I Fell in Love with My White Moonlight’s Arch-Enemy

Chapter 6 Are you afraid that Su Zezhou would be worried?

The snakes coiled around each other. Raising their heads, their slender long tongues sticking out and withdrawing, probingly slithering towards my direction.

Cold, wet and slimy…

The memories that came next were lost in the middle due to extreme fright.


By the time I woke up, I found myself soaking in the spiritual springs, my whole body swollen and unable to move.


My eyes were so swollen I was unable to lift them up, I couldn’t even see the figure of people clearly and every part of my body hurt, the pain eating into my bones.

I called out Immortal Lord Su Zezhou’s name softly and in the next moment, I sensed a broad palm lightly pat my head, gently telling me, “Don’t be afraid, I’ve returned.”

I tried my best to open my eyes but I could still only see a vague picture. My nose was unable to help but turn sour. My body sunk down, causing my tears to intermix with the spring water, reluctant to let Immortal Lord Zezhou find out.

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The pills were really bitter and the injuries that were submerged in water particularly hurt. I lifted my face, not allowing the tears in my eyes to overflow.


How nice it would be if mother were here, I could throw myself into her arms and whine my pain to her, asking her to coax me.

If….If Xie Lin were here, I could also cry out loud without restraint, making a scene and appearing pitiful so that he would give me more chicken legs during dinner.

But the one I was facing now was Immortal Lord Zezhou, who had a forthcoming and humble nature, he would definitely dislike me for not being elegant.


After recuperating for nearly a month, my injuries have finally completely healed. Afterwards, I moved to Immortal Lord Zezhou’s room and because I would start having nightmares upon closing my eyes, as long as he was there, the tight nerves in my head would turn lax.

Immortal Lord Zezhou treated me really well. He would always speak gently to me and always brought me with him everywhere, never straying an inch farther. Even if he was going down the mountain to get rid of demons, he would take me with him.


I saw Xie Lin again. I heard a lot of rumors about him on the mountain, about how he killed people without blinking an eye, about how his character was disagreeable, how crafty and insidious he was, renegade to the bone.

But I didn’t feel the same way at all.

He didn’t kill me and his character was fine. He wasn’t really that insidious and he doesn’t seem to be renegade.

If they wanted to speak of insidiousness, only those in the Qing Xu Sect would fit this to its core.



The demon that Su Zehou was going to get rid of, was Xie Lin’s subordinate.

In the desolate river, Xie Lin carried a sword, dark blood dripping off of it, seeping into the ground. He cast a glance from the corner of his eyes, coldly saying, “Don’t interfere with my matters.”

His sword gave a glint as if implying it could strike at any moment.

I stood there in a daze and Xie Lin cast me a glance, asking Su Zezhou what he was trying to do, bringing a helpless little fellow like me with him.

He still remembered me.

But I was no longer a small fellow. I had grown a lot taller like a bamboo with the appearance of a youth.


Immortal Lord Zezhou set up a boundary and asked me not to run around, then he drew nearer to Xie Lin and his group.

The swords flashed by quickly and I couldn’t see their figures. After staying in the boundary for two hours, the sparks given off by the swords gradually weakened.

Their appearance had just calmed down, their clothes fluttering, not a hair out of place, the wind of the battle not ceding to either side.

Seeing that nobody was harmed, I let out a breath of relief. In the next moment, the boundary collapsed with a loud rumble and a beast appeared from behind, charging fiercely towards me.

Before I could even react, Xie Lin had grabbed me and pushed me behind him in protection.


Then his sword flashed and the beast’s head fell down onto the ground.


Xie Lin’s sleeve was splattered with dark blood. I secretly reached out a hand and helped him wipe it clean.

Xia Lin coldly said, “Little fellow, don’t move around recklessly.”

Immortal Lord Zezhou looked at me and furrowed his brows.

I immediately let go of Xie Lin’s sleeve.

Xie Lin laughed and pinched my cheeks, with great strength, he kneaded my cheeks into different shapes.

“Your courage sure grew.”


Immortal Lord Zezhou pointed his sword at Xie Lin and ordered him to let go of me.

I wanted to speak but the words coming out of my mouth were unclear. Xie Ling let go of me and swept me a look, sneeringly saying I look like a malnourished ghost.

Immortal Lord Zezhou’s face turned ugly and he coldly said, “What does it have to do with you?”


“My royal self loves to meddle in many affairs,” Xie Lin raised his chin and looked at Immortal Lord Zezhou, asking with a chuckle, “What does it have to do with you?”


The two of them started arguing again and fought from the desolate rivers to the dense forests, the sharp swords cutting away many tree trunks.

Xie Lin’s servant recognized me and brought me along to watch the show.

In the middle of the dense forest was a big piece of rock, it stood conspicuously between two trees. I stood on top of the rock, tiptoeing to watch the fight.

At the start, I was a little worried, later on, it felt as if I couldn’t take my eyes off.

When the night curtain descended, I asked Xie Lin’s subordinate, “When are they going to stop?”

“In a quarter of an hour.” Xie Lin’s subordinate responded in a familiar manner, “Su Zezhou has almost finished carrying out his moves. It’ll be over soon.”

And just as he said, after a quarter of an hour, everything had concluded.


Xie Lin flew up and swept atop a rock, gazing at Immortal Lord Zezhou with a disdainful gaze, saying, “My royal self still has matters to attend to today, I’ll kindly let you off once.”

Once he finished, the sword in Immortal Lord Zezhou’s hand flew out all of a sudden and Xie Lin turned to the side to avoid it, causing the sword to penetrate the rock, cutting a big hole in it.

The cracks grew bigger and bigger until a white flash appeared. In the next moment, Xie Lin grabbed me by the foot and we were both sucked into it.

Everything happened while the white light flashed and by the time I recovered my senses, I realized that my surroundings had changed.

The verdant and lush forest had turned into a beautiful island.

Azure seawater was stretched out as far as the eye could see, the gentle breeze gave rise to waves on the surface, bringing a salty and wet scent.

Xei Lin kicked away a shell and said without a hint of apology, “Sorry, even if I die, I have to drag a scapegoat with me.”

“Where is this?” I asked.

Xie Lin looked around with a probing gaze for a while before responding, “The secret territory in the desolate rivers.”


The island wasn’t big so soon, Xie Lin and I managed to finish walking a circle and I asked him, “How do we get out of here?”

“If we can’t find the exit,“ Xie Lin calmly said, “let’s just wait for our death here.”

I was worried that Immortal Lord Zezhou would be worried for me but didn’t dare to express this in front of Xie Lin so I felt a little bit apprehensive.


After a while, Xie Lin sat down on the sandy ground and picked up some shells, tossing them into the big sea. Each time he threw one, the farther it went.

I sat near him and picked up a big shell for him.

Xie Lin: “What are you staring at me so anxiously for? Do you also want to play?”

I shook my head and hesitated for a moment, beating around the bush, “Wouldn’t your servant be worried for you?”

Xie Lin seemed to have seen through my plans and said, “Are you afraid that Su Zezhou would be worried?”

I raised my head to look at him and carefully nodded.

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