I Fell in Love with My White Moonlight’s Arch-Enemy

Chapter 4 You’re so perverted for someone so young

After I ate the meat on the chicken leg clean, I wiped my mouth, rubbing the oil all over my face and creating a sticky mess.

Xie Lin called me disgusting and commanded a servant to get me cleaned up.

He was not the only one who showed disgust, even the servant girl disdained my filthy appearance, measuring me up and down once without moving a muscle.

“Alright alright, just go.” Xie Lin waved his hand and signalled the servant girl to leave.

I realized that Xie Lin’s temper was quite good, he didn’t have an air of arrogance and got along well with the people of the demon world.



Xie Lin threw me to the hot pool and had followed in, leaning against the edge, shutting his eyes in recuperation.

My hands held onto the satiny jade railings, my eyes growing wide in surprise.

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He hadn’t budged for half an hour, as though his soul had departed. I was shocked by this thought before I recalled him mentioning that he had previously been injured by Lord Zezhou before I had crashed down on him.


I secretly approached Xie Lin, reaching out a finger to check whether he was still breathing.

And he actually wasn’t!

Shocked, I hurriedly tore open his outer garment, wanting to take a look at his injuries.


“What do you think you’re doing, taking my clothes off?” Xie Lin opened his eyes, “You’re so perverted for someone so young.”

I stammered in reply, “I’m not perverted, I just….I just wanted to take a look at your injuries.”

“Don’t look,” Xie Lin let out a long exhale, “My injuries are quite serious, I might not be able to live until the next day.”

He was lying. If he couldn’t live until tomorrow, why was he playing pai gow with a crowd today?

The next day, he was still alive as expected, and he was even guzzling down strong alcohol, eating roast meat, acting vigorous and lively, not looking as though he was ever injured at all.

Xie Lin even evilly forced me to drink alcohol. Seeing my tears nearly flow out from the spiciness, he burst into a boisterous laugh.

The second prince told me Xie Lin wouldn’t eat humans. He certainly didn’t eat humans but loved to play them.

I was angry but I didn’t dare get angry at him, only tearfully swallowing the bitter consequences.


After staying in the demon world for a few days, my heart began to grow anxious, and behind Xie Lin’s back, I secretly went to ask the second prince a favor.

The second prince wasn’t always in good health. Every time I looked for him, he would always be lying on soft cloud brocade, his face flushed as if he were ill.

Can cultivators also get sick?

I asked him but he responded vaguely, only agreeing that he would send me back as soon as he could.

Today, Xun Xi was also present, wearing white inner clothing and leaning on the bedside, scratch marks visible on his neck. Seeing me burst in, he glared at me fiercely.

His gaze looked terrifying, as if he were a wolf cub tearing off human flesh.

I stuttered as I spoke to him but before I could finish my words, Xun Xi waved a hand and I had returned to Xie Lin’s inner hall.

Before I disappeared, I seemed to have heard the second highness’s whimper, low and soft, sounding extremely pitiful.


I no longer looked for his highness and instead stayed by Xie Lin’s side everyday, looking forward to the day Lord Zezhou would rescue me.

Seeing that Lord Zezhou did not come, I couldn’t wait any longer and ran off several times in the middle of the night, but just as I crossed the demonic palace gates, I would be captured back.

Xie Lin threatened me, “I originally wanted the demonic bells Su Zezhou carried with him. Now, I want to double it. For each time you try to escape, I’m going to ask for another celestial item.”


I no longer attempted to escape, becoming Xie Lin’s little lackey. When he was bathing, I would rub his back, when he was eating, I would pick his dishes, before he went to bed, I would hum him a song…

These matters sounded so simple yet I was unable to carry them out properly. When I had to rub his back, I would manage to pull some of his hair off. The dishes I picked out for him were all things he disliked eating and eventually ended up in my tummy.

I later on got to know that the people of the demon world and cultivators were the same, they didn’t need to eat at all. He was just deliberately bullying me.

However, compared to Lu Yan and his gang’s bullying, I thought Xie Lin was much more lenient.


I yearned day and night until finally Immortal Lord Zezhou appeared.

It was evening and only half of the setting sun could be seen, the sunset glow tainting both sides of the sun like rouge and the residual light clasped the gorgeous sunlight, appearing incomparably beautiful.

Immortal Lord Zezhou was like a deity descending at the demonic palace, coldly commanding Xie Lin to hand me over.

I was so touched my eyes started to turn misty and I hated that I couldn’t leap to him immediately.

Xie Lin used his sword to lift up my belt and calmly negotiated with Lord Zezhou.

In the end, Xie Lin extorted a mountain of good objects from Lord Zezhou. He even mocked the Qing Xu Sect, sighing and clicking his tongue, saying how the little fellow was starved so much that his face was only the size of a palm.

I was afraid that Xie Lin would bring up the matter of being a child bride and roared at him with anxiety, “Shut your mouth, you’re the one whose face is the size of a palm!”


Xie Lin cast me a side glance and chuckled, “Little heartless fellow. As expected of a person from the Qing Xu Sect, he learnt the quintessence.”

Immortal Lord Zezhou’s face turned even colder, “What does my Qing Xu Sect’s matter have to do with you?”

Xie Lin was too lazy to argue with him and snickered, letting Lord Zezhou take me away and leave.

Before we departed, he even left a few more words, “Give the little fellow some more food to eat, he needs to eat at least four or five dishes a meal.”

I clutched onto Immortal Lord Zezhou’s wide sleeves in embarrassment, afraid that he would dislike me for eating too much.


On the road back to Cui Wei Peak, Immortal Lord Zezhou gently asked me what I liked to eat then asked the kitchen to prepare it.

I didn’t see any disdain in his eyes, only a faint mirth so I mustered my courage and listed some food.

Immortal Lord Zezhou agreed to each and every one of them before stroking my head and saying, “Your soul is unstable, you need to be diligent in nourishing yourself, from now on, I’m going to teach you how to cultivate.”

Back when he saved me, he wasn’t as approachable as he was today. I was originally feeling extremely grateful to him so hearing this only made me feel more touched.


After Immortal Lord Zezhou returned, my living circumstances improved, Lu Yan no longer dared to bully me whenever he wished. The most he would do when Immortal Lord Zezhou wasn’t present was to scold me for being a freeloader, causing Immortal Lord Zezhou to lose many celestial items.

I acknowledged his reprimandings but I also looked forward to Immortal Lord Zezhou teaching me how to cultivate so that I could win back the celestial items Xie Lin had taken from him.

Immortal Lord Zezhou taught me mental cultivation methods in his free time and I excitedly followed him, but after mouthing a few words, my head started to hurt and though I could bear it in the beginning, it eventually got to the point where it hurt so much my body started quivering. I curled up on the ground and knocked my head on the wall.

Lord Zezhou stopped me, holding my wrist and entering my consciousness. In an instant, his expression changed.

He had spent two hours stabilizing my state of mind. After the pain subsided, I discovered him looking at me, his gaze stoic, containing a bone-piercing chilliness.

I was a bit afraid, asking him weakly whether I was going to die.

Immortal Lord Zezhou watched me silently and after a long time, he said, “Don’t learn cultivation for now. We’ll talk about it later.”

I knew the meaning behind his words.

I couldn’t even learn the most basic mental cultivation method. I was nothing but trash.

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