My Weibo Page is Able to Tell Fortunes

Chapter 130: Who’s going to look at the window?

After Liu Li and Lu Yue left, Shen Yuanye facetimed Ren Lulu.

Back in China, it was the start of a new day. Ren Lulu told her last night that Jiang Pan had found a weakness of Tan Lang yesterday, and his psychological defense was collapsing.

This was good news. As soon as he opened his mouth, a lot of information could be revealed.

Shen Yuanye had every reason to believe that this Tan Lang was the lackey of the real coordinator behind the scenes. Not to say that he knew all of the information, but he would definitely know more things that Lu Long did not know. After all, Lu Long was just hired to kill people.

As for why the other party chose Lu Long, she was not clear.


Ren Lulu was not exactly working during work hours, so she had a guilty conscience. She glanced over, and said brightly, “I watched your show yesterday, and it was praised so much on Weibo.”

She was just an ordinary person, and she was very happy to be in contact with people like big stars on a normal basis.

“I have a little niece who has wanted to be a model since she was a child. Recently, she couldn’t let go of her tablet and watched the fashion show all day long. She praised you a lot.”

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Shen Yuanye replied: “Then I will wait for the news.”


After getting this part-time job as a consultant, it was indeed much more convenient for her. Under normal circumstances, it would be impossible for Ren Lulu to disclose the case details to her.

Even if she was the victim, she could not touch such details.

After becoming a consultant, she not only could ask Ren Lulu, but could also directly ask Jiang Pan, without getting a rejection.

Of course, she felt that it was more casual and easier to ask Ren Lulu. When she saw Jiang Pan, she always thought about his cold face and then the affectionate person in the death video. It felt very inconsistent.

Jiang Pan paused at the entrance of the corridor, with his face turned to one side, “Ren Lulu, come too.”

Ren Lulu quickly stood up: “Yes!”

“I was heard. I’m going to the interrogation room now. I’ll come back later to tell you.” She winked at Shen Yuanye in the video and closed the webpage.

When Ren Lulu was walking, she was still thinking. Obviously he didn’t call her just now, could it be that he changed her mind because he heard her talking?

Tan Lang’s original name was Lin Jinsong, he was 31 years old this year. He was also an employee of a listed company in Beijing, with the position of department manager.

Nothing strange.

But if he attacked Lu Long with this identity, there would be a very large problem.

According to the files investigated by the police, he was just an ordinary person. He was never involved with anything strange since he was a child, and he didn’t know kung fu or anything similar.


He was not involved with Shen Yuanye in any way, but he was the one who tasked Lu Long to kill Shen Yuanye.

This identity was one on the surface.

After being detained here for half a month, Jiang Pan did almost everything himself. Lin Jinsong’s psychological defense was weakening day by day until last night.

Jiang Pan finally confirmed that Lin Jinsong could be interrogated.

Sure enough, facing their persecution today, Lin Jinsong only struggled a bit before answering their questions.

Lin Jinsong said: “Someone from the Wen family came to me.”

Ren Lulu and Liu Heyang hadn’t realized who this Wen family was, but Jiang Pan’s eyes were fixed on him sharply.

“Who in the Wen family found you?”

Lin Jinsong shook his head, “To be precise, a man came to me, and he gave me five million to do this and then go abroad.”

Five million was too tempting for a department manager like him.

Moreover, the other party had already found someone to do the actual killing for him. They found Lu Long, paid him to kill people, and didn’t even ask him to pay for the money given to Lu Long.

He didn’t need to kill someone himself, and there were no negative consequences from this matter. 


“I heard him talking on the phone with someone. I vaguely heard the Wen family. As for who it was, I don’t know.” Lin Jinsong recalled the scene at that time.

The other party called him again after he agreed to the matter.

Lin Jinsong’s hearing was good, and he heard about the Wen family and some other scattered words. However he kept it in his heart, and checked up on who the Wen family was.

Unexpectedly, the result surprised him.

The Wen family could be said to straddle two major aspects of business and politics, and what he found was only a fraction. It was already enough to make him dumbfounded.

It could be said that the other party could find someone better, but in the end they found him.

After Lu Long failed, the other party suddenly stopped. Lin Jinsong didn’t take this matter to heart, thinking that they had hired someone else to do it again.

Until Lu Long was arrested last month, the other party came to him and asked him to destroy his body and traces.

Lin Jinsong was also worried about this, fearing that Lu Long would rat him out. This opportunity came, so he asked Lu Long to go to the abandoned suburbs, and he was ready to murder him.

He had learned a few skills before, and he caught an opportunity when Lu Long was negligent. He had brought a tool, so he gained the upper hand.

Who knew that the police were waiting there.

After Lin Jinsong finished speaking, he licked his lips and pleaded, “That’s all I know. I confessed, is there leniency?”


Liu Heyang smiled on the surface: “Guess.”

He glanced at Jiang Pan’s face, and had a vague guess in his heart. Could this so-called Wen family be the prestigious Wen family in Beijing?

Liu Heyang and Ren Lulu were ordinary people, and they couldn’t get in touch with such people. Now they realized that something was wrong.

After all, they had lived in Beijing for so long. Although there were many well-known business tycoons here, they still knew of the Wen family quite clearly.

The Wen family was so powerful, what did they want with Shen Yuanye?

She was just an orphan. The Wen family didn’t work in the entertainment circle, so she didn’t get in the way. She also didn’t offend them, so why kill her?

Or was there another secret?


Shen Yuanye knew nothing about the domestic affairs.

After waking up the next day, considering that it was still night in China, she deleted the message she originally wanted to send. Then went to the show with her full attention.

She would get the answer tonight, and she could wait now.

Every model wore clothing from several brands, and Shen Yuanye herself was no exception. If she added up the cost from her outfits these days, if she sold them, even her salary would not be able to afford it.

But unlike her, Anna had much more shows compared.

Shen Yuanye had only one brand showing that night on the 8th, and Anna was in charge of the opening of the show. The two meanings were completely different.

The person in charge of the opening was naturally more impressive.

But Shen Yuanye was already satisfied with the fact that she had such a good result just after being in an international show. After all, compared with Anna, she still had less qualifications.

Shen Yuanye was well prepared for the show tonight.

The theme of the fashion brand this time was the color white, with short and long skirts. Shen Yuanye was wearing a floor-length skirt with hollow embroidery from the chest to the top of the shoulders, and a layer of light gauze that was almost invisible on the arms. It was also inlaid with pearls at intervals.

A model ahead of her wore puff sleeves and a mermaid skirt.

The audience and guests in front had already sat down, and the stylist quickly touched up their makeup. Then they confirmed that there was no problem with the makeup and so on.

After the model in front stepped on stage, the director gave her a slight push, and Shen Yuanye immediately stepped onto the stage. When the flash came, countless shutter sounds accompanied by music sounded.

The feeling was very strange, as if she was stretching her wings and flying.

Before her rebirth, Shen Yuanye even fantasized about herself participating in an international fashion show. But all those imagined emotions were not as genuine as the real feeling at the moment.

The stylist didn’t have her wear colored contact lenses, so the only model with dark pupils for this brand came into the sight of countless people. It was so stunning that people couldn’t take their eyes off her.

After her, most of the models who appeared on the stage had blue eyes, which flooded this fashion week, and was pretty common.

By chance, Shen Yuanye got a different effect.

As soon as she got off stage, she returned backstage without stopping.

Backstage there were still many models who were preparing, coming and going. There were all kinds of models, from different races, different countries…

And in the midst of all these people, there was a murderer.

She quickly took off her wig, changed her clothes, and finally took a deep breath. She scanned the entire backstage.

All the people backstage were chaotic. Outsiders could even come in, including reporters, photographers, and many agents. It could be said that everyone could be the murderer.

It would be narrow if she only focused on models.

Anna had just changed into her second outfit and was on stage. Shen Yuanye stood backstage for a moment, and finally walked to the bathroom.

A Caucasian female model just came out of the bathroom cubicle. She was taken aback when she saw her, and then strode away.

Shen Yuanye ignored her, and took advantage to see if there were any strange areas.

The restroom on this side of the show was also considered luxurious. The inside looked like a hotel lobby, and it was not convenient to find small things.

Shen Yuanye thought about the location in the video, and finally decided on a direction.

There were partitions on both sides of the bathroom, and the aisle in the middle was about two meters wide. In the video, Anna was hung at the end of this aisle, on that wall.

Shen Yuanye went out of the bathroom to take a look first, and closed the door. If someone came in, there would be a reminder, and she could react.

Then she quickly walked back inside, and looked closely at the wall. Soon, she discovered something peculiar.

A nail appeared above the wall.

This nail wasn’t small, but it couldn’t be said to be big either. However its position was very good, a little bit above the window, and it couldn’t be noticed at all if you didn’t pay attention.

Who would come in and specifically look above the window?

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