek.

I am taken aback by his actions. I push him away reflexively, and wipe my cheek with the back of my hand. Gu Yan doesn’t feel angry at my rude action. He just maintains his usual faint smile and proud eyes.

Suddenly, the radio in the Hall rings out. The only person in the Hall who can use the radio is the Curator. Then, a loud voice from Xue Luoyi sounds around the Hall. “Ye ShiJiu, come to the office, I have something for you. “

“Ah, the Curator is looking for you…” Gu Yan’s expression is very strange, as if he already knows that Xue Luoyi will look for me.

Gu Yan stands up, holds my police cap, reaches out to touch my head, and puts it on for me. “So…hurry up and find the Curator.”


I glare at Gu Yan. His light teasing makes me feel very humiliated.

“See you later.” Gu Yan waves his hand at me before leaving, his green eyes are full of joy and strange glint. Then, his back disappears from my eyesight.

Damn it! Everything I see in the Absolute Wing Hall makes me feel hateful!
As I try to stand up, I don’t even realize the meaning of Gu Yan’s ‘see you later’. Now, I just want to go to Xue Luoyi and tell him all the terrible bullying events in the Hall, and let him come personally. After all, he is the Curator. If I don’t have the power, I have to hand it over to the superior!

Erza’s Note: Xue Luoyi can be called Curator or Warden. Actually, Warden is more appropriate to use since the events take place in Prison. But they really address Xue Luoyi as a Curator rather than Warden.

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