I Fell in Love with My White Moonlight’s Arch-Enemy

Chapter 1 A good looking little gentleman

The scorching sun was like blood, the wine banners1Referring to silk banners set up by wine shops to advertise their business back in the ancient times stood upright.

A winding city wall extended all the way to the boundless wilderness, like a sharp dagger cutting the throat in one stroke.

A group of wild dogs gathered in the corner.

When the light of the setting sun passed the border of the walls, it fell on the cooked meat they were tearing at. I took a step back.

I was extremely afraid of dogs but I was too hungry to listen to reason. The desire to eat muddled my head, making me step foot into the violent fighting grounds of the wild dogs.


A dog the size of a copper bell stared at me. I held the bamboo stick I picked up, telling myself incessantly. If the dog didn’t move recklessly, I wouldn’t move as well.

The black dog wagged its tail, staring straight at me viciously. All of a sudden, its mouth bit the head of the bamboo. I quickly let go and picked up the chicken leg, running backwards as fast as I could.

The group of dogs started to get excited, chasing me and barking clamorously.

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I cried watching him take off my outer clothes, continued crying watching him wipe his sword clean, and was still crying watching him gesture the spiritual fire technique, burning the outer clothing to ashes.


But he didn’t pay any heed to me from start to end.

I finally got tired from crying and shifted my feet aside to pick up the chicken leg. Just as I was about to stuff it into my mouth, he swiftly smacked my hand away and the chicken leg fell down to the ground again.

I looked at him and wanted to cry but I couldn’t.

I continued to sob, thinking to myself. There was no one more pitiful than me in this world.

He sighed and brought me to a tavern. As though I was a puppet, he held me by the neck, throwing me to the cask filled with hot water.

The scratches on my elbow hurt but it was bearable. Mother said it was best to exercise restraint in unfamiliar surroundings.


I sat in the cask for a quarter of an hour, the hot water soon turning cold.

The cask was tall and big. I tried to climb out many times but failed. My legs turned limp and my head submerged into the water. In that instant, I felt very aggrieved. I didn’t get bitten to death by the dog but I was going to drown to death.

I had a dream. In the dream, mother was there. She sat atop of a reef, smiling as she pinched my face.

Mother was really beautiful.



Inside the dream, it felt like I was supported by a big white cloud. It was soft and fluffy, feeling extremely comfortable.

After a while, I opened my eyes and stared blankly at the hollow patterns of the bedframe, everything was very unfamiliar.

After a long time, I realized that Su Zezhou had brought me back to Cui Wei Peak.

Cui Wei Peak, the top spiritual mountain under the heavens that was the rage for a time. It was the holy land every immortal eyed and the Qing Xu Sect who lived there was extremely strong. Every five years, they would open their mountain and select disciples, this grand occasion often talked about by people enthusiastically.

It was hard to get through their doors so Su Zezhou violated the rules by bringing me in, inciting a lot of people’s dissatisfaction.

Qin Xu Sect’s Rule 24: Regardless of background or position, those who enter Qing Xu must do it through the Chi Lian secret territory.

I heard these words from Lu Yan. Lu Yan was born from the legal wife of the Lu Family which was the head of the four biggest influential families, and his biggest hobby was to order his lackeys to bully me.


“Senior Brother already mentioned it when he left. You’re not a member of Qing Xu. In my opinion, he treats you as nothing more than a plaything.” Lu Yan crossed his arms, leaning against a tree in content, “Little kitties and doggies are used to amuse people. Lin Yunpu, put in a bit more effort.”

Lin Yunpu was older than me by a few years and he looked particularly sturdy. Hearing this command, he immediately pressed my head deeper into the jar of water.

While I was struggling, water splashed everywhere. I slowly lost the strength to resist and shut my eyes in resignation, a series of bubbles quickly floating up the jar.

Just as I was about to approach death, Lin Yunpu loosened his hold and I escaped from him, slipping down on the ground, looking like a drenched dog who had fallen into the water.


Lu Yan wasn’t satisfied with this but I had never cultivated for my body was too weak. He didn’t dare kill me but smiled as he delivered two kicks before using magic to remove the scars on my body.

The scars were gone but the sharp pain still remained.

I lived such days for almost half a year.


I had forgotten to say, ever since I arrived at the Qing Xu Sect, I never saw Su Zezhou again.

Evil dragons were present on the south side, having swallowed the population of many villages. The first few people dispatched there were unable to suppress them so Su Zezhou hastily hurried there to finish the job.

Just as the matter of dragons concluded, news was sent over. In the north, the evil valley of the border was growing weaker due to the terrifying beasts imprisoned inside making trouble, showing signs that it was going to break at any moment. Su Zezhou quickly galloped his horse there without rest to reinforce it.


Immortal Zezhou cared for the common people under the skies, devoting his whole life to the path of righteousness.

I shrank under the window of the school on the mountain, listening to the teacher praise him and couldn’t help but stroke the neck that Immortal Zezhou had grabbed before.

Immortal Zezhou, who cared for the common people, not only saved me but held me by the neck.



Gossipy people on the mountain said there were millions of people in this world suffering yet Senior Brother Su looked at trash like me with favor, perhaps because my appearance was good, inciting one’s pity.

I naturally knew I had good looks because my mother was a mermaid, her beauty widely known across all races of the four seas and eight wastelands.

After a mermaid’s facial features have matured, other than becoming bigger proportionally along with the increase in age, nothing else would change.

As a result, I knew what I would look like after several years had passed.

However, I felt that Immortal Lord Zezhou was not a superficial person, I must have some other redeeming quality.

Perhaps I had a lot of potential, a genius that was rare to come by amongst the immortals.

I secretly looked forward to Su Zezhou returning to Cui Wei Peak and teaching me how to cultivate.

I wanted to cultivate, not to be called trash by other other people.


Lu Ya recently accepted an assignment and went down the mountain to capture a water demon that was bringing disaster to the humans. I originally didn’t know about this but on the day they left, they also took me to the flying boat.

The flying boat soared among the thick clouds. As I was still young, I gradually grew curious looking at the white clouds that swept past all around us.

Lu Yan was inside the flying boat, and Lu Yunpu was leaning at the end of the boat, dozing off. No one paid any attention to me so I secretly shifted to the edge of the boat and curiously looked down.

Through the gaps between the clouds, I saw verdant greenery. It looked like a green ocean, boundless and limitless.

All of a sudden, I felt a burst of pain coming from my tailbone. Just as I was about to turn my head, in the next second, Lin Yunpu had kicked me off the flying boat.

I knew they harbored sinister intentions early on, I just didn’t think they were this ruthless.


I fell down quicker and quicker. There was no time to think too much so only one thought remained in my head.

If I died, would I be able to see my mother?

After a while, I could feel the speed of falling slow down, and almost coming to a stop. I let out a breath of relief, assuming I had just escaped from calamity.

Suddenly, like a piece of stone that was falling, I was so scared I shut my eyes.


Falling on the ground surprisingly didn’t hurt. Feeling something soft underneath me, I climbed back up to my feet and discovered that I had pressed down a person.

He was a very good-looking little gentleman.

The little gentleman wore black clothes, his lapels containing a piece of jade pendant, the edges were embroidered with red spider lilies.

I suspected he was a member of the mermaid race. Otherwise, why else would he be equally matched with me in appearance.

Even Immortal Lord Zezhou would pale slightly in comparison with him.

The little gentleman looked particularly frightening that I did not dare to move, maintaining the same position.

The little gentleman didn’t speak.

I was a bit scared. Sitting on his legs, I lowered my head and didn’t dare to speak.


After a long time, my legs turned numb.

I timidly raised my eyes at him.

The little gentleman met my eyes and picked me up before standing himself up as well.

I thought. He must’ve known my legs turned numb because my eyes could speak.

He spat out a mouth of blood and said, “Where did a little fellow like you come from, to dare plot against this royal self’s life?”

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